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Project Morpheus Dinosaur demo at E3?

Sony had a picture of a Jurassic demo at their press conference. I assumed it would be playable at the show. Has anyone seen or heard anything about it? I can't find anything.

Oculus 3D Viewer

hi Guys, I'm looking for a tool to view 3D files (.OBJ with texture maps) that's compatible with the Rift. Something like MeshLab would be awesome.I've written some UDK stuff and imported my OBJ files and that 'works'... I guess. But it's really clun...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Just got my dev kit!

Hi Everyone!I just received my dev kit yesterday. I am so excited about the possibilities of Oculus. My name is David Hensley, I'm a developer at Tripwire Interactive(Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm). I purchased the dev kit for personal ...

VR Cinema update kinda

hey guys like myself i know a few of you are wondeing what the vr cinema dk2 release is up tooi emailed the guy directly from his uxground website and this is the replyJoohyung AnAug 6 (8 days ago)to me Thank you for email.The update will take some m...

Multiple graphic cards?

Bear with me as I have never needed to set something like this up...So we know that the Rift does not play nice with SLI, so is there a way, with three graphic cards (say, the gtx 880ti's), to set 2 of them up into SLI to run non-VR applications, and...

Interview with Palmer up on Kotaku

Hey Guys, didn't see a thread about this but pretty cool interview with Palmer up on Kotaku. Though he is saying that OVR wants to sell these through their website and not retail, I found that really odd. Hopefully they can meet the CV1 demand and ha...

Stryker by Honored Guest
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How to edit chromatic aberration for gameplays?

HiI'm sure many of you have the same question as me - how do we remove the chroatic aberration to record on youtube?Is there some filter we can pass over the footage or overlay both screens, etc. to eliminate/ reduce this?Sad to see it is not as stra...

RockOn1m1 by Honored Guest
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Unreal games????

Do I need to download something from Unreal to get some of the games made with unreal to work?I frequently get missing .dll's when trying to run unreal demos.Thanks

FALSE by Honored Guest
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Vanguard V - Not getting the attention this game deserves?

They didn't do themselves a favor by setting such an insanely high goal, but if you can ignore that, I think the project is still worth backing. I've been testing out various DK2 ready demos, backing several Kickstarters, etc - many of which are gett...

HDMI Barriers 1.3 / 1.4 & 90hz CV1 implications / Timewarp

With the assumption that CV1 will be around 1440p (or close via a slightly custom panel) at 90hz Can HDMI drive this? 1.3 looks like a no-go and see conflicting reports on 1.4 while 2.0 is not real...

Graphics card FPS survey for Elite Dangerous

Considering what I've read about SLI and rift latency (and considering many other gripes I have with SLI), I'm deciding to upgrade my graphics card. I'll be owning Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. So my question to anyone running the DK2 (I ordered ...

jkstorm75 by Honored Guest
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i don't want to be that guy!

Now I know most shipments will be delivered during august which is fine but at the rate if the shipments atm inbelive over half will arrive in September including mine!bi don't know if its just me but that is too late forbmine and probably anyones li...

4k samsung screens 2015

Put it straight in the Rift

DK2 Hardware Hack to make the IPD adjustable

Hi,this is for the people which have problems with the fixed IPD of the DK2 - you know how annoying this is.I have found a workaround to make the IPD of the rift adjustable.My IPD is 71mm :shock: and the default IPD of the DK2 is very uncomfortable t...

juergen2 by Honored Guest
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How to protect and care for your DK2

I have put together this blog post to help give DK2 owners some tips on protecting their units - with a focus on lenses. If you have any other recommendations let me know and I can add them in.

MegaStegz by Honored Guest
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Head orientation for disabled developer?

Hey everyone! I have a friend who is an awesome gamer and developer. He has a disability and plays games laying down and this is also how he accesses his computer. Is there a way to orientate the Oculus to simulate sitting up while he is laying down?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I don't wanna be that guy... but my plan has been ruined

I was planning on updating my old desktop setup in may 2015 expecting to get the most out of my money to play the VR dream with the CV1. Hopefuly at a more affordable price (maybe graphics cards price lowered and so on). But yesterday my 6870 HD died...

NoxWings by Explorer
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Flip Screen

Hello everyone I have a problem I bought DK 2, when I connect the computer development kit2, kit View Flip It happens to connect two computers that I have Anyone here can help? And another question, dk2 development kit also old games work? Or need sp...

edendjs by Honored Guest
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Our Full Oculus DK2 Review is finally here

Hi AllIts been a while coming but we hope you enjoy. Please let us know your thoughts good or bad, we are always eager for feedback.Note: All event footage and photos are property of Oculus VR, hope they don't mind.

WhelanWeb by Honored Guest
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DK2 FOV downgrade from DK1?

Sorry if there is already a topic for this that I couldn't find from doing a search, but I was wondering if the downgrade in the Field of View from the DK1 to the DK2 should be of any concern?The DK1 states a Field of View of 110 degrees and the DK2 ...

jrd3d by Explorer
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Does Sweet FX make thing look better in DevKit 2?

I was just wondering if you can get SweetFX, to make things look better inl DevKit 2? I use SweetFX for lots of my games and it makes such a huge difference to how my games look. So, I'm just curious if anyones tinkered with it in in the DevKit?Here ...

Fazz by Honored Visionary
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Dk2 1440p

anyone tried to upscaling?

punk3r by Honored Guest
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DLLs for SDK 0.4.1

If anyone is interested, I built DLLs for x86 and x86_64 here: file also includes example C code for loading the library dynamically at runtime (just use d_ovr_* and d_ovrHmd_...

We're getting close to a major GPU power breakthrough

A few things have been said already about NVlink, nvidia roadmaps, Pascal, etc.Now I wanted to know a little bit more, and came to find a couple of videos that explain further.I got excited so I post them.Rob Farber. This man is a genius.This clip go...

zdaniel by Honored Guest
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