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Is it safe to use DK2 with a higher custom resolution

I want to try Elite dangerous with better image quality. So I want to use supersampling and use a higher resolution. If I try to input a custom resolution there is a warning that the process might damage the display. Does this warning apply to the re...

mdk by Level 2
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Why Is DK2 a nightmare to set up compared to DK1?

After reading through the threads for a week before I received my DK2 I have seen thread after thread of problems, headaches and errors people are having with their DK2 ' S. Thankful there are also threads about how great it Is for those lucky or ski...

Someone create a guide please!

I can't get it to work...I don't get any tracking in ANY demo.By reading posts here it seems some of you have at least gotten it to work.Please create a guide in how to make old demos work.

Lyker by Level 2
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Does DK2 work with DP to HDMI Converter?

Hi there,I used to run the DK1 with a DisplayPort to HDMI converter, 'cause my graphics card doesn't have 2 HDMI ports. That converter does it's job pretty good. But with DK2 you don't get a VGA to HDMI converter anymore so I wondered if the bitrate ...

No Sync Cable in box?

Looks like someone packaged my unit with two camera USB cables, and no sync cable. Fucking fantastic. Does anyone know what the sync cable actually is so I don't have to wait god knows how long to get a replacement from Oculus? I fuming over here.

Can't find Oculus World Demo

I tried downloading the Unity and direct port of Tuscanny but was only able to get it working on extended mode. Where can I find the Tuscanny demo that is supposedly part of the SDK. Thanks in Advance.

Oculus service memory usage

I happened to noticed while testing radial G for a few moments that my computer was having poor performance and that radial g was taking an excessive amount of time to shut down. When I pulled up task manager, I noticed that after radial G quit and n...

Graphics Card Issue?

Hello All,Tried the DK2 for the first time today. I have two GPUs and I tried with and w/out SLI. In "Direct to Rift" seems extremely slow and GPU taxing... videos on Infinity VR Drive In don't play..I can hear the sound but only see a chang...

Successfully installed on Macbook Pro

If anyone else has plans to, like myself, try the DK2 with your MBP i can confirm that I have it up and running perfectly on my clean Windows 8.1 install (Bootcamp). Well as perfectly as possible at the moment anyways  I have tried it both in Direct...

Ray Tracing

What do you guys think about ray tracing?I think the game industry should make the transition from rasterisation based techniques to ray tracing techniques simultaneous to the adoption of VR. There is tons of research on novel approaches on countless...

DK2 in extended mode also not having a 1080p monitor

My monitor for my gaming machine is not 1080p, I have 2 AMD 6950 video cards and I've never really been motivated to upgrade my monitor until I upgrade the whole system. (working on it)I have to run the Rift in extended mode and I'm not sure if this ...

Oculus - Kickstarter and the FOV

So fair disclaimer here..I have never used the DK1, and I am still waiting on my Dk2 (Should be here late august). But I have followed this project since the very beginning, and I'm super excited about it, but with recent developments and info with D...

Dewm by Level 2
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DK2 Demos List

Please tell what demos are DK2 compatible.http:/ does not tell which demos are DK2 or not.

(Help Needed) DK2 to Macbook Pro Troubleshooting

Hey guys. Has anyone been successful setting up the DK2 with a Macbook yet? Just wondering. I plugged in everything correctly, followed the directions. The DK2 Light turned blue which is a good thing but all i see through the headset is the 'Galaxy' ...

Dk2 - First experience - First use Helix Coaster

Holy crap the bed, I dont tend to get simulator/vr sick to start off. This was my first experience with the new kit and I must say it was awesome. If you havent tried it, do it. When i went through the first loop I actually grabbed the couch material...

DK2 Teardown - NO digital compass?

iFixit just recently tore down DK2, and finally we have a high-res picture of the main board. And guess what? It seems there is no digital compass on the board and Oculus thinks that with positional tracking there can be no gyro drift. I think that i...

Issue with dk 2

Hi ,Just got my dk2 today  after setting it up I get the following issues:1. partial picture of the right eye is shown on the left eye.2. jitter when playing demos.I have r9 290.Thank you for the help

zohan by Level 2
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ipd tool-when is a sliver a sliver

I was trying the ipd calibration tool in the oculus configuration tool and scoring around 62.9. Happened to be in a mall with a lenscrafter yesterday, so I swung in and asked if they could tell me my ipd. Some kid pulls out a binocular looking thing ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sale on ebay

Most of us are trying to patiently wait for our dk2 while selfish people have just bought them to immediately still on ebay for profitSo annoying

augywrc by Level 3
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DK2 vs DK1 (Inside the Rift)

I looked into the two Rifts with a Hero3+ to compare their field of view and to give you a general idea of how they differ. For measuring the field of view and undistortion of the Hero3-footage I used my LiveViewRift-application.My findings to far:-h...

mrjazz by Level 2
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horizontal screen draw disorientation

Let me start by stating that, after receiving my DK1, I almost immediately played through all of half life two with it. So I'm one of the lucky folks that wasn't affected too badly by the head tracking with that unit.That said, while the DK2 is a hug...

tresch by Level 3
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Help for a clueless old vr lover!

I received my dk2, and the Oculus world demo works fine, but when I try to run something else like Helix or VR Drivein,I get 2 identical side by side screens instead of a proper image. I'm guessing this is an easy fix and something I'm doing wrong, b...

Rant about customs

My Rift is stuck at the customs in Vietnam. Again. The same happened with my DK1. You can read about that here:viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3752The problem is that they don't know what it is, and it doesn't fit in the box. Last time they charged me the tax o...

Elecman by Level 3
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HELP... My DK2 was shipped to the wrong country.

One of my DK2 (Order AQ-0146909) was shipped to Turkey instead of UAE (UPS) :shock: . In UPS tracking page it shows the final destination is Istanbul, Turkey.Was I given a wrong tracking number? In the oculus order page, it shows my correct UAE addre...

ivenom by Level 2
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DK2 and Macbook Pro?

2012 Macbook Pro with i5, 4 gb, and intel 4000. i can play a number of good looking games like Hawken, TF2, HL2....any reason why it can't run the rift when i get it?

DK2 and New Technolust Beta

This is like a puzzle. I can get Technolust to work but on my primary monitor and I cant seem to switch it over. I can make my DK2 Primary but then I can see my desktop. Seems to be nothing aout there at the moment getting this on the DK2.

vengox by Level 2
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