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Why aren't there more VR Sports games?

I'm not a huge fan of sports games even on regular consoles, but yesterday I tried NFL Pro Era 1 because of the Quest+ subscription and I was honestly really glad I tried it. Felt like a nice change of pace from all the Shooter/Fantasy/Sci Fi games o...

g1rino by Honored Guest
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Pay pay not working

Tries to but the oculus 3 via pay pal and it cancels the order straight away, and getting any help from meta is like banging your head against the wall

Resolved! Meta Quest 3

Hello, I have a question, is the mobile network sufficient to play outside with Meta Quest 3?

Zocht by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can I disable the screen mirror on my monitor?

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if it is possible to disable the screen mirroring on my TV so that I have all the performance on the Rift. I am not sure if the Rift was designed to send out both signals without it impacting performance, so if it was poss...

Gamewiz1 by Protege
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God Rays on Quest 2 (Verifying)

So I use a Quest 2. I am aware they use fresnel lenses and they are known for bad god rays. Is it normal to see a big rays from white on black backgrounds, is that just the con of fresnel lenses or do I have bad lenses. Thanks.

Laqota by Honored Guest
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Quest 3 died

Hi All,Just a quick update. I thought my Q3 had died on Sunday night as it seemed to shut down in a haphazard way.I went to shut it down, but in the process the screen froze, I heard a pop and the screens flashed white and the headset shutdown. It se...

MADBILL by Explorer
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Thoughts on 128GB vs 512GB for Quest 3?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole Oculus/Meta Quest as I've only ever owned wired VR headsets to the PC I was wondering if you guys will be getting the 128GB or the 512GB model, and which would you recommend? I noticed the 512GB model also comes with...

b1onny by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 3 dots problem

Hi guys so first off all sorry for my spelling and grammar errors yesterday I bought quest 2 and try everything to make it work connect it with air link i can see desktop name in vr and all its connected but i am still at quest 2 hub cant find anythi...

Oculus Go mit anderen Konto verbunden

Ich habe mir eine Oculus Go von Grover gemietet und da ist noch jemand anderes eingeloggt. Ich kann die VR Brille nicht mit meinem Konto verknüpfen da noch jemand anderes eingeloggt ist.

Acer Windows MR headset falls away from face when looking down

Hey everyone, not sure how to explain the issue in a super detailed way. However, my Acer WMR has always had an annoying issue where the headset (not the headband) is kinda loose and doesn’t stay still. Normally this isn’t an issue, except when you l...

Is my headset's audio broken or is this normal?

I got the meta quest 3 yesterday and i hate the audio on it. And that's comming from a quest 2 user. So i don't understand why all of the audio just sounds compressed and muffeled.All of the bass is gone. All of the low end is gone. And all i'm left ...

gnuffe by MVP
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I haven't seem this posted but it basically looks like a table-top version of Google Earth VR for the Quest, with collaboration tools and passthrough. Street View is there too in full 360. It seems to have been in development for some time but hopefu...

How to run computer vision models on a VR headset?

Hi all, I am a computer vision / deep learning engineer and lately CV applications to VR have been catching my attention. I have to say I am completely new to VR, I don't even have a headset, and I have never developed anything on the virtual reality...

eloor by Honored Guest
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Quest two controllers problem

So I dropped/threw my controller and before I noticed it was in my dog bowl ( the water one )So I ran to take it out and Like the Other result said I waited for a few daysBag of rice and all that I can't afford another I'm really tight rn and I dunno...

LaserJets by Honored Guest
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Any PU Leather VRcover users have any opinions...

Has anyone tried the Blue PU Leather facial cover from am in the UK, and they seem to be available from America only, so wondered if anyone from UK had purchased them and from anybody as to whether they are worth the $58 outlay, (As I n...

Bigscreen or VRChat for watching movies?

Me and a friend want to watch some TV and movies together, my friend suggested bigscreen and I suggested VRChat since it’s what we both know. Which one is probably better for this use case? I know bigscreen is more catered but VRChat has some really ...

uinasbora by Honored Guest
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Should I Purchase - New to VR

Anyone in Scotland on here. Went to Currys today and tried the demo headset. OMG looked amazing, was looking for any advice as i don't have a high spec PC for any gaming and will this be ok on its own. Also I have a PS5 but I read that the Q3 has cle...

XReal marketing is ridiculous and frustrating

Honestly not really sure where to put this because technically not VR but where else can I discusse HMD'S I see click bait youtube videos that say 130", etc, and since most of these people got them for free I can't take their experience as a whole (e...

ckon9 by Honored Guest
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Referrals link

Hello its my referrals link

Aryal10 by Honored Guest
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Is the Quest 3 more powerful than the Wii?

See title.I'm genuinely curious, because, if it is, I really would have taken the game below ported to Quest 3 in first person as our "new" Ghostbusters VR game over what we ultimately got:, it look...

Resolved! Quest 3 - Storage Performance Differences

I was wondering if there are performance differences between the 128GB and 512GB Version.If, for example, the 512GB version is UFS 4.0 instead of 3.1, the price increace might actually be worth it.Can anyone from Meta give a statement?

e1ysion by Explorer
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My VR was Stolen!!

An incident occurred yesterday (10/28/23) and I later found out that my VR was Stolen! Does anybody know If I could possibly track my VR somehow to see where it could be? Because it’s definitely not in my house.Please Help 


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KaliNifta by Honored Guest
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Resolved! I need help pairing meta quest 2

I downloaded the app and created an account till it says “follow the instructions from the headset” I accidentally powered off the headset so it now shows I need to pair it back again, I went to the app and it says it’s still connected. How do I reso...

Facial fan for Quest 3

I am still getting very foggy lenses with the Quest 3, despite the supposedly upgraded visor ventilation. Does anyone know of a fan that would help with this, something like the BoboVR F2 but designed for Quest 3? The fog is making using the headset ...