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Whats happened to Lone Echo 2?

As the title says what has happened to Lone Echo 2? I havent seen any info since they said it was delayed till this year. But we are now in 3rd quarter and still no new news since telling us delays due to Covid-19. Is it still happening? When are we ...

Antonyvw by Level 4
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Rollercoaster VR videos

Hi all, I love some of the rollercoaster games out there! But was wondering if you guys have found a place to get high resolutions videos of real rollercoasters? Have found some on YouTube, but don't think the resolutions is very good on those. 

AbombDK by Level 3
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Oculus Quest 2

I just went out and bought the Oculus Quest 2 and I’m looking to get started playing some PC games, particularly Half Life: Alyx. I need a link cable but my PC does not have a USB-C port, So I will also need an adapter (USB-C to USB-A). Problem is th...

Reignsy by Level 2
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About Quest 2 and Facebook

I'm thinking about getting a Quest 2 and have no problem on linking my FB account that I use since 2010 to it. Do I have any chance of getting banned by using it? It does have my real name, date of birth and it's the only FB account that I ever had.

Anybody know how to help???

Does anybody know how to change the facebook account I have linked to my account? Or unlink my facebook from this account a link a new facebook to it? And keep all my games, If you know it would mean a lot if your helped me out.

Forum discussions no longer public

Has anyone else noticed that suddenly (perhaps some) discussions are not visible unless you're logged in? This probably means that issues won't be listed by search engines. You can test this by viewing a discussion in an incognito/private window.I th...

Vr driving

Is there a game for VR that simulator driving a car while only using Your VR headset Wanna use it for training for driving license

New VR Behavior Policy: Do not invade someone's personal space!

Facebook's VR use policy was updated recently, and now includes information about invading personal space, and other types of improper gestures.’s newly updated ‘Conduct in VR Policy‘ highlights tha...

Zenbane by Level 15
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I am not able to add a Payment method

I am form Hong Kong, I just bought a Oculus Quest 2, and would like to add a payment method,but either credit card or link to Paypal are not working, Oculus Website keep telling me Something went wrong and we were unable to add this payment method. P...

Headset development.

Now that Facebook has completely taken over Oculus, is it the end of highend VR headsets, with wider IPD adjustments? Will Facebook now concentrate on wireless social media headsets that fit a certain percentile of the population? Worried early Oculu...

Chivas by Level 5
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Order status still On Hold

Having failed my first payment check because of the bank, I have now already have it unblocked so they could try it again. Three days have passed an still nothing has come up. Anyone else having to wait longer or is it just me? I’m ordering from Aust...

Lewryu by Level 4
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Any WiFi 6 users?

My router was in much need of an upgrade. It is a 6+ year old dinosaur. With the Quest 2 arriving, I decided to upgrade to the latest WiFi 6 standard. I've seen a few VR enthusiasts on YouTube report great stream rates using Virtual Desktop to suppor...

Zenbane by Level 15
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multiple Oculus headset ownership woes...

My son & I have enjoyed our time playing around with the original Quest and recently bought the Quest 2.Like many other owners I find it irritating to say the least that it's not possible to enjoy the multiplayer experience if both headsets are assoc...

Connecting quest to pc

Hi! I wanted to connect my quest to my pc and when i got the message where i accept the pc in my headset, i accidentally chose do not show again instead of allow... So now its not working (i can see it in the device manager and in the devices section...

Movable Keyboard

I'll keep this short and simple. Although the virtual keyboard on oculus (Quest at least; not sure if it's the same on other devices) has been improved and sized down to cover less, we should absolutely be able to use the grip buttons to move the key...

Facebook Horizon Beta

I thought I would open a place for people to discuss the Horizon Beta.My first experience was not too good. You create an avatar. Unfortunately, my choice for a body was a woman's body or a woman's body. I can't find anywhere to change your gender (I...


How do I get my games to show up in apps tab on quest 2

DBAGGER by Level 2
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Beat Saber multiplayer feedback

I couldn't see one of these already, apologies if I have missed it.Do the Beat Saber devs read these forums?I'd like to feedback that I love the new multiplayer mode, it's great to play with competition than just by myself.However, the interaction wi...

Games purchased

I don't have Facebook nor will I ever have Facebook so the question I ask is what happens to all the games I bought off of Oculus? They all gone? deleted? Full refund ? Anyway to access them after 2023? Also it seems obvious I shouldn't buy anything ...

Cdots by Level 4
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VR Books

VR Books recommended by users on the forum.Ready Player One - Ernest Cline - (highly recommend) Fantastic BookSnow Crash - Neal Stephenson's - (highly recommend) Great unique novelAltered Carbon - Cyber Punk Noir Mystery Book - (highly recommend) fas...

how to symmetry an obejct on side easier?

i sculpted a human head ,but i found that there are some different to another side。how to symmetry one side to get a complete symmetry object?i didn't find any function to do it。i know i can delete one side and duplicate one side ,but it is little bi...

Oculus and FB bans happening October 20 2020

As of tonight I logged into my rarely used FascistBook account to see I had been warned for a previous conservative post the past few years, then banned for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and then finally 30 days. Trying to figure out what happened i see Twit...

Software fails to install

I built a brand new system and then did a clean install of Windows 10 which was then patched through Windows Update to 1909. I have not installed any antivirus or a firewall yet (it is using the Windows Firewall). I am attempting to install the Oculu...