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Quest 2 compared to Rift S

Into MS Flightsim 2020 and the experience is fantastic even with my Rift CV1. The stand sensor tracking is far from ideal especially when turning your head round, and is now old tech. I was offered a Rift S, but the with the good value of the Quest 2...

VR Laptop Recommendations

Hi All,I have been asked by my Cousin for VR laptop purchasing recommendations. I know the specs required from a desktop and presume it's similar to laptop specs now.I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for specific VR laptops on sale n...


Is there a Group, Community, Forum for Oculus VR users with disabilities? If so, how can I find it. If not, there should be. There are issues that arise from being disabled, mine is with getting the Guardian function set so I'm not always 3 feet tall...

Steam oculus 2 link/ Steam help please

Can someone help me.i have purchased an oculus link lead, downloaded steam ( bought and downloaded Half life Alyx) installed the oculus app on my pc.i have USB 3 ports but when i check connection in the oculus app its says its connected Via USB2? the...

danhayj by Level 3
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Wifi for Dummies- I have NO idea what to do

I have a Rift S with quite a few games purchased on my laptop. I just purchased a Quest 2 and would like to play them wireless.I purchased Virtual desktop the the Quest2 storeloaded sidequestLoaded virtual desktop streamer on laptopI can see sideques...

4k? 5k? What is the equivalent of the Quest 2's resolution

I was watching a benchmark video comparing pancake games at different resolutions. It looks like as soon as the resolution gets high enough, the processor hardly matters, even comparing the Ryzen 5 3600 to i9 10900k!

Go Eyeglass Spacer

Do these work? I need one if they help, but cannot find them for sale anywhere. Ideas??

Assetto Corsa in VR

How do you get Assetto Corsa to start in VR? Mine just opens from steam in 2D? There is no option to start in VR?

Processing for shipping from 9 days

9 days ago my money was taken but nothing have changed, someone knows how long it may take from the est date it should be delivered in next 2 days but it is not even send now.

Peq-n by Level 2
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"There is a Problem with your graphics card"?????????

When I open up Oculus on mt Alienware lap I get this message at the top. "There is a Problem with your graphics card"The graphics card is NVIDIA GeoForce GTX 1060. When I go to NVIDIA there is no drivers listed for this card?? I purchased this laptop...

Where is my wish list?

I am new to Oculus; haven't even received my headset yet. But on the website, I added a bunch of games to my wishlist and want to go back and see them. However, I can't find a link to the wishlist anywhere. I would have thought it would be in my prof...

ruckeln laggs

hi habe länger nicht mehr mit meiner Oculus gespielt..hatte jetzt mal wieder bock und ja eig ging alles wunderbar hab die Firmware drauf gemacht und jetzt folgendes Problem.ich spiele ca 5min und das bild fängt es ruckeln an...bzw nicht das bild weil...

Oculus Minecraft VR with Quest and Virtual Desktop not working

Greetings, I have been using Virtual Desktop (VD) for my Quest for a long time and have no issues connecting and playing all my Oculus games and SteamVR games. I recently bought Minecraft Windows 10 (bedrock) and installed the free Oculus Minecraft V...

Is there any way to make a custom object with physics?

I have successfully imported several very cool custom items (.glb files), but they all behave like that the standard decoration items, in that they have no physics and therefore are not affected by gravity.So, I can't help but wonder is there any way...

cScottD by Level 3
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STRAP recommendations?? Quest 2

I tried to Google it BUT information overload. I figured best to ask Oculus Community. I have read anbout Franken straps but am so confused on what to getthanks for any "links" to look at or ideas.

How long do orders take? How can I contact oculus?

Hello, I ordered my oculus on 27 (that's when I got the email) and it is now January 5 where is my order. I ordered the oculus without an account and I followed the steps to find out how to see it on the support page and I couldn't find what there we...

Sideload not being found?

Trying to set up as developer in order to use Virtual Desktop with Quest 2 and I am getting the message "Due to the holiday season, the Store Team will not be processing app submissions between Dec 18th - Jan 6th, 2021."Does this mean Developer mode ...

Factory Reset

I got a message saying I needed to factory reset my Oculus. I reset it, but now I can't pair the controllers. Please help!

Disability and the Quest 2

I am not confined to a wheelchair, but am unable to walk very far or stand for long, so I always use my Quest 2 in a sitting position. Are there any other people on here with disabilities? I'm having problems with the "Guardian" feature. I've tried f...

Oculus Setup

oculus setup starts to downloads 138mb/5.13gb 0 bytes/sthen its say contact support. i tried my internet connection working finetried it on my laptop uninstall oculus software and reinstall it done same thing stopped oculus setup starts to downloads ...

fishhunt by Level 5
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