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Has anyone thought about making a Pokemon Oculus Rift game?

No no, I'm not talking about Pixelmon (MineCraft mod) nor am I talking about Pokemon 3D.Pokemon 3D : Pixelmon (MIneCraft Mod) : I'm actually talking about a full rendered 3D game, (Something like a Pokemon Stadium 3D remake) I think it'd be really fu...

"almost like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie."

"You know Jerry Bruckheimer movies, you form a dream team --you've got the astronaut, the scientist, the ex-convict,and they all have something to do to save the world."-Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better worldThis is what I though about when I...

Deleting negative Facebook comments? Really?

I could understand deleting some pure flaming comments, but I just saw one or two comments go bye-bye that had legitimate fears, as well as someones comment about these removals. I changed my opinion on the Facebook deal to a positive one, don't make...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Are there Oculus Rift VR stocks?

Basically as the subject says, are there stocks for Oculus VR? It might be a good time to invest in their stocks with the whole FaceBook thing.

Simple Questions Anyone?

Well the news today seemed to be very reassuring for everyone indeed, very awesome everyone!Now a couple of key points I'm curious about...Will DK2 Ship Earlier Than Expected or Still in July's Time?Will they update anything on DK2 before they ship, ...

Virtual 3D Object Interaction with Kinect can all be done within the Oculus Rift virtual reality environment as well....I just chose to keep it simple for this particular demo video.see here for some of the programming details and an overview of how it's achiev...

Matt1Up by Honored Guest
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My Predictions for the Future of VR...

Hi Guys,Here are my predictions for Oculus Rift for the Future (obviously this is based on nothing but pure speculation). Thanks to Facebook money, and support the Oculus Rift Consumer Version was amazing and blue out everything out of the water. Ocu...

langknow by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift on TV in Europe

I have collected some recent television items from Dutch, German and French television that feature the Oculus Rift. Especially since the Facebook news, it seems that there is a lot more interest in the traditional media. (BTW I'm not sure if these a...

CV1 release plans revised?

I think most of us have been expecting a CV1 launch in early 2015, although nothing is announced, one can predict it.Now with the FB acquisition I wonder if these plans have been changed? Is OculusVR still on the same schedule?There are three cases:1...

EarlGrey by Expert Protege
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Well there is no denying this.

There has been a serious Oculus reputation hit. Almost to a one, the people I have talked to about Oculus or shown the Rift are all over me last night and today telling me basically what an idiot I am for every trusting this would be anything. It has...

Calanar by Honored Guest
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Sale Oculus Rift DK1 for Bitcoins

Hello,i want to sale my DK1 + VorpX Driver at USB Stick together for 1 Bitcoin (negotiation). Is someone interested? Im from Germany and prefer only Europe package sending. Me pay Postage and Sending. No im not a scammer, i only want to try a trade w...

Oculus Rift + 3 Monitor Eyefinity setup ?

Had the Rift, then I upgraded my PC to a to a 3 screen 2d Eyefinity setup with a 5760x1080 resolution.The Occulus is designed for 1920x1080 and as far as I know, needs to be set to mirror the primary monitor for gaming.In the end, the Oculus cannot m...

zaroba by Honored Guest
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As a show of faith in oculus

I have just successfully ordered a DK2 YEAH!!!!!! ......thanks to the oculus team a very old gamer and VR fan is a very happy here is hoping I don't pop my clogs before it ships :mrgreen:

madmick by Honored Guest
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The internet just exploded

With all the uproar about the FB acquisition I thought we could all use a reminder about how cool the Rift really is. While I don't personally spend much time on FaceBook and think it's mainly a venue for families to stay in touch, you have to rememb...

Delete Accound?‎

herds by Honored Guest
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Would this be an issue for the screens in the Rift?

Interesting article about how smartphone screens are damaging our health due to over exposure to blue-violet light. Given that the screen in a VR headset is a smartphone screen placed close to the eyes, could it also be a problem for VR or do the len...

Watch full Sony Unveil of project Morpheus

Just watched the full video from Sony's GDC meeting on Morpheus and im impressed at what they have done so far and how they presented it. Also impressed that President Shuhei Yoshida makes special mention to Oculus VR and Valve saying that their work...

WhelanWeb by Honored Guest
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Support Sightline indiegogo campaign

If you have not played the demo of this please download it and check it out. We need to come together and get this one some funding as the concept of this game is awesome. 20 bucks and you can get alpha access. This one will be a great experience.htt...

Thinking of skipping DK2

$400 sort of puts it in the range of real devs only. I'm just a hobbyist not sure if the changes warrant upgrading yet.I've already done positional tracking with the rift and Kinect. I'm thinking my VR budget would be better spent tinkering with some...

usb420 by Honored Guest
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Not that my opinion matters VS $2B but...

I'm very disappointed by the FB deal. I was hoping that Oculus would tough it out, and eventually become a private company like Valve. Become one of the legendary companies among gamers who care. Become a company spawned from the community, funded by...

AlphaRay by Protege
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Exciting news for Oculus fans

I may be one of the only people who views this Facebook acquisition as a huge benefit to Oculus. First off I'd like to ask that nobody in this thread complain about the deal as there are plenty of topics which you can complain in, this is for discuss...

Pre-Ordering the DK2 from Germany (VAT/Taxes/Shipping)

HelloI allready have the Oculus Rift DK1 and want to Pre-Order the DK2 as fast as possible, but I wonder why I have to pay the VAT direct at purchase and not at the German custom-service like I had to do last time with the DK1?Cause the Shipping to G...

PMK by Honored Guest
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DK2 camera

It seems that I misread some parts of the DK2 spec, and thought that the camera had been moved onto the HMD itself. I assumed that this would work using the same methods used by the Kinect, but in reverse. I.e., by tracking the "movement" of the outs...

rtweed by Honored Guest
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Will DK2 work with P5 Glove, Kinect, or Wiimote?

Will the DK2 work with other IR VR input devices like the Essential Reality P5 Glove, the Kinect, or the Wii Remote? Or will they interfere?I'm assuming the Wii Remote will still work, since its camera is facing the opposite direction (until you aim ...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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