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What is your IPD?

An unofficial poll to find out the distribution of IDP of Oculus users in the forum.This poll is anonymous. Since I am limited to 10 poll questions, I had to add ranges to the poll questions corresponding to the 1, 2, 3 settings indicated in Quest 2.

Toggle switch for monitors and VR headset(s)

I am finding that I do not play VR as much as I would like. I own a Rift S and Index. I love them both. The issue is it is a huge pain to have to unplug one of my monitors and plug the VR set in to the back of my pc. This might seem small and petty b...

Kezlam by Explorer
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Processing for shipping?

So, my order has updated to processing for shipping and I was just wondering if anyone could give me an estimate as to how long it is going to be until it ships? And I going to have to wait until the Ships by date? (Aka when they are expected to rest...

CRadiant by Explorer
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already owned game

so I have downloaded beat saber on my quest 2 oculus store. But i wondered if i would need to buy it again to install it on my pc oculus store???.

Gezpy by Honored Guest
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SCAM ALERT no.2 - Be wary of fraud Oculus sites

I saw a report about a fraudulent Oculus site that is made to look like the legit site. The URL is spelled slightly vs oculus.comI'm not going to link directly to it here, but I will provide a screenshot:Note the web URL. I'm...

1s5bhu3fjzx7.png phsqud7etsfq.png
Zenbane by MVP
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Multiplayer cross platform workings and specs.

So I'm looking into buying a oculus strictly because a friend has one and I like the idea of playing multiplayer with them. They have a Oculus Rift and I'm finding there's also a Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, and a Oculus Quest 2. Will all multiplayer...

Do they make the virtuclear lens for the rift s?

hello, I was just looking around the store and saw the virtuclear lens. I was wondering if they were made for the rift s as well since I have that instead of the quest 2. this would be great if they were made for the rift s.That is all thank you

My games of TWO different headsets??

Can I purchased a 2nd Quest 2 and have ALL my purchased games on that headset along with keeping all games on 1st headset? I would like to keep one headset and home and one at work. They would never be used at the same time.

Multiple users on Oculus Home

Will Oculus Home also get multiple users and app sharing? I have the original Rift and would like to be able to share it without people having to game on my user. I love The Climb and my kid love it too. But I would like to have my own progress in th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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3D Movies

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with getting 3d movies playing on my rift s please.

Discount for having to RE-BUY games??

Discount for having to RE-BUY games?? I purchased many games for the Rift S then a couple months later purchased the Quest 2.NONE of the game I purchased are cross-buy which means I have to buy them all again if I want to use them. Most of them I hav...

Will oculus start up on Intel HD graphics?

Hi, I'm mainly asking this question because I found a great deal on an oculus rift DK2 and looking to purchase it used. The guy selling it no longer has his PC and only uses PSVR. So he is willing to meet me in a parking lot to sell it to me. Obvious...

Too much EDM

I'm really loving my Quest 2. I use it primarily for exercise. My one complaint is that for me there's too much EDM used for the soundtracks. Just putting my voice out there to have more variability available in terms of music used in these apps.

Why videos appear larger in oculus go, than in real world ?

Hello every one ,I captured my video with gopro fusion and i transferred them into my oculus go , but items appear about 1.5x larger than they are in real world . Does anyone know how should I solve this problem ?I've read some topics but I really do...

HamidSHS by Honored Guest
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FB Account in Quest 2

Am I able to log out of my account on the quest 2 and then let my wife log in to hers?

knappth by Honored Guest
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CAn I have my games on TWO different computers???

CAn I have my games on TWO different computers???I have a desktop at home that I use for VR. Can I also get a laptop and have my account/games on it at the same time as desktop so that way I can leave one at home and the other at work?

New Facebook Rules for Oculus Users! would seem to underpin the feeling that some posters on other forums have voices that the Facebook management are not enamored with the previous Oculus c...

72bxak8lfq7j.png yxc82bphlv5o.png
kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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Can I use my Oculus without the software?

So I moved some of my games over to steam using the keys last night , the ones I care about anyway . For example I can now log into Elite Dangerous thru steam Vr. Now can I delete the Oculus software from my computer and just use steam to play Elite ...

Cdots by Protege
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Rift/Quest understanding for future PC play

Hi,I am sorry if this has been asked 1k times already - I could search up the answer.I would like to get on the VR road - I play Elite Dangerous and SW Squads on PC, but: my PC is pretty old and cannot handle Rift specs.If I get a Quest now for fun, ...

GavOzQ by Honored Guest
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Play field size?

I cleared out a space in my garage. I just ordered gym mats to use as a playfield so I can tell by where I am stepping. I ordered TWO mats that are 4' X 10 ' which side by side will give me an area of 8' X 10'. I could also buy another 4 x 8 mat to a...

Brace yourselves: Panasonic's VR Glasses are coming

Panasonic Reveals Improved Specs for Its Impressively Compact VR Glasses6DOF room-scale tracking includedAt this year’s all-digital CES 2021, Panasonic showed off a new and improved version of the device, which packs in some pretty intriguing specs a...

Zenbane by MVP
  • 10 replies
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