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change oculus studio creator name

I uploaded a video on oculus tv via oculus studio. I created name for my organisation but would now like to change that name. Is this possible?

IanB1000 by Honored Guest
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Random Question

Question for OculusWhat does Oculus (Meta) think about PCVR and is revive? The reason why Oculus doesn't make the rift headset anymore. I mainly used the quest 2 before I got my Index for PCVR. I ask this because I would love to see another rift HMD....

Congrats to Quest 2: $1B in app sales!

Today was Meta's earnings call, and Mark Z. shared the information on a FB Post. I have snipped the bits relevant to VR: HighlightsQuest 2 Apps gained over $1-billion in sales.AI will play a big role in the Metaverse.Horizon remains the primary targe...

Zenbane by MVP
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Oculus brand being retired in early 2022, replaced with Meta As part of Facebook's rebranding to Meta, they are going to move all of their products under the Meta brand. As par...

kojack by MVP
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Will the death of Facebook bring the death of Oculus?

Will the death of Facebook bring the death of Oculus?I have been an advocate and a developer for gears using Oculus. Right now my oculus quest is not signed in to Facebook. And it never will be. If I ever have to. I will let it turn into a break. Fac...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Virtual desktop

co sie kurwa stało z tą apką???????????????????????

KrzyMa by Honored Guest
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Changing jobs

Hi everyone ! Since I bought Oculus quest I was hooked and I have decided that I want to change my career and start working with it. But I was wondering, what kind of skills do I need ? how many companies are there out there and do they need more peo...

v37 v38 v39

Saw a youtube video with a gentlemen talking about leaked info for V38 and how it may be skipped for v39. My thought is why is v38 and v39 even a thought when we still dont have fixes for v37 and still dont have all that was promised in that update. ...

Speech to Text then Text to Speech

Hello everyone, this is going to be a bit complicated but i'm wanting to know if anyone has any ideas how I can get this to work. I'd appreciate your feedback and ideas on this. Thank you.I am AI_Fiorre, and I play as an AI in VRChat and other games....

Referral Code

Hey I just thought it would be worth throwing this out here to save someone $30 on games.

The4191 by Honored Guest
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Valve confirms Stand-Alone VR future

Gabel Newell confirmed what many have speculated on over recent months: The fact that Valve will be moving towards Stand-Alone VR. “One of the things [Deck] represents is battery-capable, high-performance horsepower that eventually you could use in V...

Zenbane by MVP
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New guardian feature

it would be cool if there was a feature where you could make deferent height levels in your guardian so you can lay on your bed and be able to stand up and not have to worry about fixing your guardian when you want to stand up or lay down.

Virtual Desktop vs Physical Desktop

So, I've had a fair amount of experience using Virtual Desktop to play untethered PCVR games, or at least they did as of last November. Some require me to reset the view when I first start up via Virtual Desktop, others work just fine out of the box....

Pixie40 by Expert Trustee
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Oculus Desktop App v1.39.1

Ok, got this update a couple of days ago (public, not beta) and it actually included some 'what's new' info for a change. Since this does not appear on the Oculus release notes (or I don't where to look?) I thought I'd copy/paste them from my desktop...

I have V38 as of now and....

So I haven't used my quest 2 in a while, partly cause v37 didnt give people what it promised and instead left some of us with issues. Another part is cause well, though I have some good VR games on steam like beat saber, skyrim, fallout 4 and borderl...

Free Oculus Rift Sound Properties Icon

Hey all, I made a quick icon for the Windows sound properties dialog box if anyone is interested. In the sound properties dialog box, click on the Rift, click properties, click Change Icon, click Browse, find this file (Oculus Rift.ico) wherever you ...


Resolved! Making friends on Oculus Quest 2

Hope anyone who is reading this is well. I’ve been on Xbox series x for a while, and consoles to game. I was under the impression the Oculus quest 2 was a lot more expensive then it was. I had to get it. I only have one game TWD Saints and Sinners. S...

Why Ocean Rift not available anymore for Go?

Is Ocean Rift no longer supported for the Oculus Go? I remember that I put it on my wishlist end of 2021 or so. Now I wanted to purchase it but now it states for "supported input" Oculus Touch. No Oculus Go controller is supported anymore and a warni...

Oculus portability in Twinmotion/Unreal

I work as an architect and I want to know how to visit my virtual homes on Twinmotion or Unreal without having to connect my Oculus glasses to my computer, as I work with clients and would like to use the glasses to show them my creations. Thank you,

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Furniture

Someone needs to design the perfect VR furniture. Yes a regular office chair may be sufficient but there are larger chances of crashing into things with your knees and arms. But if you just get a stool your balance can go off and you can fall to the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Meta AI livestream event (right now)

Meta is livestreaming their informational AI presentation. Mark Z. was up first, and provided some interesting notes on the roadmap for Meta's AI usage for VR. The livestream is still going, so here are some initial hi...

Meta's Quest 2 Super Bowl Commercial

The theme of this VR commercial is a fantastic throwback for those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's. Well played Oculus Meta, well played. 

Crypto and Bitcoin miners are driving up the cost of VR

Came across an interesting article that notes the impact the Miners are having on the "cost of entry for Virtual Reality."Basically, the Miners are buying up all the high-end Graphics Cards. In doing so, the cost of these cards is increasing. However...

Zenbane by MVP
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