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Resolved! Can you scan QR codes with the passthrough camera?

Hello, Oculus community, I am an internship student and I got a task to figure out if it's possible to get images from the passthrough cameras on Quest 2. The purpose is to scan a QR code for creating AR experiences. I don't have any development expe...

Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6E with Double Connect Technology

Hi, Intel posted this: but weirdly we don't here anything from Meta... So whats the deal. How many MBPS are possiblke for the Quest Pro using this and when is it suppported? What settings do we have to use?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Are there any fake Quest 3 devices in the market?

I have a Quest 2 and I'm thinking about getting a Quest 3. I've seen several on Marketplace which appear to be brand new in the box, but at half the price. My question is are there fake versions of the Quest 3 out there? If I get to test one before I...


Resolved! "Developer" vs. "Creator" (Oculus developer center renamed)

All of the people making stuff for the Rift are now being called creators instead of developers. I know it's just a label and ultimately it doesn't matter that much what people are called. But creator is probably better since developer connotes with ...

Jose by Heroic Explorer
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Resolved! Music Creation

Does anyone know of any music creation apps in development, like Music 2000 and MTV Music Generator back in the day on consoles. I know there's a few music based games on VR but I want to be able to make a song from scratch.

Dwyer2024 by Honored Guest
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Let's talk about Meta Connect 2024 I know we're all hoping for a lot this year - go on, what do you want to see? For me, I want a deep dive on the upcoming AR glasses (and a release date  (not going to happen)). Augments roll-out in the week before. And ...

Resolved! Meta customer service.

I came here to say that the support I’ve recently received from Meta has been second to none. I’m not going to into any detail, I just want to say, publicly, thank you to Meta customer service for the first class support you’ve provided.

Tygrmoth by Explorer
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Resolved! Soundboards

My 13 year old is very interested in getting a soundboard to use while playing games like Among Us and Gorilla Tag. Is this bannable? If not, can anyone offer insight on where to start? Does he need to play on PC for that or with a Steam account? Typ...

Meta Will Share the Quest OS with Asus, Lenovo and MS Meta has renamed the Quest's operating system to Meta Horizon OS and they are opening it up to third party VR headset makers. Starting off...

kojack by MVP
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Remote view permission for MDM's

Hi there,I'm wondering if Meta is considering allowing MDM's like ArborXR to utilize remote view. Or there is an option that already exists. My company utilizes the Quest 2 and Quest 3 as a training tool but the limitation is being able to view multi...

AMD & Quest 2; Why does it suck? Upgrades?

I just bought and built a system with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D and an XFX 7900XTXI thought this system would work perfectly with VR but I get horrible stuttering and other issues while playing. Quest Link doesn't work either as my GPU isn't supported (for s...

sukki by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to turn off screen mirroring?

I am currently using runtime 0.8 and was wondering if there was a way to turn off screen mirroring. I think I am getting a performance hit by having content play both on my primary monitor and in the rift at the same time.Thanks.

Advise on New equipment?

Hello All,I am new to this technology and was hoping you could provide some help and guidance. I want to record some 3D videos and the to view them on a VR headset. The videos are for a local small charity. Can you please advise what equipment I woul...

how to unhide oculus game

1.go on hidden apps 3.find your hidden app you want to the 3 dots 5.and click unhide6.then disable the filter hidden apps this only applies for when you plug in quest 2/ 1 to pcor use rift s

What will virtual reality be like in 50 years

Last night I watched a documentary about how we might be living in simulated reality it’s self, and they where talking about how video games went from that old pong game, to the unreal engine 5 where the people in the games look so real. Well what wi...

tartik by Honored Guest
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Kiwi Design new Quest 3 grips and confort strap

I've just received my controller grips and confort strap from KIWI design.There's some photos with my Quest 2 with similar setup (Quest 2 has a battery strap)Like the previous accessories, these ones are great and comfortable.Can't wait for the batte...

20231203_123825.jpg 20231203_124926.jpg 20231203_125004.jpg 20231203_125131.jpg
Ikari2k by Explorer
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Trying to move away from the quest for pcvr

So im trying to get away from the quest software in general, its buggy and a mess for me. I have to reinstall it every so often to get wireless to work and at this point i am willing to go wired. Im not sure whats best for my needs even after looking...

huckk by Honored Guest
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Laying down mode in new v63

Anyone else excited? I know a lot, of us were waiting for this to be out! Finally, I can watch movies laying down on my comfy bed! 

Quest 3 is complete garbage

I purchased Quest 3 day one as an upgrade from my Rift S and it's been an absolute trainwreck. Meta is completely clueless when it comes to designing a gaming system. The airlink is a joke and every time you get it working good, rest assured Meta wil...

Customize quest browser

Hello. I How Do I Customize the quest browser. It's based off of chromium. So I can't get chrome themes and Extensions. So how do I get them? i can show a picture To tell you what I'm talking about. And I can't get Google Chrome cuz it Thinks I'm usi...


Can I request a part of the money back?

so i bought an oculus quest 2 for 250$ in december (300 after tax) and then after a while the price changed to 200! (250 after tax). so uhh... can i get some of the money back? maybe as a 50$ steam gift card so i can enjoy pcvr titles.. or even bette...

TPCast CE-02H wireless adapter for Oculus Rift CV1 in 2024

Hello peeps,Is anyone still using a TPcast wireless adapter with their Oculus Rift CV1 in 2024? By all accounts, the experience was not the best, and the TPcast software was even not as best, so opentpcast and virtualhere software had to be used inst...

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