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Another week come and gone

So this marks yet another week that I have not received my Rift, I am still on track for third estimate?Communication received so farEstimate Delivery: MarchUpdated Delivery: AprilUpdated Delivery: MayFree shipping (twirls finger)Nothing si...

DK2 to new Rift?

Hi! This may be a stupid question and maybe my friend is tricking me.But here it goes. I do have the Development kit 2 but this friend told me because DK2 was beta (?) and I bought itI should get the new Rift for free or something? That isnt true, ri...

Sim Racing Cockpits

Just some web sites people might be interested in 

ASABOVE by Level 4
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Processing for Shipping?

How long does the order status stay like this? This happened last night but nothing since, I checked with my CC and my card has been charged, so not sure how long it will take to arrive, can someone give some guidance please its killing me!

Should I be banned?

Since most users hate me, probably for good reasons, and apparently I'm harassing people by telling them to wash their hair, I thought to ask directly the community what @cybereality should do.Vote!

project cars steam code for £10.79

just a heads up to save people a lot of money on project cars

jusbott by Level 5
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Another stuck in Chronos thread

I love Chronos, but I find myself stuck again, and I don't know what to do.I'm in the forest world. It looks like I need to get the flute instrument from the dude up high to open the door down the other path. There's several doors I can't open.And I ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't focus! :(

I'm nearsighted and wear glasses, and frankly didn't even think it'd be an issue focusing on a screen 2 inches from my eyes, but I didn't account for the way they calibrated the focal distance. My glasses don't fit, and frankly it's kind of painful t...

DeusV by Level 2
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Anywhere to get sports content for the RIft?

I know that some recent sporting events, like the Final Four B-ball and Masters golf had some content in VR for the Gear. Is this downloadable somewhere and viewable on the DK1?

zaphodB by Level 3
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Oculus Rift CV1 and Laptop

I just received my CV1 but waiting on shipment of my new desktop build. I already have a Alienware 18 with 4810 MQ processor, 16gb of ram and 8gb Radeon M290X Crossfire GPU. I was wondering if I am able to use oculus at all or not using my laptop?I u...

Error with Event-ID "0" from OVRServiceLauncher

Hello,the Climb is the best what i've ever seen on DK2. But...... the game is full of errors. I had to restart my Computer 2 times, because the game froze. I read in the Computer Errorlog a lot of these Errormessages "Error with Event-ID "0" from OVR...

Clay by Level 4
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Resolved! joy sticks

Can you use a different controller like a joy stick. If so, which one, I'm left handed but can use right hand. I haven't use the X-box controller very much. I get the rift Friday (I hope)

JohnRB by Level 4
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Good Read; come the hell on Oculus!

Something different!

hello guys, Let's talk about something new...Everyone love the BANG BANG PEW PEW Games, and everyone also love the MMMMHHHH Games...BUT!Let's think for a moment you had a god damn hard day... when you just want to go home and RELAX... yeah the relax....

Room-Scale Tracking

I am aware of the fact there are Infrared-Led's on the front and back of the headset. And that room-scale is possible even with one camera. Heres the thing though, my free space in my room is 7x6 feet of free space. If I were to put the sensor in a h...

Bekatsa by Level 2
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"Recommended Specs" are a little off the wall...and...

Highly inaccurate. It says the my i7 4720hq isnt powerful enough to work with the oculus. BUT... the 4720hq outshines the "recommended" processor in every way except integrated graphics(which when you thing about it are useless when your dealing with...

Some of SDK 0.8 games are playable on CV1

Check this out : his thread, I notice that he uses 2 files to make 0.8 games work on CV1 which put in system folder of Window OS.I don't have CV1 yet, so I can't tr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Storing the Rift

One thing I have been thinking about while waiting for my Rift to arrive, is how I will store it.In my house we have cats & a dog running around a lot that like to get into everything they can. We also, occasionally have younger children around that ...

Using the Rift at a distance from the PC

My rift is scheduled for a June delivery so I can't try anything out yet and just wondered what my options are and do I need to order anything.If I want to use my Rift at about 32ft (10M) from the PC, is that at all feasible? It sounds like I'd need ...

CV1 Resolution

Hello,Is there something I need to do to increase the resolution on the CV1 when watch videos using Virtual Desktop? I went through the CV1 setup, and it is plugged into my GTX 970....but the clips look far worse than they do on my monitor, even when...

lakpld by Level 2
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I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow

Hello sry for the following stupid question, but could not find the information myself. What link do I need to go to in order to chance my address so I will get the Oculus Rift CV1 delivered to the new place once they sent it sometime in the next few...

Steffen by Level 4
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This is what Rift with Touch will be like.

I'm not being hyperbolic when I tell you that THIS is what you can expect with a Rift and Touch when playing something like Universe Sandbox 2 in VR. I know because I played it last night (and the night before that) with my Vive.

VizionVR by Level 8
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