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Moving Oculus Install Directory does not work

My C: does not have enough space for the oculus app to update so I tried using the supplied command on the oculus website to move it to a new directory but it only reinstalls it back on the C: - can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Natasyerp by Honored Guest
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Back.... But Don't Get Use to it!

Would like to thank those that emailed and messaged me about the "surprise" lifting of the ban.Also to those that supplied information on certain "discrepancies" regarding what happened. I am not interested in reliving the past, and know the reasons ...

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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What I have to buy if I need to play wity son at same time? Ils there kind of multiplayer package for hardware? Il have nothing yet.. Thanks

Which Headset to buy? for Acer Predator Helios 300

I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop that states is VR ready and has ultimate graphics for VR. Yet I cannot find anywhere which headset is best compatible with this laptop. So I'm trying out my chances here in asking and hoping someone ha...

Face mask skin stickers for Oculus Go

Hello everyone!Recently I was looking for customizing my Oculus Go front face. And could't find what I wanted, at least here in UK. So, I made it myself, since I do other similar staff... But then I thought I might start selling them as well. So I st...

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2 quest 2

I bought my grandsons a quest 2 for Xmas.unfortunately I'm hooked on fit xr and supernatural and don't want to miss a day.the brother of the grandson that lives with me wants to use it for a couple of days and take it home. Even though he can play he...

jeffy07 by Explorer
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VR Wristbands

Just reading up on the latest tech and this seems interesting. I assume they work in conjunction with hand tracking to achieve something that's more accurate with more functionality than current tracking? If they're detecting nerve impulses, maybe th...

Blocking Blue Light with filters? Yay or Nay?

I have read multiple sources spanning the last few years that make arguments on both sides of this dilemma. On one had, some say that Blue Light from electronic devices are perfectly safe for the eye itself. On the other hand, some studies indicate t...

Zenbane by MVP
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Why ship with UPS

I understand that UPS is probably faster than others but good lord trying to do package pickup is like hammering nails into my skull.

Greyshirk by Honored Guest
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Sony Reveals New Playstation VR 2 Controllers

Interesting, but somehow remind me a little of the Pimax sword controllers. I wonder how susceptible to damage these will be when bringing controllers to face for things like aiming with a bow etc or hitting the headset/solid surfaces? https://blog.p...

Replacement Rift cables.

So it appears that you can no longer buy replacement rift cables, can we get some official feedback as to whether this is a temporary issue or has Oculus ceased production of them?

AngryKFP by Protege
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Oculus Dash void environment

Hello there,I wanted to ask how the oculus dash void environment was made?Are those 2 planes? Or some skybox?Does anyone know how I could recreate this in unity ?

Muggen by Explorer
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Sanitizing Oculus device

Hi All,With Covid-19( Coronavirus), how do you plan to sanitize your oculus device in future , especially when there would be multiple users using the same device whether it is at Development in your studio, or playing at a Entertainment center?

New Oculus Forum Dark Mode

Here's a Dark Mode theme for the new Oculus forums. It still needs work, there's problems with the search screen and the post editing panel is quite broken. But I thought people would like a chance to try ou...

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kojack by MVP
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VR for disability/rehabilitation

Hi all,I work in the a rehabilitation service (spinal injury, stroke, head injury, trauma, amputations) and we would love to explore using VR and Oculus Quest as part of our rehabilitation service. We would like to use the devices as a great novel wa...

Is Oculus/Facebook slowly killing the Rift Store?

Just saw this discussion among Rift developers - where Oculus/Facebook no longer seems to want to help promote their software, hurting developers by reducing sales:

RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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A few questions.

Ok so I have 2 VR head sets. Mostly used by my children. First my kids are annoyingly good children. Follow our rules and expect others to follow them too. I have tried to explain that they can't parent the internet. They don't want kids swearing. Th...

Floor Height

Why is setting floor height so over engineered? Tapping floor with controller is a stupid idea. Setting floor height via joystick would allow ppl in wheelchairs, short ppl, kids and ppl who like to play seated a much more logical and obvious way to s...

Quest 3 and 4 in development, according to Mark Zuckerberg

Full interview with Mark Zuckerberg: (but you need to sign up to read it) RoadToVR summary:

kojack by MVP
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Oculus social features now require a linked Facebook account

Oculus Blog post.Apparently, starting today, Oculus social features (friends list, parties, visiting people's Oculus Homes) will now require a linked Facebook account. This was already the case for some apps like Venues, and some features, like acces...

nalex66 by MVP
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Going from Oculus CV1 to??

Hi all,I have been on the first Oculus since the beginning.. Actually I still like the oculus, but are missing some of the things from the other newer headsets! Mostly the bigger FOV some of the other headset have.. I have not heard of Oculus should ...

AbombDK by Explorer
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How to find all games and apps on sale in the Rift Store

As many may have seen, Oculus isn't doing much for Rift owners these days. In the good old days we had one game being discounted each day (or close), and often larger sales would happen. There even was a "Sale" category in the Rift section of the Ocu...

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RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Accessibility options

Hello Oculous communityI have recently started using an Oculus quest however I have a spinal cord injury and paralysed from the neck down. Hence cannot use my hands and have limited arm movement.In order to navigate my laptop I have a head tracking m...

fireice12 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Question

If i plug in my 64 GB Quest to my pc can i download a 100 GB game with my pc storage?

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