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Yes yes, I know that there are issues with laptops, and they are therefore not recommeded. But here is what Oculus has stated:"...many discrete GPU laptops have their external video output connected to the integrated GPU and drive the external output...

Deadace by Level 4
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Waiting to try the vive

So I drove down to San Diego this morning to try the Vive via their tour bus at Comic Con. And guess what, I'm the only one In line! Granted I'm here two hours early so I could get back to work as soon as possible. Anyway they're all setting up right...

iRacing troubleshooting barely exists on their website

I tried using iRacing (with the keyboard and mouse), and none of the buttons will make the car move. I thought this issue would be addressed on, but there's absolutely nothing---not even something that says which key(s) to press in order ...

jgav8 by Level 2
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Pebbles Interfaces Joins Oculus

Hi all! We've got some exciting news to share today.  Leaders in depth sensing technology and computer vision, Pebble Interfaces, has joined Oculus! Read more:"We’re excited to annou...

Pebbles Interfaces joins Oculus

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire Pebbles Interfaces -- one of the leading teams in depth sensing technology and computer vision! Learn more about Pebbles Interfaces: ... ...

Alloc by Level 2
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When will the sickness end?

I can't stay away from VR, AR for longer than an hour. It's officially become an addiction. If I'm not on the Oculus forums during work (right now), I'm checking the most recent news for Hololens, or reading the Vive Reddit page, or checking reviews ...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Legendary VR

Want to watch some Warcraft in 360°? Google Chrome: Firefox (should work):

Oculus Form - YouTube Embeds Without Flash

Hi Guys,As some of you probably saw in the news recently, FireFox temporarily removed Flash due to security vulnerabilities in the Flash plugin. While many of us probably run without Flash already; others probably experienced an explosion of websites...

Monitor plugged into motherboard, Rift plugged into 750 TI

Currently I'm able to get the Rift to display part of my desktop, but the Config Utility says: "Service is Disconnected", and also it says "The Service is Unavailable". I have my monitor plugged into the integrated graphics (which I don' think should...

jgav8 by Level 2
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Shadow of the Colossus working in the Rift!

When I first got my Rift, I had a few games in mind that I wanted to try with it. Mirror's Edge, Half-Life 2, and Shadow of the Colossus.Video demonstration: Well, I got this far today:3D is working (although really glitchy), and I've found a way to ...

hoopera by Level 3
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Best way to use a gamepad for VR

Hey guys; there are a lot of older people out there who are terrible with Gamepads like the xbox one controller shipping and being the primary form of play with the Rift CV1. Any developers or VR nuts think of the silkyest control solutions for VR? I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Very Quiet.....

Hmmm it's all gone very quiet here... Has all there has to be discussed been discussed?Have we all run out of ideas??Or are we resigned to the fact that we pretty much won't get anything out of Oculus until September?It's not just Oculus... the entir...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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SDK and multisampling in OpenGL

Before I decide to dive deeper into the topic of getting MSAA to work: what's the current state of MSAA availability with OpenGL rendering?OculusRoomTiny demo says explicitly that the code doesn't support it and running OculusWorldDemo with OpenGL re...

kondrak by Level 4
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So will the DK2 work on a Retina Imac 27'

I am currently using a base 2014 Retina Imac and I am wondering if the DK2 will work on this system.What would I do with a lack of HDMI port. Can I get an adapter? Please assist.Thank you

scigama by Level 2
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Please, I cant run many apps

Please I need help to run these apps below.I have been chatting with the support, have followed their instructions and sent the Rift, directx and Windows logs but, so far, they couldnt help me. Has anybody experienced similar problems with any of tho...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What can we expect to have with CV1?

I know Oculus is spending time and money on games for launch availability, but are there any apps for viewing 3D stills and stereo pairs planned? A stereo camera is a great add-on for the ordinary user to work with. People do take pictures.Can Oculus...

Roaster by Level 8
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Direct to Rift Mode

Hello! I'm using vizconnect to setup the Dk2 in direct to rift mode, and would like to render some things (eye-tracking data) to the desktop mirror. I do not want the person in the helmet to see the rendered object.The issue is that the function vizc...

Ok I have to say something about rift and ebay

Ive been pricing the rift for months now and im noticing that people are selling there rifts for $500 $600 even $800Does it not dawn on people that Rifts are $350 brand new with a XboxOne controller??(Not one rift that ive seen on ebay includes the c...

I recommend all to go 980 ti!!!

I got the EVGA superclocked 980 ti and the quality is astounding.I came from the 690 GTX and I have mad oculus rift problems like games not showing on VR or heavy low fps but with 980 TI, boom, everything works direct 2 there's an HDMI port...

So AMD no compatibility? Still?

Been going on over a year now I'd wager. DK2 not compatiable with AMD, in particular the 290 series. All sorts of problems. First it would blank out my main monitor if I turned the DK2 on. I had to reboot 20 times or more to get it to "stick" and be ...

davidjc by Level 2
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Goodbye Screen Door 11K Display

Engadget has an article about Samsung planning an 11K display by 2018 with 2250 PPI with help from the South Korean government. These kind of initiatives will depend on there being a market for super hi-rez screens. I guess we'll have some idea how c...

StevieCQ by Level 2
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Virtual Reality Porn

Theriftlist lists 3D Porn Director:

Pokey by Level 2
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How to open .cpp files?

Hello all,Quick question: After downloading the latest oculus sdk, which adds certain features like queue ahead and debug hud, I want to open the oculus room tiny files inside the sdk files to test these, but I'm not exactly sure which program to use...

Brian Blessed To Use Oculus Rift

Hi FolksOn the 20th July, we'll be filming Brian Blessed using the Oculus Rift! I'll release the footage once we're back. He wants to experience Frontier's Elite Dangerous so we're setting it up in the studio next week for him.Paul - HCS VoicePacks L...

Art Development + Oculus

Hello,I am developing a piece of work for a one night art event in Toronto called Videodrome. I am looking for someone in Toronto (or anywhere for that matter) that would be willing to let me test and use their DK2 for this event. It will be held at ...

pinging by Level 2
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