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CV1 Consumer Retail Stations Planned! ... er-launch/This seems to mark another departure from previous discussions on selling the CV1.There will be some on this forum that shot down the suggestion of a retail store / mall station approach for the C...

Oculus World - enabling Positional Timewarp

I downloaded the SDK package, and wanted to try out the positional timewarp effect I saw demoed recently.The instructions I've seen say to first go to "Layers" and enable "Main Layer Depth", before increasing the render interval under the "Ti...

gtx 970 vs gtx 960

The gtx 970 has a 256 memory bus vs the gtx 960 which has a 128 memory bus.The main reason this bus is important is it affects how memory is used, and from what I hear you need 4 GB of ram on the video card for things like VR or 4K. 128 memory bus wo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OSX runtime - where can I get it?

Trying to get Runtime for OSX. I know development has stopped but I want to test some 360 videos on a mac. I cant seem to find it anywhere. All the old posts I have found refer to the downloads page, but to files that are no longer there. Are the old...

Ullsokk by Level 2
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Space Shuttle - High res 360 interior and VR project WIP

As part of an intensive VR project, many key areas of the Space Shuttle Endeavour has been photographed in full 360.π=-12And the photographer's blog about the subject

Dead Mall VR Augmentation

I really think that there's an untapped market in retrofitting abandoned malls around the continental United States for the purposes of FPS matches. The technology for such an endeavor is already developed and all that is required is putting all the ...

Good 360 video to 'wow' people?

I am trying to find a good live action 360 video to demo the rift, anyone have any recommendations? I came across... ... ll-hd-lite...but they don't seem to offer any demo version (the "lite" version was nowhere...

you by Level 4
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Oculus Rift <> XBOX One

With the new Rift next year - can I connect directly the Rift to the XBOX One or do I need a PC to stream a XBOX One game and play it with my PC, where the Rift is connected?About the Sony VR solution (Morpheus) - it seems that here no additional PC ...

UdoG by Level 3
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Someone fix oculus.share already

It's really frustrating trying to download demos and such off of the share.oculus and end up having to search the internet for the same demo!This isn't a one day occurrence ether. I sign in, hit the windows download button and just gives me an empty ...

Smallest portable high performance PC

There is not much documentation about a nice ultra compact system suitable for Oculus DK2 and CV1.Considering we already know Laptops are just not good enough, GTX 980 or 980ti is the fundamental piece of hardware. So after some research, the smalles...

viewport by Level 4
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Powered USB3 Hub?

Hi Everyone,I have been my DK2 for almost a year, but I always plug the IR camera and HMD into my PC. I was curious if anyone has been using a powered USB3 hub with good success? If so, do you recommend a particular powered USB3 hub?Thanks!

VR Chat Arrives! - Interview, download link, video, etc.

This episode of the Rev VR Podcast is an exclusive interview with the developer of VR Chat, Graham Gaylor. VR Chat is, in my opinion, is one of the "killer apps" that Oculus Rift owners have been dying to try. A virtual meeting place, complete with p...

Kepler vs. GCN

If you were doing Kepler, would you get the 750 with 1gb or 2gb if you just wanted to do something light like cinema? And what GCN card would you recommend for said lightweight cinema stuff? Thanks.

jgav8 by Level 2
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Total Noob, even with winzip

Hey guys,I bought the DK2 for Elite Dangerous. I'm having a blast with that game trying to figure out the best specs between the Rift, NVidia and the game settings.I've been trying the demos and I'm getting about 1/3 to work.I've seen the set up guid...

Cheapest motherboard w/ i5-4590 and GTX970?

What is the cheapest motherboard I can get that will work with an i5 4590, gtx 970 and 8 gb of RAM? As long as it will support the Oculus, I don't care how cheap it is. Or will pretty much any modern motherboard work?Thanks.

jgav8 by Level 2
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Can't wait

I watched the EVE: Valkyrie demo and cannot wait to get into that game. I think with the release of Oculus, VR is finally going mainstream.Anyone know if my Alienware X51 is robust enough to play Valkyrie? It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745, Core i3 41...

Jake-R by Level 2
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DK2 not detected in Config

recieved my DK2 today. downloaded the runtime, plugged in all the cables and tried firing it up. went into the Config but it says 'Oculus Service not Available'. Oculus on orange LED. all settings in grey, no oculus detectedchanged the rift display m...

cylee614 by Level 2
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Laptop for DK2 (and hopefully Consumer Release)

Hi all! My office is getting a new laptop that they're hoping will be able to handle the DK2 and last us for at least a couple years. I suggested this one: ... inum_BlackGPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970MCPU: 5th Gen ...

I played - I Expect You to Die

A great mini game that shows off VR and mouse control in an ingenious way. One of the few things on Share with a highly polished beginning, enticing middle game, and an ending that left me wanting more. Highly recommended!

VizionVR by Level 8
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Room-sized tracking for Rift - excited or meh?

So, I'm just curious. Now that small, room-scale tracking will be available for the Oculus Rift, how many of you plan to take advantage of this? Or...How many of you WISH you could take advantage of this if you had the space to do it? Or...Are you wa...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Light Field Stereoscope ... ereoscope/a new near-eye display technology that supports focus cuesthe required field of view is extremely small – just the size of the pupil – which allows for rank-1 factorizations to produce correct or ...

Shows up on screen, but won't display in goggles

I did a system restore after having problems getting my WIndows desktop to even display the Demo Scene on the config utility, and now I've got it working so that I can view the Demo Scene on my Windows desktop, but for some reason the demo scene won'...

jgav8 by Level 2
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"please use driver 350.12" - how unstable we talking...?

I'd really rather not roll back 4 driver releases if possible... one of the recent nVidia driver updates fixed a bunch of issues for me, and included a bunch of G-Sync updates I'd like to keep Where the runtime notes mention instability with...

Rift controller included?

Is the CV1 coming in q1 2016 coming with the controllers?Also: Can my rig handle it?3570k, 8gigs ram, 2 evga gtx 660sc 2gb in sli.

DK2 Troubleshoot - "Service is Disconnected"

Hi,I almost had everything working (the orange light was on, the blue light on the tracker was on) and then I went to "Extended Mode" in the config utility and suddenly both the lights went off and the config utility says "Service is Disconnected". I...

jgav8 by Level 2
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