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tracking hands with dk2 IR camera

I wander if it is possible to track your hands with the oculus dk2 IR camera.

aminemo by Level 3
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DK2 + GTX770 - Your Nvidia control panel settings?

Hi everyone,could someone kindly post its preferred/optimal DK2 settings as they appears in "Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings" for a GTX770 graphic card?I've updated drivers to 340.52, but I'm still trying to solve some performance issues: t...

poxa by Level 2
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Help Extended Mode cause desktop and monitor to stop

Hi,Every time I try to switch to extended mode my Desktop crashes by that I mean all icons disappear expect for my Desktop background image and when I click alt + ctrl + delete then the monitor goes completely black . Everything was working fine prev...

Are Oculus apps rendering at correct resolution?

This is in regards to what I'll describe as "third party" apps, rather than the stuff we're building ourselves. I'm talking about existing games or experiences that support the Rift, things like Elite: Dangerous, Euro Truck Simulator 2, or Rift-exclu...

How do you hook up HAWKEN with Oculus

So the game I want to play the most with Oculus is HAWKEN. However, I have tried extended display mode and direct to HMD mode and nothing works. I have the DK2 and have heard that its not up to par with DK2 but cant the DK2 still work with games that...

New 980 build

Specifically ordered for VR development and demonstration I've just put in my order for this. crossed it crushes everything that it meets 

RoyMi6 by Level 2
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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy for PC! Want VorpX support!

So apparently it was announced by Square Enix that the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy will release on PC, with Final Fantasy XIII to release this coming October 9th, and the other 2 following in 2015 on PC.I know Final Fantasy XIII wasn't a great game co...

Cloud87 by Level 2
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Oculus Connect and gender/"color" ratio

So, I organized an enthusiast Oculus Connect Kickoff dinner and I attend the Connect, and I read through a whole bunch of tweets. There are 2 things that really disturb me related to this:A) women whining about the fact that there are not so many wom...

SMaton by Level 2
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Nvidia Maxwell Information Today?

Sounds like we're going to hear about Nvidia Maxwell today from John Carmack.From Doc Oculus' blog: are indications that we’ll likely get to see new hardware tomorrow– at least inputs, perhaps an updated HMD protot...

Oculus Connect - Unofficial Pre & Post Conference Activities

Many of us will be arriving earlier or will be staying for a bit after the conference. Here is a list of things we could do together Santa Monica PierWhat to bring: CameraHollyridge Trail Hikebased on this website:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Any opinions on Headsets ?

Wanna get a headset for VRChat and voice attack. I want it to be able to work wireless and wired. Would love a detachable mic so i can use them as a music headset too. Also, blocking external sounds will be important to me too.So anyone got anything ...

Iccanui by Level 4
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New Nvidia cards dedicated VR support, what about the old?

So Nvidia have announced their new Maxwell graphics cards will have dedicated VR support including the ability to SLI cards. What does this mean for anyone with anything older? I have a 780 ti and was hoping that would suffice for at least a few year...

dkellitt by Level 2
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whirlpool bathtub

A whirlpool bathtub is a self-contained, jetted tub which is used to relax and massage tired muscles. There are two types of whirlpool tubs - air jet tubs and water jet tubs. Although they function in different ways, both kinds of tubs serve the same...

huda by Level 2
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Disable Headtracking

Is it possible to disable all headtracking and positional tracking? so that it affects all every application you run?Some demos have options to disable and some do not, is it possible via config utility or something similar.Thanks.

kfciggy by Level 2
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VR future good for reality?

Hey guys I wander if once our HMD reaches 4k resolution and 180 degrees of FOV and we start to make virtual tours and eat virtual food will we still need the real world then ?Will we need to pay taxes to our governement in order to allows us to enter...

aminemo by Level 3
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placed an order for a rift but

I placed an order, double checked my information CC, email etc was correct, agreed to the terms of understanding what the product ishowever I got no payment confirmation number or order number, I figured if I correctly placed the order I should get a...

StCecil by Level 2
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4K Samsung Screen

Apologies if this was covered earlier, but given that Samsung has announced that they will be shipping 4K screens in 2015 (at their analyst day few weeks ago) is there any sort of consensus as to whether these screens will make it to CV1?And before i...

pi79 by Level 2
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Should I upgrade to a gtx 970 due to electricity bills ?

Hi I have a r9 290 tri x oc card which is a decent card but I know it uses a bit if juice so should I sell and upgrade due to electricity bills in the future ?, I game about 10 hours per week if that helps. Thanks

PIM1 by Level 2
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GeForce 980 (for DK2) - which brand to buy ?

Hi,So after spraying some WD-40 on my old GeForce 580 (don't ask, thought I grabbed the dust-cleaner-spray without looking  ) ...anywayyyyyy - I've been waiting for Nvidia to announce the new 800 900 series.So now that they have - I really need to g...

SilverVR by Level 2
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VrCinema in dk 2?

HI thereJust got my new DK2 glasses and right away i wanted to try Vrcinema - i cant get the darn thing to go to the glasses.. Any good advice?Thanks a million Cheers Poul

Albino Lullaby Demo

A pretty nice demo of this game, not long till the kickstarter ends. Hopefully this game gets funded. Heres a link, give the demo a try, it's worth it.

Hello, I'm new. Where should I start?

I come from a creative coding background with some experience in areas such as CSound, Max/MSP, and Front-End Development. My intention is to now learn C/C++ or not. Don't know if I _really_ need to. That's why I'm here.Eventually I'd like to learn t...