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Question on custom beat saber songs

Just started playing custom beat saber songs, and having a blast. Really liking cool note groupings like in centipede and 24k magic, but those are the only songs i have like that. Looking for more songs with those types of crazy note groupings.

my tv app quit

for some reason, my tv app quit on my oculus...that means games that require a setup on the internet now don't work along with all the lovely suggestions from oculus, plus now i can't access any of the cool experiences, like you tube, oculus tv...HEL...

2 headsets - can play multiplayer with one account

I have Quest 1 and just bought Quest 2. I know they announced account sharing beginning in February. How should I set up now? If I set up with my own FB account, then I don't have access to any of the games I purchased. If I log in under my original ...

Gardening, Cooking, and Fish tank simulator?

I mean it would be cool to have one so the understandings when real-life come to play like how to make food when at the grocery store can be remembered of what to buy.Plus, if people do real-life gardening they can know what to do because of the sim....

Trying Out Some New Equipment!

The new Fanatec CSW V2.5, BMW M3 GT2 Rim and the ClubSport SQ Shifter V1.5 in Dirt Rally. 

Resolved! can i run vivecraft on quest 2?

i have a pretty okay pc, but im not sure it can run vivecraft with the quest 2, and i really want to play vivecraft. can i run it at lowest settings?specs:CPU:intel core i7 4720hq @ 2.60GHzMEMORY:16gb of RAMGPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 860mplease answer! t...

MPO file converter

I just found an app called "MPO master" that converts .mpo directly to side by side. Or anaglyph if you like. You can swap sides for cross-eye viewing.Previous apps I've had only converted the .mpo to seperate right and left images, which I had to ma...

Roaster by Level 8
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Did things change from v23 onwards?Was able to accept friend requests on my oculus account but can no longer.

Tired of hearing the same old shipping BS!

Why do companies send emails stating that an item has shipped, when all that has happened is the printing of a label.Because of covid that label may sit in an out box for days or weeks, before being applied to a box and that box being handed over to ...

estes53 by Level 2
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Resolved! What is it

I was watching a movie in vr you tube with my hands behind my head. Another hand came in from the left side of the screen. It happen twice with in a few minutes. The first time I thought it was my girl friend. No one around. When it happen again with...


Having trouble trying to return my Oculus2 i keep on hitting the return button but all is says is Whoops.. Does anyone know how to return the Oculus2??

Buy app/gift for friend - Where's the link?

Oculus website says to gift someone an app I can click "buy for a friend" but where/when does this option come up? It's not on the app's page nor on the purchase page after I click on the price button. I haven't finalized purchase because I don't wan...

LuluQQ by Level 2
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Are You Playing Multiplayer?

I am curious about how many of you play multiplayer games. I have several headsets and really enjoy multiplayer experiences. However, it feels like VR is still very much behind pancake, despite Oculus being owned by a social media company.So, are you...

problem with the order

Hello my Name is camilo i have a question why the company canel my order? some one can help me or explane me why please Thanks

Congratulations facebook for seeing the light!

I recently thought of upgrading to a 3080. It was more of a thought then action. I looked into it and of course you'd have better luck winning the lottery than being able to find one that's not a scalpers price. PC vr is more of a niche market and ge...

inovator by Level 12
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New PACMAN Game on Quest

First images of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's new #VR attraction - 'PACMAN Racer' - a two-player karting based #PACMAN game, using Oculus Quest VR headset and controllers. Currently on secret location-test in Tokyo for a limited time.Hat Tip: netanker

Can the Quest 2 touch controllers emulate a gamepad?

So I have a gamepad on my PC, but it's wired. I want to know if I can use the touch controllers to emulate a gamepad. Sometime, I start up virtual desktop and just want to play a game in theater mod on a huge screen. At the same time, I'd like to be ...

Gojak by Level 4
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VR firearm training

As a card carrying enthusiast, I can see VR as a great way to train average folks in firearm self defense.Does anyone know of any serious projects under development? I'd gladly throw some support into a project like this.edit: Perhaps a tracking puck...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Issues with Quest 2 link cable and Steam VR/Rift games

Hi, Just to start off I'm not the most PC inclined, I'm not completely clueless but certainly by no means a tech expert. Anyhow I have Quest 2 and bought a link cable aiming to play some Rift games and possibly do some things with Steam VR. I read up...

No answer from customer support. What can I do?

Hi, I ordered and paid a Quest 2 but it never came. According to UPS it was returned to sender with no explanation. I sent 3 emails to customer support but they never repplied, after more than a week. What can I do? Is there any other way I can conta...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Anybody have a Rift S to trade for a Valve Index?

In 2017 Oculus sent me a Rift CV1 to work on my game (which is near AAA quality unique, amazingly different, but, like my music, or my paintings, I am completely private about it, until ready to release. That makes it hard to get hardware, support, f...