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Arrange for demonstration

Dear Sir/Madam,I would like to arrange for a Oculus demonstration to my boss, in Taichung or Taipei.We are architect company in Taiwan for high end residential home. We are interested in thinking about virtual visit of home as virtual showroom.Possib...

No Power and Runtime File is "Bad"?

A couple questions from a newb. Just got my DK2 today and have ran into a couple problems setting things up. The answers are probably obvious and I'm just missing something, so apologies in advance if these have been asked before.First, I canot seem ...

Skavage by Level 2
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Oculus VR India Community

If you are from India and interested in vr development or working on the same please join the following group : we could interact and share ideas about the same. Thanks!

2600th by Level 2
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[Petition] Australian/NZ DK2 Customers!

Australian and New Zealand DK2 customers, by now we are all sick of being kept in the dark. We have seen a couple of brief updates on the forum from cybereality, however these updates have not shed any light or given any closure on the situation with...

xSile by Level 2
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Dear Oculus Thank You

Dear oculus .. thank you very much for ur support to all the developers out there who want to use the oculus rifttoday my dk2 will arrive at my door after getting extra 185$ out of my pocket...thanks to your generous shipping and help when i have wen...

ramen by Level 2
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I'm looking for a video footage from 90's. VR +arachnophobia

HiI remember watching some TV program, it probably was "Beyond 2000". It was probably around a year 1998, but I might be wrong. It just as well could be 1995 or 2002.They were helping some woman fight her fear of spiders, by using VR.What I remember:...

Nose comfort

If, like me, you have a proud, Roman nose (big) you might find that the Oculus design very unforgiving.Try this: cut a square of the white packing foam that comes with the DK2 and stick it into the nose-rest with double-sided. The foam is just the ri...

jipsom by Level 2
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unable to open files

hello i am new to the vr game trying to do some testing i was wiondering if anybody can tell me why i can not open the runtime sdk file 0.4.2 file everytime i try to open it to install it says unable to find software to install do i need a different ...

I found 75Hz indistinguishable from reality

I finally got a chance to try the Rift on a computer fast enough to run it at a solid 75 FPS, unlike my computer's normal 25 FPS.And the 75Hz low persistence mode with timewarp was perfect. I couldn't tell any difference from reality in terms of the ...

2EyeGuy by Level 5
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Status on "Expected to begin shipping in August" orders?

I ordered my Rift in June, and I was told on the order page, that my rift was expected to ship in august 2014.Now it's September 1, and my order has still not been shipped!! It would be verry nice to get an update - not a personal one, but just a ge...

Baever by Level 2
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Games not showing on both devices?

With the DK1 I could have everything I played or did on the oculus show on my montior as well, so when for example showing it to someone I could see what they were doing. With the DK2 I have found a very limited amount of games or demos that allowed ...

Downgrade firmware

Hi,Could anyone upload the 2.11 or guide me where to find it? Couldnt find it anywhere with google... i guess its easier to downgrade then to fiddle with every demo around until it works as smooth as before.Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift not detected as display

Can anyone please help.My rift was working fine, but my computer decided to have other issues and I have had to re format and start from scratch on win 7 x64 again.Rift was working fine before but I am having issues now with a fresh install.I have up...

pewzie by Level 2
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Temple of Merk DK2 Review

Hi AllSorry its been almost a week since our last video, such a busy week here with work. Please let me know if you prefer our videos in SBS Rift view or single screen like shown below. We are just trying to change the format a bit to make it accessi...

Help please! having some issues with my DK2..

I got my rift DK2 today and im having some issues with it :- the rift is not getting detected by windows (7 64 bit) as a 2nd screen only when im forcing it by pressing the "detect" button (in right click->screen resolution),- the only demo that works...

I am not a clone.

I am not a clone, I am Oculus DK2.You cannot clone me as I am not a clone. I am non-clone-able.If you wish to watch me outside of the Rift, then just fumble with OBS or die.So what am I?---------------------------Useless?--------“not really”, !! “Jus...

I might have to get contacts now.

I take off my glasses when using the Rift, as I do when using binoculars or telescope or camera view finder. But of course then when I remove the HMD, I can't see the keyboard or monitor.  And it seems like doing any development or even simple setup...

Vilar by Level 2
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Nvidia Moves to block the Note 4 in US this article when I came home after work. Would that also mean by definition, that the Samsung Gear VR would be targeted? Torn here, because I l...

oculus rift plug plug and play criticism

Well there are mainly two things I think can improve the oculus rift experienceFirst I think there is to many cables on the rift and sometimes I feelI am something like the predatorThat s actualy not the consumer product the final prototype will have...

aminemo by Level 3
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Carboard vs Oculus DK2

I have a Google Cardboard kit and am enjoying it, however it's a little fidgety on the head tracking and the 1080p screen is still very pixely. It also doesn't seem very immersive as I can't see any edges. I was just wondering if the DK2 is night and...

miyal22 by Level 2
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Freaked out on Cyberspace

Today I tried to match my arm position up with the avatars arms in cyberspace and at first it didn't seem to work. But then all of a sudden, I got the right spot and it was like slipping my arms into gloves. Suddenly the arms in the game felt like my...

How to disable mirroring with 4.2 runtime in UE4 apps?

After updating to the 4.2 runtime, it appears that all UE4 direct-to-rift demos automatically mirror the Rift's display on the primary monitor. I'm fairly certain this is causing me performance issues in certain situations, so I'm going there's a way...

The one game I wish for with the rift in mind

Just can't get it out my brain at how amazing it would be if there was a n64 emulator fir the rift and we could play goldeneye 64 in the rift. I know it's am old old game but it still stands the test of time in my eyes even today I still play it on m...

No Device Attached

Hi guys. I received my Oculus Rift yesterday, but am having problems getting it recognised by anything in Windows.It's odd as when my PC boots up, I get an orange light on the Rift, but when Windows kicks in the light disappears and nothing happens. ...

AMD Crossfire and DK2

Hi there,I would like to share my experiences with running DK2 with crossfire enabled.I am using Clevo P370em laptop with Intel i7-3740QM processor, 8GB ram and 2x AMD 7970m graphic cards (latest 14.7 beta drivers).So far I have been using DK2 with c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Import/Customs Charges Query

Hello there,I was just curious could anyone answer the following for me.Basically I live in Ireland and I know I am probably not going to receive my rift for a while. But just curious, does anyone know will there be any additional charges related to ...