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So I recieved my oculus rift, now what? "Beginners Guide"

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the best topic for the non Developers, non PC experts guide to enjoy the most of your new Oculus Rift.I hope you all help me to create a topic that will not only educate the average Oculus supporter, but will ...

howyeman by Level 2
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Any beta kickstarter supporters of oculus?

Hey, I'm looking for anybody who supported oculus in 2013 on kickstarter, if you know anyone or have any ideas please be as kind and start a convo.The reason for this is that Back in the days you got a code for an exclusive item in the game Team Fort...

Resolved! Can I stream FROM my iPad to the Quest 2?

I have a streaming app on my iPad where I can watch all my tv channels that I have subscribed to from my cable provider.Is there any way I can view these channels on my Quest 2 buy mirroring my iPad or some other way?Kinda like reverse casting?

Dvboy by Level 3
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Will Oculus ever accept Bitcoin

I have a little stash of bitcoin saved up and with the prices going up like they are Id like to spend some of it on other things than online gambling sites! And what better currency to buy VR related things with than crypto???

Oculus Quest 2 Crashing??

I have recently got a meta quest 2 and wanted to play on the oculus link, but it starts freezing going upside down, glitching and eventually crashing this happens most of the times. So I have tried using a different USB 3.0 port and it is still occur...

Fool oculus into thinking computer is VR Ready?

Hi, so Ive been trying to play roblox however it has controller issues with virtual desktop, but I cant connect via oculus link or air because my computer is not VR ready at least officialy. You may think I dont have the specs (integrated GPU) but ro...

Hunting / Fishing Games

So my father has always loved hunting & fishing games - way back to the sega days. I let him try out the DK2 the other day and of course he was blown away...but his first question was "Is there a hunting or fishing game???" I agree that I think those...

Not getting code sent to phone for Two-factor authentication

I have tried twice. I tell it to send the code to my phone for the 2MF authentication and NOTHING happens. I work in tech support remotely so I get codes from my own job sent via sms all the time. This is not an issue with my phone, assuredly. 1) On ...

Oculus quest 2 ghosting in left eye

Hello. I am having a problem with my quest 2 where in my left eye there is ghosting behind things on the screen when I move my head. The problem doesnt happen when I move objects with the controllers, but it does when I physically move my head around...

Oculus Go downloads to headset

I have downloaded all my purchases to my Oculus GO headset that I really don't want to lose. The rest are in cloud.Do I have to sign up for a Meta account or do anything else at all before Jan 1 2023 ?Will I still be able to use my GO if I don't sign...

why still couldn't get any coupon from meta only me :(

i already use meta quest2 like more than 1 yearsbut my friends they get a lot of coupons from metaabout buy some new games in shopbut i never get the coupon yeti heard coupon is random so i could understandbut.. getting long long time still could'nt ...


Why does my oculus keeps saying social platform keeps stopping

Where is the love for the enthusiasts?

I'm sure there are posts about this already, and to be honest, I still want to create another one hoping they'll get the picture. I just got the Quest 2 after starting with the DK2, and getting my Rift CV1 as part of the first set of preorders (sold ...

IBdaMac by Level 4
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Quest Pro Passthrough Resolution

Anyone know if there is a way to increase passthrough resolution on the Quest Pro? Rant: I'm floored at how poor the image quality is currently, guessing perhaps 720p, which stretched across 4k would be an obvious issue. The quality improvement over ...

Pyro00X by Level 3
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Buying Games for Friend - Broken still

I'm trying to purchase games as gifts for my daughter's family, but I can't get beyond adding the e-mail for where to gift... I select Buy for a friend, enter my e-mail (because I don't want an email to go to them before Christmas), add a little note...

Game not showing up in library

I installed both VRChat and RecRoom, they both don't show up in my library but when I search for them in store, they can be opened there. I want to uninstall recroom because I keep getting the (OVR25027186) error. If someone knows how to fix this ple...

Joumani by Level 2
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Buying Games as a Gift -BROKEN

I'm trying to purchase games as gifts for my daughter's family, but I can't get beyond adding the e-mail for where to gift...I select Buy for a friend, enter my e-mail (because I don't want them to get the email before Christmas), click Next. From th...

Quest 2 doesnt charge or turn on

My oculus quest 2 will not charge or turn on in anyway. I have looked throught the internet and have found people with similair problems but without an answer. When i press the power button to turn it on i quickly flashes the meta logo and turns back...

Resolved! Is The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners 2 Retribution crossbuy?

HiIs this game crossbuy?https: // I mean is, if i buy it on Quest 2 standalone (as that's all that's available right now (well it will be today as it's released today), pcvr version is released in ...

Zunfix by Level 2
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quest 2 display issues

Hello,I have a quest 2 that I use on my Alienware m17 r5 with Ryzen 9 6900HX with Radeon Graphics 3.29 GHz, 15.2 GB usable RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070 ti. I'm experiencing a lot of jitters and lagging when I use it through my laptop. I usually play i...

aghunt by Level 2
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