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Hi, what to do if locked out.

I got my oculus quest 2 recently and thought it would be a good idea to set an unlock code but only recently have I forgotten it. I'm fine with a factory reset but I don't know how to since I need the code to access the app, and am still not sure wha...

Crwmble by Level 2
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What to buy? Opinions? Help?

If you don't like to read, please just don't (then complain about the length...), I work like 20 hours days 7 days a week, Insomnia monster., I have been in lockdown alone for a year come February, I just have to say things the way I do,..I am lookin...

Anyone having problems to buy games at the store?

I'm trying to buy a couple of games for the last 3 days and there is no way I can finnish the paying process. I get a message to contact oculus. I tried from the computer, telephone, headset, with credit card and paypal, removed cookies, changed brow...

Problem with "Unknown Sources"

Hello,I have activated "Unknown Sources", but if I want to start (example) SteamVR, I get a message that I need to activate unknown sources.Does anyone else have the same error?

Slinzen by Level 0
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Why does Oculus still use Fedex .. Fedex is the worst service!

My Rift S was supposed to arrive today, but it has been sitting in China for over a week now for no good reason, after being sent to me from Hong Kong via China, why not just send it direct from Hong Kong.. I don't know why they continue to use Fedex...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can a keyboard be invoked at will?

I just tried to sign in to my Disney Plus subscription on my Oculus Go. I got signed in with no issue, but I guess the service thought I might be sharing my subscription or something (signed in from TV, PC, iPhone and now the Oculus Go) so it asked m...

Order Processing

I ordered Quest 2 three days ago and the order still says Processing. How long does an order usually process before its shipped?

Rant about the quality of service - just venting

So my partner orders 2 oculus quest 2's and 2 cases. The order comes missing 1 of the cases. After many to and fro's about this with pictures of package labels etc they finally agree to send the missing case. They also sent a can$30 oculus store code...

kadarx by Level 2
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Roomscale Oculus Rift??? Even worth trying to sell???

I have an original Oculus rift with three sensors. I also have a new Oculus Rift S. I don't think I will ever use the original Rift again. Is it worth trying to sell? If so how much?? I was going to list it on Craigslist but don't know if anyone woul...

I cant change my email address!! Its driving me mad.

Hi all. I am trying to change my email address for my Oculus account. I have signed in, put the new email, but the verification code does not get sent to the account. The email address is wrong an old defunct email, but for some reason I cannot chang...

Oculus Quest 2

Are the headset and handset controllers serial number suppose to be different from box serial num? Tried returning mine after a day because of a fault but they won't take it back as serial numbers don't match...TIA

Do I need these TWO controllers????

Do I need these TWO controllers for Oculus Quest 2???? I have the original Rift and have these two controllers with it. The Quest 2 did not come with any controllers like these.

Add Discord Rich Presence when?

I was having the idea of Discord Rich Presence being available on the Oculus models, so users would know that another fella is using his/her Oculus device.This could be good for using it via the app (for Quest and Quest 2), or PC (for Rift and Rift S...

the view diminished while moving

hello i was wondering why when in the game with vader immortals when i move my view is about 25% smaller then when i stop it comes back to normal? I have a good computer and i thing i have a 3.1 link cable, maybe i need a 3.2 cable? New to this vr st...

Which cable for Quest 2??

I ordered a Quest 2 that has not arrived yet. I was told I need a cable to connect to computer. Recommendations for quality cable to buy?? I googled it BUT information overload. Most seemed to say not to buy Oculus cable but aftermarket from Amazon. ...

Official Portal 2 VR Support Coming Soon this interview (minute 6:40) the guys at Sixense have announced that Valve soon is going to add VR support to Portal 2. The support will arrive as an update to the Portal 2 Sixense DLC, which you can get for free...

Marulu by Level 5
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