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Defenseless when immersed in VR

I think it's an issue that when you're immersed in VR you are vulnerable to not only the world outside VR but also to the world inside VR :I don't feel at ease using the rift when I'm around people that I don't 100% trust because you're essentially b...

Unoffficial DK2 Shipping Update Whining Forum

Please post here if you need to whine, complain or rant about your DK2 not being shipped yet.Don't clutter the Official DK2 Shipping Update (Sept 12th 2014) thread. It's difficult to find useful information for the rest of us. 

How do I enable Direct Mode on DK1?

This may seem like a really dumb question, and I can't find an answer to it - probably because the answer is so obvious, no one ever asks for it... :oops: But what is 'direct mode' and how do I use it on the DK1?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Windows 9 Developer Preview.. anyone on-board?

Windows 9 developer preview is being shown off on Tuesday, 30-Sept.. does anyone have plans on putting together a developer workbench to test the developer preview when it comes out shortly after? I am interested in seeing if there is a performance i...

Stan Lee on Subway demo?

Is it just me or do others think that on the Subway demo Stan Lee is sitting at the back and the bloke lying down on the seat looks a little like Nathan Drake?Probably been mentioned before but I just played it then.

Gruntis by Level 2
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dectivate tripple buffer for much better performance!

Hi guys, this is probably old news to some of you, but it helped me a lot so I thought I´d share. After watching Carmacks opening talk, I stumbled upon the fact that he mentioned the triple buffering causing problems on mobile VR. Afterwards I checke...

PC Advice for VR

Hey, all. Just a small-time enthusiast just getting into the business and I was hoping for some advice. I'm saving up for a new PC and wanted your thoughts on what the most critical components are needed for VR.If I had to choose only a few component...

Gherron by Level 4
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Could VR use it's own programming language?

After hearing the Jonathan Blow talk about games having their own programming language, it got me thinking could VR be an ideal candidate for the development of a new programming language.I think a language that provided features to allow easy multi-...

Arowx by Level 3
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Getting a taste of VR?

Whats a cheap way to test out vr? I been thinking about the cheap vr viewer that uses my iphone 5s, but is there a cheaper way? I don't want to order an OR and then not like it.

oculus partnerships with nasa

James Cameron has worked with NASA in order to put a3d camera on the next mars roverI propose to put a 3d Camera on the rocket launcher of the next mars missionAnd of course with it with an oculus headset

aminemo by Level 3
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My Short term memory in the Rift is rubbish

HelloHere's an odd one for you guys. I am wondering if anyone else finds that their short term memory turns to rat-s**t when they are rifting?Its becoming more and more common that I will be playing a game, and some piece of info is given to me, or I...

Lots of Demos/Apps?

It's getting hard to keep track of which demo/app needs which mode - extended or direct.I'm sure others already figured this out but I've just been appending an X or a D to the shortcut icon name so it makes it easy to know instead of trying to launc...

Cooling mod

Hi All,I tested some cooling ideas on my DK1 and had some surprising results. I've linked some pictures and results below. I plan on more testing and will post the findings.

The DK2 Appreciation thread! :)

 A positive thread, and a genuine one at that, which is also my sort of 'review' of the DK2 after spending 5 magical days with it so far...Having tried a lot of demos since getting my DK2 last Friday I have come to appreciate many things about it. W...

I can only see the demo.

hello I've got a problem. I can only see the demo (Oculus World Demo). I followed the manual but the lenses do not show anything. What am I doing wrong? Looks like something is missing to make the lenses kindle...Thanks

pedrw by Level 5
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Video card - Minimum Requirements Dk2 - for poor people

I need to upgrade my GTS250 before my Dk2 arrives but since I'm a parent with 2 kids in college I can't just go out and buy a GTX 980 or 970 or a 780ti, What would be my minimum that wont want to make me throw up every time I use the Dk2? I prefer th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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developpepent of telepresence in space exploration

I think that oculus could propose to develop telepresence tools for NASA space ingenieurs.They could integrate many 3D cameras inside the NASA space ships and allow millions of peoples to follow the entire space missions.

aminemo by Level 3
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X-Plane and oculus API problems

Reading the comments it looks like things are looking brighter at least  many of you are aware, we have been showing custom versions of X-Plane with support for the Oculus Rift...

bar10dr by Level 2
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Need advice on a graphics card upgrade

I have an Alienware x51 PC and would like to upgrade the graphics card in it.Before anyone asks, I got an Alienware a while back because at the time I didn't know how to go about building a good gaming pc, and it was a really good deal on eBay. I kno...

Presence on the DK2

Is it possible to achieve presence on the DK2? If so what demos are best at it?

dkellitt by Level 2
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Thankyou Oculus

I don't see many people talking positively lately about their early experiences with the rift DK2. So to counter some of the doom and gloom, I just wanted to say thanks.I got mine up and running yesterday, after moderate fiddling, I've had some of th...

Lost as to what I should do, get oculus or wait? I am a dev.

I have an oppertunity to order a oculus dk2. Not sure if I should wait. A) I think it would be a while before id see it evenb) Is the consumer model going to be cheaper? and vastly improved?c) I am a unity developer but currently oculus requires full...

codejoy by Level 2
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most demos dont work, devs look at ocean rift & LFS

just saying, most of the dk2 demos don't launch properly. i would say 90% don't setup display resolution correctly when direct to rift. and if you launch the exe it just goes to the main display. if you setup the rift as primary display prepare for a...

ddoom by Level 2
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trademark question

Can I use the word "Rift" as part of my application's name, or is that forbidden?

Rockstar Prepairing For Future GTA V VR Support?

Hi All,Rockstar have announced that GTA V on the PC will have a proper first person view on foot/in vehicles: was thinking that ma...

ZaineUK by Level 3
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