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Why ship with UPS

I understand that UPS is probably faster than others but good lord trying to do package pickup is like hammering nails into my skull.

Resolved! Motion Sickness For A Whole Day?

I was playing The Mages Tale last night and was getting slightly motion sick. It wasn't too bad so I pushed through it, which I really shouldn't have done. Now today I've been feeling nauseous all day. Is it normal for the effects to linger this long...

Processor is not recognized

I downloaded the compatibility check on my pc and it says that my processor is not recognized. And when i buy a rift s will it affect something or it doesn`t matter.Btw my cpu is i5-8500

Passed through short cut never works!

Passed through short cut never works!I’ve been trying this every goddamn day I go into my settings and I set the pass through shortcut to non! It has not worked once! Not one single time! There is absolutely no customer support from oculus this is th...


Anyone found a solution to the Quest 2 mic not working via link... I've tried everything.

refund, rift s, quest

I bought in death on rift s and I also own a quest and not only is it not free on quest but it never once on the store nor in the game (on rift version) did it state anywhere that the quest version is the only one they work on now. wondering if even ...


I bought in death on rift s and I also own a quest and not only is it not free on quest but it never once on the store nor in the game (on rift version) did it state anywhere that the quest version is the only one they work on now. wondering if even ...

Oculus Store Voucher

Whenever I receive a notification in the App store that I can get a discount promo code on my next purchase of an app/game they never ever work. This is the second time receiving that message and when entering on purchasing a new game they say can’t ...

Change in sales tax of games? (specifically Maryland)

I live in Maryland and as far as I know my state does not charge sales tax on online software downloads. In fact, I purchased The Climb 2 on March 4th and there was no sales tax charged (just checked my receipt to be sure). I also bought a switch gam...

Your PC does not meet the minimum requirements

Hey, I was debating buying a Oculus Quest 2, so i downloaded the oculus software and it says "Your pc does not meet the minimum requirements. I am pretty sure i do meet them, could anyone check? Here is my specs: Intel Core i5-6600 | NVIDIA GeForce G...

Oculus quest 2 face covering

Im very confused on how to get the free oculus quest 2 face covering because i would like one because my face is uncomfortable for when i play on my oculus

Glasses Wearers Beware. The Quest 2 is not suitible

Glasses wearers beware! Your device will be ruined through normal use!within week my glasses and quest 2 are wrecked because the glasses spacer dosnt work! After 2 you can hardly see a thing. It will ruin you glasses as well. You cant help but move t...

Ajbolle by Level 3
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Floor height boundary issue

I’ve seen a few people post about this issue on Reddit with no fix. Had my quest about 4 days. Initially everything was working fine. Now when I try to set the floor boundary it won’t go to the floor. It’s about a foot too high. also when I move the ...

Sony Reveals New Playstation VR 2 Controllers

Interesting, but somehow remind me a little of the Pimax sword controllers. I wonder how susceptible to damage these will be when bringing controllers to face for things like aiming with a bow etc or hitting the headset/solid surfaces? https://blog.p...

Replacement Rift cables.

So it appears that you can no longer buy replacement rift cables, can we get some official feedback as to whether this is a temporary issue or has Oculus ceased production of them?

AngryKFP by Level 4
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Slow and Buggy Oculus Quest 1

Since I have bought my Oculus Quest one back in May 2020 I have around 32gig left of my 128gig. However with this being still a fair amount of gig free I am still experiencing issues with the downloads of updates to any of my games ! I have really fa...

Wrong Video Card

I am "running" Oculus Link on my Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop A15 FA506 IU with a NVIDIA 1660TI and a Ryzen 7 4000 Series. I have 32 Gb of RAM and 2 3.0 USB ports and 1 3.2 USB-C.The USB-C is not thunderbolt, but definitely 3.2 (87% sure).I have tried usin...

I cannot sign up to become an Oculus Developer

Every time I click the option to "Log In/Sign Up" in order to create an Oculus Developer account it simply refreshes the page saying "Check Out The New Developer Home Page". When I try to log in using my Facebook account it once again refreshes the p...

Privacy settings not correct

The Oculus information page on my account on the website continue to say, under "Your settings and preferences"Who Can See Your Real Name FriendsYour privacy setting for who can see your real name FriendsWho Can Search For You By Your Real Name Anyon...

occulus home open?

hello does my occulus home is open free or not? I dont see option "public / friend / private"

Oculus Dash void environment

Hello there,I wanted to ask how the oculus dash void environment was made?Are those 2 planes? Or some skybox?Does anyone know how I could recreate this in unity ?

Muggen by Level 3
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Sanitizing Oculus device

Hi All,With Covid-19( Coronavirus), how do you plan to sanitize your oculus device in future , especially when there would be multiple users using the same device whether it is at Development in your studio, or playing at a Entertainment center?

New Oculus Forum Dark Mode

Here's a Dark Mode theme for the new Oculus forums. It still needs work, there's problems with the search screen and the post editing panel is quite broken. But I thought people would like a chance to try ou...

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kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Quest Link Issue on quest 2. Can anyone help with this?

I recently bought the hp omen 2020 gaming laptop so that I would have a vr ready pc to play games on my oculus quest 2. I have Nvidia Geforce GTX 1160 Ti so it meets the requirements for the quest. Whenever I link my quest to my pc and click a game s...