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Display settings for DK1.

I want this thread to be about the different display settings people are using to get the best image quality from their DK1. I figure we have a couple months before DK2, so I might as well continue to tweak the DK1.The breakout box for DK1 has contra...

ido by Level 2
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Combining mocap with the Oculus Rift

Motion capture specialists Organic Motion have been testing the notion of using open stage mocap and the Oculus Rift to interact within a VR environment.OpenStage 2 is their latest solution that tracks a user’s body without the need for markers. As p...

Jaron Lanier reacts to Facebook Acquisition - Mashable"Of course I'm happy for the Oculus team, and wish them the best," says Lanier. "Whether the combination of Oculus + Facebook will yield more c...

Oculus should create an OR trailer

Being part pakistani, Morrocan and Ethiopian in a middle class black neighborhood, I got picked on for being mixed by the older black kids, and my sister come home crying every month when girls in her class cut her long hair every month. It was fukn ...

'Open Source' VR Experience Distribution

I'll stick my neck out and guess that I'm not the only regular visitor to these forums who doesn't fall into the obvious categories of hardcore gamer/developer/tech hobbyist.I wonder how many people here (like me) just love the idea of VR so much tha...

Noob question, but, shouldn't B lenses be the standard ones?

Hello fellow Rifters !Firstly let me apologize if it's a dumb question, but perhaps some of you could explain to me some of the experiences I had when first trying the Rift (alongside with my wife, which agreed with me about everything I will say now...

GuileSN by Level 2
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We need tech reviews of graphic cards - need to be VR based

HiI know that a lot of us are thinking of upgrading to a new pc for the VR revolution.Currently a lot of tech reviews of graphics card seem to be showing benchmarks (fps) for pc games on highest detail settings.I don't think that helps us much in det...

am1001 by Level 2
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The future of AR and VR : Alternative Reality

Hello, I am an interaction designer, I am specialized in the prospective and the usages. I work with many developers and I know that you are often looking for ideas for new concepts. I have given an interview a few months ago :The future of Augmented...

How awesome would a VR/OR Yu gi oh mmorg universe be

Just imagine legendary dragons as tall as buildings leaping of your deck to kill ur opponents, breathing fire . Or a lifesize dark magician standing right beside you. You could via microphone and the latest software us voice commands to summon your c...

Darknet Preview & Ciess Review

Hi AllJust as we had Ciess reviewed we got access to the follow up game from E McNeill Darknet. This is just a preview video but it should give you a good idea of the direction this game is going. The full review for Ciess can be found using the link...

I need help building an Xbox ONE like gaming pc?

The Xbox One is a amazingly built "PC" and it has great graphics and can run any new gen games at 60fps (including BF4 watch dogs batman arkham knight ect.)I'm looking for a gaming pc better than mine that can run these games at 60fps (so I can run a...

Oculus Rift now royal headwear in the NetherlandsThe game king Willem Alexander is playing, is called 'Oculus Drift' and only uses head movement for navigation. It was developed by g...

FB shares down 8% since buyout - now is the time to buy?

I doubt anyone here is a stranger to the news of Facebook acquiring Oculus VR a few days ago. Some of you may also follow the stock market.During the first trading day after the Oculus buyout, shares of Facebook slid 7%. This was partly due to the ma...

Got My Dk1 impressions, maybe help?

Just got my DK1 last night that I ordered off ebay. Here are some impressions and maybe you guys can let me know if I can tweak things. Just a few things first:I wear glasses, so i am using the C cups without them. Its pretty good, only slightly off....

Peteo by Level 4
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Facebook is it true?

I heard that with Facebook the OR is going to be multi-platform. Is this true and if so, will it work on VR content found through xbox1's app center? The adult website is advertising for Xbox and the OR.

DK2 Manufacturing Progress?

Hi.I don't know if this subject has been covered somewhere else in the forums, but is there any way to be informed of how the manufacturing progress is coming along for the DK2? Mr Luckey kept us all included on the DK1, but I cant seem to find anyth...

DK2 Decoration/Personalization Options?

Ok, I am super excited about getting my greasy hands on MY DK2, but am a little bit sadDue to the IR LEDs, we wont be able to "Personalize" our Rifts like we could with DK1 anymore!Cymatic Bruce:Mine:OculusVR:jacksepticeye

Top 5 Jump Scares ( suggestions please )

Hi AllAs you all know by now we like creating video lists of VR experiences and putting them on our site. I've been thinking of doing a video based on jump scares and I want to get your feedback on what I should add. I know that no list is ever perfe...

How to use Oculus Rift imput in Unreal sdk 3-4?

I'm actually importing my current unity 3D project into unreal 3-4 (due to graphics) because the game looks much better with the right graphics. How can I import Oculus Rift support into my game in unreal sdk 3-4? Detal would be much obliged (I can't...

Possible improvement for VR: optics

2. Optics with less magnification at the centerI saw that in "Elite: Dangerous" only a small section of the screen is used to actually show the central part of the cockpit making reading the UI very hard / impossible (on DK1).I think that it could be...

Amylion by Level 2
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Experience with Oculus: a reality check (no pun intended)

HAs been about 2 months now that I am working with the Rift, and would like to give my take, on what I've seen so far.So, got the hype, decided to go ahead and gathered some other people interested in trying applications with the Rift,making somethin...

Lolloso by Level 4
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The most important Rift-enabled game Fractions sequel!The 350k stretch is Oculus Rift support, and while I am pretty sure it's there as a parody of other kickstarter stretch goals, I'm equally sure this guy would bring ...

Pokey by Level 2
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Danah Boyd Female Sim Sickness Attack of Feminists?

I warned Palmer as his celebrity increased, perhaps the feminists would come after him! As his VISION and DREAM alienated the POWER so many women do have over men. Not arguing wether it is right or wrong, just how nature instilled that in us over mil...

Scr*w Facebook, my Dk1 comes next week!

I've been flowing the oculus story for a few months now, waiting for info on the next devkit, and I couldn't wait any more. I've purchased a used DK1 off of ebay this week (also the price right) I'm a child of the 90's and grew up with all the crazy ...

Peteo by Level 4
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World of Diving Demo ( Review Video )

Hi AllWe just finished a review of World of Diving. Below is the youtube video but if you want to see the score we gave it and a download link please visit we would love to hear your...

Periodic rendering

If we do "periodic rendering", we could basically reduce the latency to almost zero, while allowing to have a performance boost and higher clocked cards that are designed for this way of rendering.Do you think this could be possible to implement hard...

Is there a common VR meeting place?

One thing that has surprised me lately, is that there doesn't seem to be a dedicated virtual reality based hangout/chat room. There was VirtuaView, but after the developer received pretty lacklustre support from the community he seems to have paused ...

Kra by Level 2
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Will oculus Rift (consumer version) be wireless?

Will the oculus Rift consumer version be wireless or have bluetooth? It also think it'd be really convenient for people like me that plan on getting the Virtuix Omni (Because I've noticed people that used the oculus rift (Dev kit) and virtuix omni an...