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VR noob need some guidance.

Hi all. I recently decided that I really want to get into VR to add another layer to my gaming experience. Some of the games that I think would be amazing with VR are no man's sky and flight simulator. Some exercise games would be great as well. I kn...

b1oldie by Honored Guest
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Vr video quality

This is all new to me so I really don’t understand what I’m doing on the quest 2 but so far it’s been fun the you tube videos I’ve watched seem to be blurry to me I’ve tried adjusting the headset a bunch of ways but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to l...

Bad experience in VR videos in browser meta quest 2

Hello,Sorry for my bad english.It's hard to focus when I am looking 360 VR video in browser with my meta quest 2.I have the same problem with this person in this post. probl...

Rendered versus natural resolution. Need clarification.

I would like to clarify in my mind the comparisons of the meta-quest 2 versus the meta-quest pro. More than half the sites I researched compare the resolution of the two as meta-quest 2 1832 x 1920 and the meta-quest pro 1800 x 1920. This seems to me...

Mixed Reality Games and Apps

I've spoken about passthrough before - using it for work and then finding little gems and I've just found another which is fantastic. Because it looks like mixed reality is going to be more important later this year and next I thought I'd create a th...

Can’t use some older apps.

I am 13 years old and got a vr headset and have games like bonelab and Blade and Sourcery that would work fine for a while but now say that I’m too young to play. Even thought I could play them for a while it says there pegi 16. I can’t change my bir...

Device with no controllers-

i factory reseted my oculus bc i got it used but for free and the guy didnt give me controllers with it so i dont know how i am supposed to move on from here, can someone please help

Possible help for motion-sickness.

Hi everyone. Ive been reading some threads about various people suffering from in-game motion-sickness. This is basically where your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving but your ears are contradicting them by telling the brain you are sta...

Arko66 by Protege
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Performance issues when using SteamVR and Airlink

One day, for no reason, I started getting low FPS and high reprojection ratios in SteamVR games when played through Airlink, prior to this these games had worked fine, but now it's almost unplayable, I've tried dozens of fixes but nothing has worked,...

Solicitation quest Pro can use a 160mhz router model

Without further ado, TP-LINKTL-XDR6088 and MT3000, quest pro can't connect their 160mhz bandwidth. The connection speed is 1200m. I suspect that all routers with MTR scheme have this problem. My friend uses ZTE5400pro, Qualcomm solution, successfully...

SerialMMM by Honored Guest
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XCom 2-inspired VR game concept

Thinking of making a VR strategy game inspired by XCom 2. You'd be leading your squad from a tabletop view, but then you can dive right into a unit for some first-person action. In first-person mode, you can look around to influence your strategy and...

yamat5 by Honored Guest
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Main VR july 2023 news on VR (Meta and others) - French

13 minutes XR Let me know what is your favorite new of july 202300:36 Apple lance le Kit Develop er pour l'Apple Vision Pro 01:06 Date de sortie Apple Vision Pro & Apple Vision 01:44 Un apple Vision Pro à 39900 $ 02:17 Le succès des lunettes Xreal Ai...

flickering/blinking in airlink

recently built my first pc and wanted to try oculus airlink, but when i got to the oculus pc home the floor shakes constantly. there's also this really weird X shape that comes and goes every few seconds. this happens only on the vr display, not the ...

New business - need partner and developer

Hi.I will start to develop a VR-education solution for driving license in Sweden.It will be developed for Oculus Quest, if performance is found to be enough.I need a partner and a few programmers, C#, Unity, Blender, General IT.If you find this inter...

luvhagen by Honored Guest
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How to run computer vision models on a VR headset?

Hi all, I am a computer vision / deep learning engineer and lately CV applications to VR have been catching my attention. I have to say I am completely new to VR, I don't even have a headset, and I have never developed anything on the virtual reality...

eloor by Honored Guest
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quest link problem

I need help I'm having an error in my steamvr where my two lenses are transmitting different images, one of them is completely buggy and the other one is not rendering the map, my hands, and most models so far the error happened in project demigod an...

Resolved! Why not selling irtual environment in the store?

Just thought it would be nice to be able to buy some new virtual environments at the store, like how play station home used to be and able to buy virtual apartment, I hope Meta will do that in the future 

Motion controls when you're left handed...

As most of you know, I have a Vive. Which means I have motion controls. and Rift is getting motion controls soon (not before time!), so I felt it was appropriate to post this...Motion controls add a huge amount to a game. But, and it's a big but, bec...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Good vr headset in 2023?

Hello, If anyone can recommend me a vr headset with a budget of 1k I've seen lots of other posts but they don't have the answer i'm looking for. I have a high end pc if that matters. I've considered to get the valve index but idk if its worth the mon...

s1quad4 by Honored Guest
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VR Meta Mall

This is beyond what can be patent it's a meta verse collaboration of the virtual reality shopping center we are going to have to build this together everything sold on the internet will be on the platform at this virtual reality Mall it's a customiza...

IMAGINE3 by Honored Guest
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Good Afternoon, I have had the distinct pleasure of partnership with Phenomenal builders/creators within HW Community. They participate regularly in all collaboration and networking opportunities. Gives freely of expertise and time to fellow creators...

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