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DK2 not detected as second monitor.

I had the DK2 show up briefly as a second monitor during the installation process (I believe it went away after a reboot). Windows doesn't seem to pick it up anymore when I plug it in. I've tried both HDMI and DVI. Anyone have any ideas?

Uru & Myst V in the Oculus Rift

So, The Vorpx drivers should be compatible. I'm going to configure settings with a razor hydra, as well as 360 controller and mouse and keyboard. My machine should handle it quite nicely, and I'll probably broadcast it on twitch for interested partie...

Norway+order time and status + UPS

So, dear fellow norwegians, have anyone of u got dk2 while order page still is in "Processing" mode? In addition share order time. I love u kjære norske rifters btw

desfon by Level 2
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Is UE4 suitable for data visualisation?

I'd like to look at using UE4 for exploring data visualisation with the Rift, which would mean things like connecting to an external service and/or database to fetch data entities and attributes and possibly calculate positions in space.Is UE4 a good...

jtelfer by Level 4
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single card dual GPU for rift have latency issue?

Hi all,After a little advice...I have read the crossfire/SLI setups won't work well with the RIFT due to the increased latency it would cause, I am wondering if the same issues would apply to the dual gpu video cards like the r9 295x.Any help would b...

Virtual Reality: How the Metaverse Will Change Filmmaking

Interesting Tedx talk from George Bloom on how he believes VR will change filmmaking.George is an executive producer at CBS Digital the visual effects team responsible for movies and television series. He and his colleagues develop disruptive tools f...

mrcrisp by Level 4
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Production run update? Is the pre order page really accurate

So it's the end of July now just about. 9k DK2s will be in the hands of developers by the end of the week. But this leaves the question on what's next. How's the production coming along? Will there be another 10k coming off the line to distro centers...

TWhite by Level 3
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Shipment Options for DK2

I was wondering if it would be possible with DK2 to have a choice about the shipment options.Concrete case: When I ordered the DK1 back in October 2013, Oculus VR automatically chose the shipment provider (in my case, HongKong Speedpost), probably ba...

Order "Shipped" but still no hand-over to UPS

Dear fellow Rifters...Yesterday my order to Germany changed from "Processing" to "Shipped", anyways even today the UPS Tracker for my order still stays at: "Ready for UPS". Now I am very worried that something went wrong with my shipment... Is it the...

kriskra by Level 2
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Rift Lens Scratched My Glasses!

Hey all,I've been enjoying my Rift for a few weeks now, but I had a very unfortunate incident(s). I wear contacts/glasses, and sometime after my first few times in the Rift with glasses on, I noticed a small crack/scratch on the outside my right glas...

swlu by Level 3
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It's arrived.....

Obviously not the first to arrive but I thought I'd post some pictures of 'The Arrival'Initial impression is that the boxes are smaller that for DK1. DSCN0649 (Custom).JPGOnce opened from the transport box comparisons between DK1 and DK2 is that ever...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Minimum laptop req for Oculus 2.

If you get easily wound up and annoyed at the mere thought of a 40yrs old casual gamer with an xbox one,coming on a dev kit forum who doesn't own or play games on a desktop PC please don't read on! I have ordered an oculus 2 kit and my current laptop...

Forum Issue, PM's stuck in outbox.

This may be a dumb question AND need to be moved. I have PM's sitting in my outbox that will not go to my sent box. Does this mean they have not been sent? Can I remedy this?

No nice case with DK2?

This is an abberation!I Clearly Facebook did this!Kidding! I do love the case that came with DK1 though. My DK2 isn't actually here yet but scheduled for delivery on Thursday  I can't wait!!

Fov and some other problems with dk2

Guys, when we talk about worser FOV, problems with black colour and so on, we should remember that dk2 is just a dev kit, not final consumer product. So let's give Oculus team a break and an applause cause they deserve it for pushing forward virtual ...

desfon by Level 2
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Oculus DK2 vs. 256 VRAM

I currently have a 2009 MBP with an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 256. I understand this isn't ideal for high-powered gaming. I already downloaded some games and demos from the Share, to try benchmarking them, and I found that if I run at a slightly lower ...

sbf0202 by Level 2
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Suggestions for alternative carry cases?

Hey gang!So we know our rifts are on there way to us, yaaay! And we know they will be coming within a lovley "cardboard" carry case with foam inserts. I know some have discussed on these boards before about alternative "plastic" protection. But I was...

djack77 by Level 2
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Oculus Rift CV1 & Virtual Reality Future Predictions

Figured I'd make one of these topics to bide the time and make for interesting conversation while the rest of us wait to get our hands on the DK2, what are your predictions on the specs, features, sdk, and release schedule for the consumer Rift? if y...

Chaoss by Level 5
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Any words on what the hold up is for South Korea?

Hello, I ordered on Mar 19, 2014 08:59 AM PDT and my order is still 'Pending' as is everyone in Korea. There has been no official word on it and people in other Asian countries have begun seeing their information changed to ready/processing or even r...

Prepar3D v2.2, is it really DK2 ready as advertised?

Has anyone tried it yet?Does it work in compatibility mode or it has positional tracking too (or maybe disguised as trackIR)?I've tried asking on the dedicated subreddit without response...Also a curiosity since I haven't bought it yet, do I really h...

Reflection inside the Rift DK2.

At least this is what I first thought it was...After changing the lenses over to B cups, I noticed some kind of reflection when on Tuscany, as though there was light coming from the rear of the Rift, so I changed back to A cups and it was still there...

A Simple IPD MM Tool for Group Demos

Oculus Rift IPD Tester v1 by Will Hart.jpgWhile waiting for my DK2, my first Oculus Rift, I've been pondering many issues, including how to quickly check the IPD MM measurement for a number of people while giving a group demo for friends and neighbor...

Mirrored, Extended or Primary?

Seen people saying that many different things, before I get the Rift I'd like to know what mode you use it in. Mirrored, Extended or Primary? Thanks!

RedRizla by Level 15
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