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360 degree panoramic stereoscopic video discussion

Hey Forum,I am extremely excited about the possibilities of "360 degree panoramic stereoscopic video (360PSV)" for cinematic VR experiences.however there are some limitations to consider....limitations such as;-ginormous file size and expensive video...

cubytes by Level 4
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Cyberinth Vitualizer and Reactive Grip

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an alternative to the Virtuix Omni and an interesting controller made by Tactical Haptic that could really lead to some interesting games!*CYBERINTH VIRTUALIZER KICKSTATER STARTS 7/23/14*The Virtualizer is essentia...

alecy85 by Level 2
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Need some answer , ungent

hi, i'm a student from Malaysia. which i has hear and knowing Oculus Rift product. so this time i taking this product as my presentation product, in my marketing subject, so i need many research from Oculus VR company. So may i know your1)brand posit...

Another Reddit Find - Oculus Rift Meat Puppets guy is using electrostim to make his body do the same thing the visitor does with theirs. They lift their hand and see through his eyes as his hand...

Samsung VR

Samsung will unveil virtual-reality headset in September, report says :roll:I think CV1 launch just got pushed up.

I'm Looking to try oculus near Mesa, AZ

Hello fello developers! My name is Brigham and I just pre-ordered SDK 2. Seeing as there is a huge quantity of orders being put through, I imagine ill have to wait a while for my order to arrive. So what I'm asking is if there are any developers/game...

TheBb55 by Level 2
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DK2 and PrioVR

Hello,I don't find any answer to my question so here the question :Will I be able to move 360° in a game with the DK2 and PrioVR and walk on place (move my feet up and down to simulate the walk in the game). Because of the camera, i don't know if it'...

Trameur by Level 2
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Anyone else asked to complete a Oculus survey?

As topic, was asked to complete a quick survey about my Oculus forum usage in return for a gift? This does not seem like something Oculus would do so im reporting it here, I may be wrong but still.The survey poped up when I was on Oculus main page wh...

djack77 by Level 2
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Potential Consumer, should I buy it?

Im thinking of getting the DK2, I dont mind putting up with the issues It may have. I have a few questions though. Im long sighted, how much will having to use different lenses affect how it looks for me? Has the screen door effect become less notice...

Resale of the DK2 is not mentioned in the Terms of Sale?

I've seen a lot of fuzz about people ordering 10 or more DK2's with the purpose of resale (Don't worry, I dislike that as much as the next dude), so I decided to look up what the license agreement had to say about it, and I couldn't find anything.So ...

Eye tracking confirmed?

In the article "misled memories" by mashable I couldn't help but notice a very delicate expression. Bold for emphasis.Oculus VR has experimented with virtual reality in its offices. Many projects focus on representing multiple people in the same virt...

Disdroid by Level 2
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Order progress

What will be next progress of ordering? How will be completed the payment? OVR will contact us with some email? (I have no paypal, only Master credit card)Thank you.

What 'works' with VR?

I've been reading quite a few threads, and seeing interviews were developers have been discussing what works really well in VR and what doesn't. eg. head tracking linked to avatar movement direction or just direction of view. If 2D text works well as...

Worth buying a dk2 today?

Hi guys.I was just wondering how long i have to wait in order to get my Oculus rift if i pre-order dk2 today. I really dont want to wait 4-5 months to get it. By then it will only be 5-6 months before cv1 comes out(I guess).Is it worth ordering it no...

oliver32 by Level 2
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Samsung's GearVR

Just saw this article on google news.. from the article, it says that the "rendered version" is very close to what the actual consumer prototype looks like (according to "inside sources"):

The Vorpx Guy should make a extra Version for DK2 Rift users

Maybe a bundled OEM Version that runs with the Rift DK2?Or a cheaper Price for new Rift users? Maybe a Bonus sell for "Special offer 20 Bucks" or something like that.Thats the chance for Vorpx to make easy money in no time.What do you say?So please M...

So you need nothing short of a Geforce 780ti?

So next year they are going to release a CV1 that requires you to have nothing less then a 780ti? Well good look with that because I don't think a many people are going to have these cards yet due their cost. I have a Geforce 680GTX and I won't be sp...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Hello so i was wondering... Im a student studying games design and was wondering should i buy a oculus rift? Is there an SDK avalible for me to download? and will it be possible to just purchase and play games of oculus share? Im eager to buy one! an...

Samsung VR Rumored to be announced in September

"An exclusive report from SamMobile has dug up what it alleges are official assets surrounding Samsung’s rumored VR smartphone adapter. The report claims that the device will be called ‘Gear VR’ and be announced at IFA 2014 in early September."http:/...

Wall of lamentations

In order to have all complaints, crying, whines, whimpers etc. nicely together, I created this grateful thread. Here is the right place for anyone who is impatient, furious or desperate. Here we will meet with understanding and we will be protected f...

Query for devs re mounting height of tracking camera

Hi there would it be possible to clarify if the DK2 tracking camera can be positioned at a height above the users head and angled downwards say at around 10/20 degrees?I am looking to attach a bracket to the wall in the computer room and the 27inch m...

Falan by Level 2
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Seen AlchemyVR Yet? This Looks Amazing!

First project is taking people back to the primordial oceans to see the early creatures of Earth... UK production company and visual effects studio have annou...

Brainstorming: VR/AR-based jobs

What jobs could exist where the laborer is immersed in VR or AR? I'll just throw a few into the air to get us going, and I'll edit this post to try to build a more comprehensive list, giving proper credit.PLEASE stay on-topic!EDIT 1, PAGE 1Great star...

ganzuul by Level 2
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Oculus Rift DK2 Pre Order shortage

I'd hate to be a finger pointer, but if this quote is accurate: "Company founder Palmer Luckey previously mentioned that roughly 12.5 thousand pre-orders came in the first 36 hours alone" - TechCrunch.comWhy is it that they don't have enough inventor...

How much will i be charged when my DK2 tries to Ship?

i am from canada, i already have payed the "$57.71" i am just wondering how much its going to cost me "Canadian" when it ships?Subtotal: $ 350.00Shipping: $ 55.00Fees, Duties & Taxes: $ 0.00Total: $ 405.00does that include my 50 bucks i was already c...

Meet The Makers: Palmer Luckey of Oculus VR Mechanics)Published on Jul 7, 2014At the age of 21 Palmer Luckey has been granted $91 million in venture capital to make science fiction come to life. His virtual-reality headset started in his home...