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locked at 120hz extended mode query

Hi there I just had a quick query I hope someone can help me with please. I have just got Elite Dangerous working in extended mode (breathtaking by the way everything i hoped for - even without timewarping i think its 0.3 version).When I check the hz...

Falan by Level 2
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First Markiplier DK2 video!

Hi guys, I felt that this deserved it´s own thread, as I personally was very happy to find this on youtube. Mods feel free to merge this with the first impressions thread if I was mistaken. Anyway, the youtuber Markiplier has featured quite a few DK ...

Tridef or VorpX

Well, I have the trial Tridef, and I like it Okay, it is easy to use and has a decent list of games it supports.I would love to hear the pros and cons debated in one thread about which is better, Tridef or VorpX and why...Pretty much everything is a ...

StCecil by Level 2
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VirtualCon – You are all invited August 27-29

The fourth annual VirtulCon will feature Oculus Meetups and Events at the world's largest Massively Multiuser Online Convention for the virtual world industry.More than 3,000 virtual world developers, businesses and enthusiasts attended last year. Th...

TheVWW by Level 3
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Hardware design suggestion for a post DK2 HMD

A small incremental improvement to the great DK2 design would be an additional button on the HMD dedicated to resetting the in game orientation. I'm guessing that each game would need to support it, as resetting the orientation might means something ...

Standing or Sitting : Different perception !

Hi guys,I have noticed something quite important that no one seems to talk about (or I missed it). I see most people playing sitting, and I remember the Oculus staff saying that standing was not recommended.At first, that's also what I was doing. Aft...

Frame Rate

Is there a universal way of seeing the FPS in the demos or do we need to use an app such as Fraps?

DK2 with glasses - what are your experiences so far?

Hey guys,as a human with crappy eyes - short sightened as well as well as with a severe astigmatism, I had to use my glasses with DK1. As they are somewhat bigger "Woody Allen" glasses, it was ok with DK1, although I had to push the screen as far awa...

comrbak by Level 5
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Virus warning with *DirectToRift.exe

I just tried to run the DK2 versions of Proton Pulse Demo and Helix Coaster. What worries me a bit: Avira reports a virus warning for both (virus called "HEUR/APC (Cloud)"). But I only get the warning for the *DirectToRift executable. Am I the only o...

OC2 person near Los Angeles, please help!

I am desperate to see the Oculus Rift. I write a column for and would love to try this out and report on it. I especially would love to try any Roller Coaster apps. I am a harmless person, I swear. Help out a Oculus Rift friend! Please s...

Can someone verify the hardware ID of the DK2 Camera?

Hey Guys, I'm working on a new feature for my service utility that restarts the positional tracker (Camera) at a driver level, which should help resolve issues without having to reboot or physically unplug the camera.The hardware ID for my Camera is ...

bilago by Level 2
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where do you find tuscany

Hello ppl,Where do you find the latest tuscany version with DK2 full support ?I can't find it either in the SDK folder or in the oculus folder..And the one on oculus share seem very old.

Tgaud by Level 2
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Possibility of hosting a launch event in/for London?

What would be the possibility of hosting an Oculus Rift consumer launch event when the consumer versions begin shipping? no doubt every available head at Oculus will be super busy but it'd be awesome if we could have someone from Oculus VR with us an...

Chaoss by Level 5
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Enthusiasts is one thing...

...but when freaking 5-year olds get their hands on the DK2 before genuine A-grade developers it has gone way too far!Sweden's youngest DK2-tester?

Nvidia quadruples display resolution

I think very important news:

arczi79 by Level 4
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Hypothetical, not enough funds in account when Processed?

Okay, I'm in a financial bind and i'm moving money around where I can. If, for a short period of time I don't have enough cash in my account and the order gets processed, will my order get pushed to the back of the line or to the next set of orders? ...

DK2 CONFIGURATION DESK DEMO: Now with a splash of color.

Spent some time last night modifying the included Oculus Desk demo. This provide you with quite a bit more to look at! If you would like to see it running, take a look at this (Spanish) : (Many thanks to @5e...

Run to oculus file disappearing.

A little trouble I would like help with. Once I download a file and extract, first time I run it there is a run to oculusFile and the demo will work fine but next time I go to run it that run to oculus file has gone. What am I missing here? Any advic...

Stubbsy by Level 2
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IR Leds problem.

So those IR leds.... is there anyway to adjust the blinking pattern? I received my rift yesterday and love it but there's one massive annoyance with it (well two, but the judder has a topic of it's own already): The IR leds! they make things go wonky...

should oculus partner with camara lens manufacturers?

Just wondering if oculus could partner with high end lens manufacturers in the future. This would let them leverage their patents and experience. I envision a time when you can order aftermarket optics from canon, Carl zeiss or even leica to enhance ...

Stuck in Customs?

My rift shipped on the 25th and hasn't updated since hitting what it says is "Ontario, CA, United States", so I'm assuming that's the border. Says next action is expected on Wednesday. Does that mean my rift is going to be cooling it's heels in Canad...

Kadath by Level 2
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Nothing on DK2 Headset

I have everything plugged in and the oculus config is detecting the device, but I can't get anything to show at all on the headset.I have set my 4k monitor down to 1080p just in case that was doing something strange.I have an nVidia 770GTX and window...

When did you pre-order?

I finally am caving on this STATUS update craze lol. Just curious if there are any other first day pre-order people out there still waiting and when did you order?A lot of people are obviously antsy but I think if we see we aren't alone out there peo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Positional tracking & KB/mouse usage

Firstly let me say that assuming the perfect setup/calibration, the positional tracking as it stands is pretty wonderful. I don't want this to be seen as an angry rant, which it isn't  I just want to see if anyone else shares the opinion that it's p...

Subcide by Level 2
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DK2 Cable management Questions

Hi guys,Can someone please confirm how the cables have changed from DK1 to DK2? I noticed from images they go into the top part of the rift instead of the side now.Has the small box with connections changed?Reason im curious as i would like to make s...

How's everyone finding the DK2? My first impression.

Well I got my oculus yesterday and it's my first play on vr and I must say I was really impressed by full immersion feeling. Luckily I have the rest of this week and next week to get to grips with it.My first impressions of the oculus are that I am p...

Stubbsy by Level 2
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Holy shit snacks...I got vorpX to work with Payday 2!

Now, "work" is a term I use loosely. I was fiddling around with that whole "Switch to extended mode, disable services" thing and made the DK2 the main display. After some mouse trickery to start Payday 2 I get a message from vorpX letting me know tha...