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I want to cut my eyelashes

I can get much better field of view if I move the cups closer to my face but I have particularly long eyelashes (enough that girls have commented on them numerous times in my life, and they brush the inside of all my sunglasses) and when I adjust the...

Tether for Virtual Desktop no download

Can I tether the oculus to avoid software downloads on laptop for virtual desktops?? I would love to use a virtual desktop for work however, my employer provides my laptop and has it locked down that I cannot download anything without IT support. I c...

Order issue

Hello, I have ordered oculus quest 2 on sunday 1.11, my payment metod was authorized correctly, it locked and the unlocked $1, But it didnt collect the money for oculus (349€). Since then I got no info apart confirmafion of my order. Is it normal tha...

Should the Forum Move to Horizon?

A general question following some recent email, but I thought it may be interesting to hear the responses from the members here, on what the feeling about moving the forum to VR?

cannot connect to Sparc servers

been playing Sparc find for over 2 months.Today it says its unable to connect to the Sparc servers please check your internet connection. all other online VR plays are I deleted Sparc and re-installed (using the internet)but still I get "u...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Haptic PIVOT demo video

Pretty interesting stuff in development, although I wonder what the cost of these would be.


Anyone preordered ? May2021 = very good, 10 dollars secures you in their first batch.

Techy111 by Level 15
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It will not allow me to petition it as it says this decision can't be reviewed. I've submitted tickets. Nothing yet. I have read on reddit some cases. My entire FB account of 10 years has been completely obliterated over this and I'm left out $600.00...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Maybe Oculus could sell their own trackers? This would allow for full body tracking and people would be way more willing to buy oculus trackers rather than Vive ones with their headset. I'm new to the forum so I'm not too sure if this thread has been...

q2h by Level 2
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Moving the Oculus folder to a new home on another drive

Hello everyone. First time poster here. I did a search but could not find an answer. I recently purchased Lone Echo. I have a Quest 2 with a Link cable and everything (for the most part) has been working fine. After I purchased Lone Echo I try to run...

midinut by Level 2
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best option for the new quest 2

Hi,We just purchased the quest 2 and still own a rift (cv1) The idea is to enjoy experiences together such as concerts, movies, comedy and such (think venues, beta, ect.) but also play the occasional game as well. I have a pretty good library on my o...

Asus ROG Zephyrus G GA502 compatibility to Rift S

I just received my Rift S to find that I don't have the display port needed. The adapter the Oculus comes with also will not work with my pc. I'm unsure if the HDMI port or if my USB C will work using an adapter.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest

I was hoping someone can help me with something. My children are after an Oculus headset. I am torn between the Oculus Quest 2 and the Oculus Rift S. I am not great with gadgets and wondered if someone can clarify the following for me...Do I need a G...

lw2010 by Level 2
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Can't Edit My Oculus Home

Hi,My brother kids played on my oculus today. I don't know what they have done.but i wanted to add, move some furniture but i cannot edit my room...i tried to fix it in the preferences menu under Editor but it does nothing.anyone has an idea what to ...

MadMaru by Level 2
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lost games of oculus go.

When I added my previous Oculus Go to my quest 2 account, the juices that I had installed in the Oculus Go disappeared (I had to factory reset my Oculus Go so that they would enter the Oculus Go application of the mobile phone). Now I see the two dev...

cancel game updates

When I plug in my Oculus CV1, I note that my library shows there are 4 apps that are queued for update. I dont use any of these apps and dont want my bandwidth wasted on updates. Is there a way to set app updates cancel or ignore ?thanks

sford52 by Level 7
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Great device, horrible support

Gotta say I'm deeply dissatisfied with the Oculus client on PC. I have been using the device for two weeks now and getting things to run is sometimes nothing short of a goddamn miracle...During those 2 weeks I had:- games disappearing from the librar...

kosobi by Level 2
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How do you get out of the home screen - tried everything?

Pressed ever button, moved all around the room. All I see is options to move things around. How do I exit? At the moment I am having to start Steam VR and then exit that to get back to any options.Looked on this forum and google but can't see an answ...

How do I change my Real name on my account

Hi Everybody, New here I haven't had a chance to setup my rift yet as I'm on vacation. When I made this account I allowed my phone to auto fill in the fields. Unfortunately the real name part is incorrect and I don't see a way to fix it. Second quest...


I wanted to play my steam VR games from my PC on my exclusive 2 but I don't have a link cable. I've read that you can do this by installing the side quest on the Oculus 2 and then you can play the SteamVR games wirelessly. Is this allowed by Facebook...

When will the Link Cable ship?

I ordered a Link Cable alongside a Quest 2 a few days ago and although the quest should be here tomorrow according to the estimated delivery date, the link cable hasn't even been confirmed as a purchase. Or at least they never sent me an email or too...

Rift Cv1 Black screen blinking and white noise

Helly guys i really hope this is firmware related, because i don´t know what else to do..I have it since 2018, never had a problem and now i can´t use it anymore..the screen flickers to black and some time with white noise...starts every 5 seconds, a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Software won't!!

I've tried installing the oculus software twice now, it downloads everything properly and runs the install. It gets about 99% of way done and says it,: RESTART COMPUTER: Sorry we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer ...

New update

Anyone know what was in the PC update a little while ago? Build is

xeno3d by Level 6
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