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Link to content in Oculus Media Studio does not work

Hi all. We have been trying to create a link to our experiences uploaded to Oculus Media Studio. The link in the tabulator does not work for people who are NOT subscribing to Oculus. Is there a way around this?

robertfox by Honored Guest
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Ordering Question

I am looking to order 21 of the Oculus Quest 2 64GB and need to know how to order this amount in one order. Any help would be appreciated.

Will there ever be a wireless solution for the Rift S?

With how easy it is to permanently kink the cable (personal experience  ) and how annoying the cable is due to it hanging down my shoulder rather than being centred, the vive/vive pro wireless solution is almost identical to using it wired. Oculus c...

VR video player - GizmoVR

Hey everyone!Meet the new app for watching VR videos - GizmoVR. This is not just another video playback system, it is a platform that combines media player, virtual desktop, web browser and media library manager. GizmoVR incorporates integrated onlin...

GizmoVR by Explorer
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9 Days with a Quest 1 and v23 Link - a Short Story!

After spending 9 days with my Quest 1 with V23 (Quest and PV) I came to the conclusion that while the v23 (Quest and PC) update is very good it still does not perform as well with PCVR as my dedicated Rift cv1 with 2.0 SS imho.While Link v23 has impr...

Vidéo de démo dans appli oculus

Depuis que j’ai iphone12, je n’arrive plus a voir les petites vidéos de démo pour choisir un jeu... la vidéo commence 2 secondes et l’écran devient noir ??!!!Que faire ?

cm81 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link cable recommendation?

Hi, all. I'm new to Oculus and thanks for taking time for some basic questions.I'm looking for a good Oculus Link cable, 1p or 3p. The 1p one in Oculus store is fairly expensive and no discount. But I see there are merchants selling it too: Walmart, ...

Family Sharing

Hi. I just ordered two Quest 2 headsets. I would like to play games together with my daughter. Do I need to buy two copies of each games or is there a way to share? I would like to play the games together so it has to run on both headsets at the same...

skhaw by Honored Guest
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Bright blurry line when backlight is on

Hi everybody,I’m experiencing a tedious issue with my brand new Oculus Quest: as soon as the back light turns on, a bright blurry white/green line appears on the right-center of the screen.I’ve tried to replicate the issue by manually editing a snaps...

dfbdetl1tvwb.jpeg u605qsgd75eg.jpeg b178x5hwiezf.jpeg
PDT1969 by Honored Guest
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Right Touch battery dead, Left Touch battery still FULL?

I got my touch controllers at launch and I've been using the included AA batteries. Last week the right touch controller stopped working and I noticed it's battery was completely dead, while the left hand controller still has full power left in the b...

Nausea Tip for VR Gamers: Ginger Root Slices with Lime!

As a new VR gamer I experienced some nausea and then I remembered that ginger can help with nausea. (Like ginger ale on a long trip/flight.) So I bought some ginger root, cut up some thin slices (it's very spicy). Then I added a bit of sliced lime to...

Give us the option to gift games through Oculus home.

Can we please get the option to gift games to others in OH? If a timeframe must be entered so be it. There is no refund option, and I have things I will never play and would prefer to give away. I paid for Adrift but I will NEVER play it again becaus...

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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3070 and 6800xt incompatible

Both amd and nvidia new videocard are hard to buy, a few months it will be easier to buy.Now oculus rift and reverb g2 are incompatible with these new videocard.Could it be the videocard is hard to buy because its incompatible? Maybe why they're dela...

About that discount code

To redeem your code, head to the Oculus store and add any app to your cart. When you're checking out, select the option to "Add Promo Code" before you click "Purchase." Enter your code above, click "Apply" and complete your purchase with your promoti...

sosiouxme by Honored Guest
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Can Koreans request RMA if the Quest 2 is not working?

I live in South Korea but there is no Amazon and no Oculus branch in South Korea.However, Oculus homepage and Amazon U.S. ship Quest2 directly to Korea.Can Quest 2 directly shipped from Amazon U.S. to South Korea also request RMA through Oculus websi...

KOOAA by Honored Guest
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Can I sell my OCULUS GO with all purchased games ?

HiI just got myself a gift, a Quest 2 for Christmas. I really think I'm going to sell my old GO, and since there is no compatibility between libraries, it would be nice to sell it, together with all the games I've bought.A while ago, when prompted, I...

New User Tips

Hi all,New user here! Anybody got any hints and tips to get the best experince out of my Occulus Quest 2?Setup, Installation, recommended programs (1st or 3rd party!) anything really!

NvORX by Honored Guest
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Need recommendation on a set-up, if it's even possible

Hello, thanks in advance and please let me know if this post should go elsewhere.I know basically nothing about VR. What I would like to do is set up a headset so that the person wearing it can see what another person is filming, live. For example, o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Universal windows platform - Avatar Development

Hi, We are developing universal windows application with oculus avatar development whenever validating the app certification it shows the api test failed because of the libovravatar.dll file. I have attached the screenshot of the error. Please let me...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Facebook/Oculus. - missed opportunity

I play way to much Dota 2. There is an amazing amount of things you can buy and earn in that game to customize the experience. Valve (Dota) doesn't make all of the items, they are made through tools provided by Valve, approved, then sold on the marke...

Why the quest 2 can be a huge upgrade for many people.

I understand that some people have big problems with their quest 2 for reasons we have all seen posted but for me and many other people it is a huge upgrade. I have felt like that for the last few days. Playing wirelessly with virtual desktop for me ...

inovator2 by Expert Protege
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When will Facebook decide to ship to the rest of the world?

Why only to 23 countries currently?When will they open up to the rest of the world? And if they ever will know...things like nuclear winter or solar flares make all this tech frolicsomeness obsolete anyway.And why is it that Facebook, su...

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