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Does Sweet FX make thing look better in DevKit 2?

I was just wondering if you can get SweetFX, to make things look better inl DevKit 2? I use SweetFX for lots of my games and it makes such a huge difference to how my games look. So, I'm just curious if anyones tinkered with it in in the DevKit?Here ...

Fazz by Honored Visionary
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Dk2 1440p

anyone tried to upscaling?

punk3r by Honored Guest
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DLLs for SDK 0.4.1

If anyone is interested, I built DLLs for x86 and x86_64 here: file also includes example C code for loading the library dynamically at runtime (just use d_ovr_* and d_ovrHmd_...

We're getting close to a major GPU power breakthrough

A few things have been said already about NVlink, nvidia roadmaps, Pascal, etc.Now I wanted to know a little bit more, and came to find a couple of videos that explain further.I got excited so I post them.Rob Farber. This man is a genius.This clip go...

zdaniel by Honored Guest
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Realistic or cartoonish graphics?

Which do you prefer?On DK1 i myself prefer more cartoonish graphics because its more clear to watch and actually feels more like being in the world than realistic. Not too cartoonish thought, but something in middle of cartoonish and realistic.A good...

rollez by Honored Guest
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Real question about DK2

In real autocross you get the feel of the G's. You can tell when there is slip and grip. With the HMD is it all hype after a while? Like a stationary seat and nothing else but feedback feel.. does it get stupid after a while?

AntDX316 by Honored Guest
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CV1 Release?

Hi everyone!Im from Argentina and I would like to know if there is a estimate release date for the concumer version. Any news?

imag98 by Honored Guest
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4D RPG Turn Based VR experiences. DOTA?

Hey Forum,thinking out loud here....A 4D RPG turn based VR experience would be like taking the classic turn based gameplay and applying it to a virtual amphitheater, where 3D characters would battle it out on a virtual stage, PvP style two competitor...

cubytes by Protege
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Buying from resellers

It obviously isnt allowed to sell them, but...- Is it allowed to buy them?- What about warranty?- Can i have a cookie?I wasnt prepared to get sucked into the OR world, and having to wait till October now makes me impatient. 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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DK2, any way to output to both the rift and the monitor?

So I work for a public library system here in Colorado and we have DK1s at all of our branches for the public to try out and experience. Since they output to both the monitor and the rift, it makes it very nice and easy to "demo" to a crowd. One pers...

Albino Lullaby VR Horror Preview

Hi All, Check this out. It's currently on Kickstarter. Also I recommend looking at the kickstarter for the pooch  Game details here Link https://www.kicks...

WhelanWeb by Honored Guest
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Can not change or check refresh rate for Oculus Rift DK2

A strange thing, I cannot change the refresh rate of the DK2, under windows screen settings with the rift in extended mode it is recognised as Rift DK2 max res is 1920x1080 but when I right click on display 2 and go to properties all the options to c...

OR DK2 Doesn't Stay On?

Have gotten my Oculus Rift DK2 device today, and have set it up by following the quick start instructions, but upon connecting the headset's USB cable to my PC, the headset powers on (blue light) but then 2 seconds later powers off. I have tired the ...

X99, DDR4 and Haswell-E Rumored Aug 29 Release

Just came across this rumor... it's the second article from the top under the one about the Witcher 3 bundle. I was about to build a Z97 system but if this is true, good chance I'll wait the extra 2 weeks.

Stryker by Honored Guest
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FPV goggles project

Hi there;I have noticed that Oculus can be used as First Person View goggles that become very popular among RC models flying Multicopters and planes , cars with cameras attached on these unmanned vehicles. Drones or UAV require to be controlled in li...

ladislav by Honored Guest
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OculusVR at Gamescom 2014

Greetings from Cologne, Germany.Anybody else have visited the Oculus booth at Gamescom? I've been there today and was totally impressed by the DK2 Demo. Its a little bit uncomfortable with glasses but not as much as i thought. The level of immersion ...

m4niac by Honored Guest
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Antialiasing/Scene Rendering Question

Ok, so first of all let me say I'm not a developer so if this is obvious or really misguided (aka WRONG). Don't bite my head off. I feel like I'm about to sound like one of those crazy people I see on the forum all the time who just have no idea what...

Halopend by Explorer
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Low level hardware and wire protocol documentation?

This is mostly a question for Team Oculus: Are there any plans for, or internal rationales against writing down the format of the wire protocols (i.e. the USB HID commands / frames used) used for talking to the hardware and some low level hardware do...

datenwolf by Honored Guest
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vorpx or tridef?

Which one would you current rift owners recommend and that has the most support?

Riftology by Honored Guest
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anyone see this yet? Kinda cool, can't wait till the oculus has this haha


I just got done with a VR Meetup at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver. The attendance was great, the demo's were amazing and the speakers were wonderful!All in all, I can sum it up by saying that I have zero doubt that VR has arrived!Now I'm very fortunate that ...

TheVWW by Explorer
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SteamVR CS:GO?

Ok so does CS:GO work with dk2 since the update?What all games work now? I know HL2 ep1 and ep2

dk2 arrived!!! Can someone help me to install sdk..I have no

Hi can some one tell me step by step how to get the rift to work.:). I have the new 4.1 but when I extract the file I get punch of useless files...what do I have to do to get the dk2 started....I have no idea what iam doing (i have no exoerience in t...

MMMM by Honored Guest
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DK2 DirectToRift using AMD Graphics Cards

So, to give some backstory, I got my Oculus Rift DK2 2 days ago. As I expected, it took over an hour to just get things going. Apparently, it's a ' known ' issue that AMD cards will not work with DirectToRift ( I have tested this first-hand, and none...

DK2 Shipped! Ordered March 29th from USA

This morning, I had a surprise that I wasn't expecting. I got my shipping notification! I ordered March 29th from USA. I was really not expecting this until late next week.

Head-aiming in FPS - how bad is it really?

Just a brief question to those with first-hand experience: how does the Rift hold up in FPS games where vision and aiming are not decoupled? This seems to be the case with most driver modifications, possibly also the official Source variant (though I...

If you receive an update 12/08/2014 tell us here!

Myself and potentially many others are stuck behind proxies at work where we can access this site but not our emails, and so we cannot refresh our account page all day to check for the anticipated Tuesday update, so please, if you receive an order up...

Simpanra by Honored Guest
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Quick question.

Hi all. I opened the box and i am wondering what to do with this little camera thing. What is it for?

Las3r by Honored Guest
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Cleaning DK2 Lenses...

Hey guys,Just checked out Nikon Lens Cleaning Cloths and they work great. The cloth even seems a bit softer than the Zeiss lens wipes. These are disposable, single-use cloths and seem to clean great and with a soft touch shouldn't scratch.Amazon has ...

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