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Im messing around with upscaling. Now I have my monitor upscaled from 1080p to 2560. From 60htz to 75htz and not only does it give 75fps with vsync on but provides a sharper image. So I thought to try and upscale the rift just with resolution nothing...

Weekend Deal - Assetto Corsa, 50% Off!!!!

if Asseto Corsa does get DK2 support, I suggest getting it now. 50% is a BARGAIN!! *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

Anonymous by Not applicable
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An in-depth analysis of the current state of virtual reality

(My original article was on Reddit, I just thought to post it here for the people who do not use it)To the developers, enthusiasts, consumers and the Oculus team.I have received my rift several days ago and I have been excessively tinkering, reviewin...

arman64 by Level 2
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Display game content for others to watch

I am using the rift in extended mode because direct causes aweful jitter. Just wondering if it is possible to display 2 outputs of the game with the rift such that the rift wearer can play the game but those around them can view it on a monitor? Of c...

Squiggs by Level 2
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How many people know about the Oculus Rift?

I'm just curious if most of the general public know about the Oculus Rift, since i'm always to busy though exercising with the internet I wouldn't really know, so if I go up to so random person would they most likely know about it?

How old is everyone on this board?

I wanted to get an idea of the age range of people who will be queuing up to buy the rift before it hits mainstream.Is anyone as young as 14-17 aware of it? They'll need money to upgrade their PC. On the other hand anyone here over 50?I am 28. How ol...

Rishi851 by Level 2
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For Info: Changing UK UPS Delivery Address

Hi VR Chaps / ChapessesThought this might be useful to others. I have my Rift being shipped to my work address, as way back when placing the order that's where I was most likely to be However I am actually going to be on leave next week, and so I wa...

PS3 controller

Since I'm expecting my rift on monday  quick question:Can I use a ps3 controller with the rift?

order canceled ???????????????

someone took over my gmail account got a refund from oculus then tryed to take the cash from my paypal account  by luck paypal cancled it anyone know how to get in touch with support on here cant get back into my old gmail to check order

Alirfc3 by Level 2
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Video Card Question

I understand that the recommended minimum is a GTX 770, but is anyone who currently has their DK2 getting decent performance on a 750 ti or 760? I'm not looking for hyper-realistic graphics, but I'm hoping I can run the demos at a consistent 75 Hz wi...

sbf0202 by Level 2
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Something weird in the Rift..

I've noticed since I've had my rift "3 months" that no matter what demo I try I always get like a split between the eyes where they converge together to create one image. Now the 3D is great, I enjoy every demo I try. I just notice like a tear in my ...

Possible judder fix for users with multiple GPU:s

I had issues with some demos and games causing juddering. I was able to fix these issues by changing DK2 to primary display. However this fix was quite troublesome since stuff on the desktop tends to move in to the rift when you make it the primary d...

mdk by Level 2
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Racing / Space Simulators + Data Gloves

What you think?Data Gloves``````````PERCEPTION NEURON VR````Project C...

How to display Oculus content on primary display?

I just got my DK2 and have noticed that nearly all supported apps go directly to the Rift and continue to display the desktop on my primary display. Is there a way I can also have the image on my primary display? I'd prefer if it would be possible to...

Running DK2 on Mac Mini, issue

Hi, i'm well aware to begin with, that my Mac is not up to running proper software for DK2. My specs are:2.5GHz Intel Core i54GB 1600 MHz DDR3Intel HD4000I am able to run the Config Demo just fine. It runs well except that there is an odd judder as I...

STW by Level 3
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NETFLIX and the Oculus Rift?!

Pretty cool IMHO.;utm_campaign=profeed

Kel by Level 3
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can't toggle Direct Display Mode

Hey,ive used the search engine but didnt find any thread - (if you search for direct display mode you find tousands of threads.)the thing is - i cant switch the display modes - its just "greyed out" like you can see in the picture...has anybody got t...

arcon by Level 3
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Getting Low Persistence

Ok I didn't want to make a post but I need help with this I've been searching for past hour and can't find anything.I've got the Dev Kit 2 running in extended mode for the desk scene (bloody amazing!) as when I use direct mode the config utility does...

DK2 Complaints... The Light Side...

A friend sent this to me today and I have no idea if it is really true or just typical Internet fodder. But I did think it was kind of applicable here and pretty funny. You'll see why as you read.  THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY "THOMAS COO...

1st Day Issues... Staying Positive!

Hey Guys,Got my rift 2 days ago and was going to try out Elite and do some testing with it in my game last night but initial setup wasn't too smooth unfortunately. I expected this naturally and I'm not upset, I just want to move forward I can get a g...

Stryker by Level 2
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Sdk Install issue

Hi, newb here trying to figure this out. I got my DK2 today and went to install SDK and runtime. Downloaded sdk .4.1, unzipped and found there is nothing to install. Troubleshooting says I should have subfolders:3rdParty Doc Firmware LibOVR LibOVR/In...

DK2 and old hardware

Going to be getting mine soon and curious if anyone has run it on older hardware?Besides my normal newer gaming rig, I also have an old machine running Win8 Pro with:Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.4GHzATI Radeon HD 2600XT 512MbNo way no day, or possibly?

shonuff by Level 2
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Get Paid by Facebook to find DK2 bugs?

Could be pretty lucrative for those a little more technically inclined than myself:

Psycold by Level 2
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Wiping my PC - reinstall Windows 7x64 or buy Windows 8.1

While waiting for the DK2 to arrive I will be reformatting my PC so it's fresh and clean and less likely to have software conflicts with the 3D goodness.I already have Windows 7 x64 but I was wondering if there's any advantage to installing Windows 8...

fudspong by Level 3
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$800 build for DK2 - Thoughts?

Hey guys,Trying to build a PC for the DK2 on a budget. Got about $800 to work with here (I plan to do some upgrading down the road for CV1, maybe an i7 and a Geforce 780ti with a better mobo, etc)Here's my current build idea:

Age or intellect limits for virtual reality?

I couldn't find any topic about this subject yet and if one already exists....sorry :geek: I (30 years) was wondering if there is or will be certain limits for a minimum and/or maximum age for using technology like the OR? This even goes for intellec...

Gamedise by Level 2
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