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Auto Oculus Touch Vibration Script

I'm very new to Auto Hot Key and Auto Oculus Touch, but I'm looking to make a script for vibrating my controllers while holding the grip buttons.Ideally, I'd like to trigger a small continuous vibration to both my controllers by holding both left and...

I feel like I'm in VR when I'm not...

I bought my first VR headset last weekend and I'm having this weird side effect. When I look at my hands, I feel like they're not really my hands, like they're the Rift hands. Even when looking at my monitor I get the exact feeling like I'm looking m...



real_wl by Honored Guest
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How do I watch 3d bluray movies in the Rift?

I have a Disney encrypted 3d Bluray movie and an external BR player. I have Corel Windvd and PowerDVD both support playing 3d BR movies but the Corel doesn't support side by side and PowerDVD won't play discs in it's VR mode.Is there any way to get i...

dcyphure by Protege
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The site looks ugly what the heck?

The site looks ugly what the heck? Functions are better - but the layout still need a lot of work O.o Looks a bit squeeish and everything too white O.o where is dark mode xD?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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external/extended battery power

i'm a little confused.. I have the Oculus Quest 2. I've seen battery packs advertised and straps and all of this. i've also seen reviews that say you can't play the Oculus Quest 2 with an external battery. it doesn't allow it. Can anyone confirm. the...

Any support for full body tracking? still new to the whole Virtual Reality thing i never tried it out before, planning to buy a VR headset in the future but im wondering if any of the oculus sets have full body recognition for stuff like VRChat, or if both oculus are just stric...

Ikutoma by Honored Guest
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Best VR gun controller for ODTM Virtuix omni

After some searching I think I've found the best VR gun controller.the MAG II Wireless Induction has 2 triggers/bumpers on both right and left hand, and 4 face buttons for the right thumb, I'm sure the left analogue stick could set to a...

PSVR 2 | What We Know so Far

Hey everyone! I created a video going over everything that is known so far about the PSVR 2. Check it out if you're interested 

Sploosh by Explorer
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Oculus Forums Maintenance / Platform Change: 2/21-2/24

Edit: Maintenance is now underway. Thanks for your patience!Hi everyone - I have an update to share: we plan to complete the forum platform transition next week. In order to accommodate this migration, our forums will need to experience a period of d...

Hide Home screen.

When in my Virtual Environment on my Quest 2 I have the big black home screen in the centre, how do I move it or hide it so I can see all of my environment?. Thanks, John.

Phone Notifications In-Game

I think that for all of the Oculus headsets, there should be a feature where you can use the Oculus app to get phone notification on the headsets. Since you need the Oculus app to set up a headset anyways, I think this would be very useful. When you ...

Shipping accessories to ukraine?

Does oculus ship to Ukraine? not as in the headset but accessories because I have a headset but want accessories, I saw a forum about this on the DK2 but that was in 2014, plus since there just accessories they don't have any batteries.

2 headsets - can play multiplayer with one account

I have Quest 1 and just bought Quest 2. I know they announced account sharing beginning in February. How should I set up now? If I set up with my own FB account, then I don't have access to any of the games I purchased. If I log in under my original ...

Trying Out Some New Equipment!

The new Fanatec CSW V2.5, BMW M3 GT2 Rim and the ClubSport SQ Shifter V1.5 in Dirt Rally. 

rVRcloset by Heroic Explorer
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Resolved! can i run vivecraft on quest 2?

i have a pretty okay pc, but im not sure it can run vivecraft with the quest 2, and i really want to play vivecraft. can i run it at lowest settings?specs:CPU:intel core i7 4720hq @ 2.60GHzMEMORY:16gb of RAMGPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 860mplease answer! t...

MPO file converter

I just found an app called "MPO master" that converts .mpo directly to side by side. Or anaglyph if you like. You can swap sides for cross-eye viewing.Previous apps I've had only converted the .mpo to seperate right and left images, which I had to ma...

Roaster by Rising Star
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How can I have a virtual desktop without a monitor connected?

I have a desktop that I use almost exclusively for playing VR. When I'm done playing I just go into Virtual Desktop and shut the computer down using that. Unfortunately it requires me to have a monitor connected so that virtual desktop can work. Does...

Resolved! What is it

I was watching a movie in vr you tube with my hands behind my head. Another hand came in from the left side of the screen. It happen twice with in a few minutes. The first time I thought it was my girl friend. No one around. When it happen again with...

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