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Is there any way to fix this issue

I think I may have broken my Quest 2, hopefully not. I have been messing around with it for about 6 to 7 days, increasing and decreasing the resolution and testing to see which resolution settings would work best for my headset and pc through Sideque...

Prescription inserts for the Quest Pro

WidmoVR now has a page set up for the Quest Pro. They aren't ready yet, but they have a link for email notifications for when they're ready. Same price as the regular Quests... $65 USD plus shipping. Not sure how they're going to get them to install ...

Spuzzum by Level 9
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Resolved! Possible to disable voice chat on oculus 2?

Spoiler (Highlight to read)We do not want voice chat, in any games. Is there a way to disable it? Not just mute my microphone, but we don’t want to hear other players. Thanks!We do not want voice chat, in any games. Is there a way to disable it? Not ...

Left hand controller

Hi Alli sent both my controller in the same box over three weeks to be replaced/repaired and have more then several conversations online only to be told the Same thing either time that it is being investigated. Meanwhile my son is not able to play wi...

Achie23 by Level 2
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Is 120hz with quest link cable even possible?

So, I am on my 2nd quest 2 headset and I've upgraded my computer recently, and I have never got Popone to play acceptably at 120hz with the link cable. It will start to tear and fall apart if I start moving fast. Even if I turn the resolution all the...


SURPRISE... Not Pairing!Steps taken to pair include:Turn Bluetooth on and off a hundred timesInstall and uninstall Oculus app a thousand timesFactory reset VR dozens of timesCreate and delete many Facebook and Meta accountsTry 2 different iphones and...

National Geographic VR only shows yellow triangles

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the National Geographic VR app, but it still just shows yellow triangles and nothing I can do will get out it. I am a new Meta Oculus user but this app is really bad if it keeps doing this. I am not sure what to do no...

Resolved! Oculus App on iPhone crashing/not launching

Today my Iphone Oculus app took an update to v 148.0 and now when I try to launch it shows the o splash screen and then appears to quite and phone returns to homescreen. I can see the app still open in the running apps but when you try to view it jus...

B33k by Level 2
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Resolved! Worried Glasses Will Scratch Quest 2

I am going to be playing Eleven Table Tennis actively, and worried my glasses may scratch new Quest 2 lenses. How likely is this to happen? Do I need to spring for the custom lenses so I don't need my glasses?

My avatar is stuck as a female

Not sure how to switch to male, but could use some help. Have some weird issue. My avatar poses as a female, but I can select a beard and stuff, but it is still obviously a female. Also almost all of the clothes options I have are female, like dresse...

StyroFF by Level 2
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Left hand controller

I’m have sent both my controllers away. For repair but I have only received the right hand controller back back about two weeks ago. What had happened to the other controller

Achie23 by Level 2
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Mixed Reality for chocolate tasting

We've been hosting chocolate tasting events and wanted advice on how we could set up Mixed reality for chocolate tasting as they did here in this video below.Https:// 1. How do they bring the chocolate in VR environment? O...

Resolved! Transfering Games to Other Meta Account Profile

HelloI have bought Meta Quest 2 Oculus with three game from a person. The owner has his own account, with his own games.As I have bought the Oculus from him, I need to have access to his games and I don´t want to use his account because,now, the Ocul...

zema53 by Level 2
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For those with trying to get Resident Evil 4

If you are trying to get a resolution for the missing Resident Evil 4 code, please message them and provide them with, Picture of Proof of Purchase, Meta Alias, Account Name and Email associated with the account. They will assist you pretty quickly. ...

Unlock pattern

I wish Meta cared about its customers and had a way to recover the unlock pattern...ya know...the issue thats been going on for a year... 

Cant join oculus parties

Whenever I create a party and invite my friend it shows I'm not even in a party and I can't talk to anyone, and whenever I'm invited to one it gives me the error message "an error occured. you can start a new party or explore meta horizon home"I don'...

adding roblox

hey, so i have a question/idea, so i have two computers thats not compatible with quest link, i wanted to use it play roblox but its not working. i think it should have a app on its own, like other consoles, for instance, xbox has a app for roblox. i...

Resolved! Why is there no Visual Adjustment Wheel on Quest 2?

The old Samsung GearVR had problems but the Visual Adjustment Wheel let me see perfectly without glasses. I was so dissapointed and frustrated when i first got the Quest 2 and realized I would have to wear my glasses WHILE playing. It was ridiculous ...

unable to start process

it is almost 2023 and this issues still hasnt been fixed. ive literally tried everything to download oculus and it still hasnt worked.

Sean_xd by Level 2
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changeling imposters among us vr

I have the among us for one of the consoles.. That one you could get a random chance of being a changeling imposter. Do you think they will eventually put them in the Among Us VR? I sure hope they do. It was fun turning into one of the other playes a...

How Do I Chat with a Meta Agent?

I’m so frustrated with Meta/Facebook/Instagram! I can’t figure out how to speak to a live agent. Need help getting into a hacked FB acct. so I can use Oculus 2. Went thru everything they recommend on-line, including providing proof of identification....

Oculus Quest 2 & Microsoft Teams? Anybody?

First of all, I’m seriously considering purchasing Oculus Quest 2. I also considered getting the Pro when it was released but most of the reviews I have read don’t seem to give me any indication that it’s worth the additional cost, particularly for m...