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Accessibility options

Hello Oculous communityI have recently started using an Oculus quest however I have a spinal cord injury and paralysed from the neck down. Hence cannot use my hands and have limited arm movement.In order to navigate my laptop I have a head tracking m...

Resolved! Question

If i plug in my 64 GB Quest to my pc can i download a 100 GB game with my pc storage?

Game Design (Pay-wall / Skill-wall / Time-wall / no wall)

As I get older and play video games less and less, i don't have a lot of time to invest in game or games. Also i would say that I am alright at some types of games but get annoyed with others because progression is absolute nothing.So my point of dis...

Oculus rift s damage wire

I think it is unacceptable to wait up to 5 months for replacement wire.I heard people waiting for over 5 months to buy a new cable on oculus siteI have a 2 months old oculus rift s totally unusable. Anybody have any idea when the cable should be back...

The climb 2 says alot about pc gaming.

At least in the near future pc gaming on quest may be slim pickings. The quest 2 coming out only on standalone (at least at 1st) makes me feel very excited about the upcoming psvr2. Big triple a games will be more available in my opinion on that syst...

CYBERSICKNESS - Medicine Master's Thesis

Hey guys! Do you ever feel QUEASY or NAUSEATED or actually VOMITING playing VR games?If yes and you’re older then 18 years old please help me answering this quick survey (It’s about 5 minutes and that will help me A LOT!I'm a medical student at the F...

Series 30 cards

Hello, I ask, with courtesy, if Oculus is planning a development of Video Cards Nvidia serie 30.Are you considering to update specs for VR according new Nvidia 30 series ?Are you developing new solutions among Nvidia to make these video cards work be...


Is SONY killing it with grabbing exclusive VR games?

Announced today following on from HITMAN for PSVR and the news that PSVR 2 is in the works, DOOM 3 for PSVR at the end of this month. Some other games also announced for the Playstation platform today such as Fracked from nDreams. Interpret the quest...

tribe vr

How do I use a SoundCloud go plus account on my tribe without a pc

Rick and morty

I bought rick and morty game but can’t find it on my oculus please he’ll me find it

handset vibration

Where can I find the switch to turn off the handset vibration? I remember in 25, no vibration with my handsets. There is no such switch in Setting -> Device

YCR by Level 2
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Asgard's Wrath FREE?????

Asgard's Wrath FREE????? I just signed into my Rift S account and this game started downloading???? I never purchased it and it looks like it sells for $39.00. It takes up 132.97GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked through my buying history and I have nev...

Oculus move - no overlay setting

The setting within the oculus move app to enable the ingame overlay is completely missing for me. A quick search online reveals others with the same issue. Looking at youtube reviews of Move I can see where the setting should be but it's completely m...

KVLR by Level 2
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Auto Oculus Touch Vibration Script

I'm very new to Auto Hot Key and Auto Oculus Touch, but I'm looking to make a script for vibrating my controllers while holding the grip buttons.Ideally, I'd like to trigger a small continuous vibration to both my controllers by holding both left and...

Apps with an option for Sitting Player Mode

I have to use my Q2 in a sitting position, I always check the Player Mode to see if "Sitting" is listed. I'm looking for opinions and information about Apps if thinking about: AUDICA, PISTOL WHIP, ESPIRE 1, SYNTH RIDERS, and ROBO RECALL.These apps ha...