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Which VR Headset and VR Desktop App are the best?

Hi, i want a vr headset to use it as mulitple screens for my pc. Which VR headset ist best for below 500, below 1000 and below 1500. I think resolution is the most important thing for this usecase but you may have additional criteria i oversaw. Also ...

uraksha2 by Honored Guest
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Meta still sucking

Metas idea of customer support ask for a bunch of info, wait 3 days completely without contact, send an email and ask if the issue is fixed. They should sued. Incredibly irresponsible to charge people for a product like this without support. When you...

VR data for developers

Hi all,We are a dedicated VR team based in Sweden, and we are looking for some data and creating a market research for our VR app. 1. How many VR-users do we have in Sweden (and Globally?) today?2. We want to send out a survey to VR users for market ...

So, how close are we to a similar thing to ready player one?

I dont know anything abput modern virtual reality, but is there something near that? Or are we more headed into the augmented reality for now? I saw a couple of vids of people transforming the exterior, but is it too far away in time to be inserted m...

Resolved! Where is the PC app equivalent of the Android "Meta Quest" App?

I would love it if I could see my purchases, make and install purchases, stream from the headset, access my saved pics and videos, and sort through the offerings in the store by various filters (with the option of an A-Z list of titles that doesn't h...

Linux Support???

I'm really disappointed that I wasted $400 on a Rift S just for it to become a paper-weight since I don't want to use Windows on my computer. I have no clue why a multi-billion dollar company can't afford to support more than one operating system.I'm...

Corbb by Honored Guest
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KIWI Battery Strap vs Bobovr M3 Pro

I want to order a replacement strap for my Q3 asap. However, I'm having a really hard time deciding which to try. My previous headset was a Rift S that I found very comfortable, so I was leaning Halo style. But A lot of people like the kiwi comfort b...

Tell me about VR

Is there steam support? How much is 128GB for a VR device? Is this a good gift for a child (14 year old)?

Disabled updates completely!!

Previously I used the adb command to do it but I don't know if it actually worked.So I got some third party apps to disable it! And I even disabled its network access. No updates haha!edit:If you turn off your Q3 with volume down and power button (ho...

Oculus updater disabled completely.jpg
Massacher by Heroic Explorer
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Oculus Quest 2 Review

The issue of drift in Oculus Quest 2 controllers is a significant concern that affects a considerable number of users, often emerging within a relatively short period of ownership, and warrants prompt attention from Meta, the parent company of Oculus...

SeanMD427 by Honored Guest
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AMVR Facial Interface Quest 3

Hi all,I recently bought a AMVR facial interface for the Quest 3 and at first use it does seem more comfortable that the factory fit. It comes with a PU leather face pad (fitted as default) and an "Ice Silk" facepad. My question is which facepad woul...

Resolved! Epilepsy

Is oculus playable with epilepsy cause I am thinking of getting one and idk if its playable

Elotee by Honored Guest
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The Difficulties of Releasing Products Worldwide

I raised a couple of issues again the other week (I raised the issue of voice commands last year): Meta Ray Bans with AI (look and ask) only in America with no date for introduction in other regions. Voice commands for Quest only in America (introduc...

Dedicated PCVR headsets are a wasteland

Wow, just recently when trying to give headset recommendations, it really struck me that dedicated PCVR headsets are a bit of a wasteland right now. With Varjo Aero and Reverb G2 being discontinued, and Varjo XR4 not being quite ready yet, there's re...

META CONNECT 2023 & Quest 3 discussion

Today's the day everyone! What are your predictions for announcements? What did you think of the reveals? What was your favorite part? Let's talk about it in this thread!

FunkyTanuki by Meta Quest Support
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I got my first Quest today.

Steering rack expansion hose inlet threads damagedI’ve been an Index player for a little while now. I’ve never played with a Quest before and I’ve never put on a headset with pass through. Today I got a Quest 3. After playing Asgard’s Wrath 2 for a c...

et.957271 by Honored Guest
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Zuckerberg releases image of upgraded Horizon's graphics

Since Horizon's inception, the graphics have been very simplistic. Cartoonish and flat, with less focus on visuals and more focus on functionality. Despite how long these relatively lackluster visuals have been in place, it seems that in recent weeks...

Zenbane by MVP
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QUEST 3 Game Download

Hello Meta. After owning a Quest 3 for a little over 24 hours (previously a Rift S user) I have a couple of suggestions for game downloading.1. Use a file caching system (common on other gaming platforms) so that if a download disconnects for any rea...

Dissertation on authentic VR

Hi everyone,I am a university student doing my dissertation on consumer experiences with authentic VR in a live event setting (music, sports etc.). I wanted to get some responses regarding this from those who use VR often. Attached to this forum post...

Are Pro Controllers Physically Same

New Pro owner. I see several gaming acccessories that physically connect to controllers, for instance, pistol like accessories for shooting games. None of the accessories market themselves as compatible with the pro controllers. Are there physical di... by Honored Guest
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Headstrap with Battery pack

Can anyone recommend a comfortable headstrap with a built-in battery pack 樂 Thank you .Lol for my quest 3

slick114 by Honored Guest
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Amazing things are so close yet so painfully out of reach

So, I was playing Cyberpunk VR mod just recently, in the DLC area, and for some reason I was randomly hit by a sensation of hyper immersion from the detail of the environment. It was kinda strange since I haven't really gotten such a strong sensation...

Which Augments Do We Want To See?

What augments will be useful? Are you after fun ones? I'm hoping for the obvious - a calendar I can see every time I go into VR. I'm also hoping for a "digital photo frame" - one that shows 3d pictures in a slideshow. Maybe a fancy coal fire too, tha...

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