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Still able to cancel preorder in week?

So Facebook situation...OK I want to wait it out for a week and see before canceling my DK2. Don't want over react like...a few people have. Does anyone know the hard policy on canceling a DK2 order? I saw someone at Oculus say its possible to do so ...

BG07 by Level 2
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Oculus VR was sold to Facebook

I just saw the post from Mark Zuckerberg and he says he bought the company Oculus VR, owner of Oculus Rift. Does anyone know of any more details?

Notch slams acquisition, I'm a bit in the middle about this, but I think Notch feels betrayed

Is anyone in the middle re: Facebook acquisition?

I'm not happy at all with the Facebook stuff for a lot of reasons, but I'm still gonna hang out here and make things for the Rift.Everything's so polarized here now. Are there any other "VR agnostics"?

Jose by Level 7
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Farmville VR

Yep, you know it.But, then again, you always knew it was coming 

Er.. Do we still get adult vr?

In general I am in favour of the facebook acquisition. I think it will enable the oculus rift to hold its own against the inevitable tidal wave of pr and publicity that Sonys product will inevitably get and more users means more sales for us devs. Al...

Charge by Level 3
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Headline News!

The news of the Oculus acquisition has hit the top page of CNN - and many other news outlets.. For those enthusiasts among us who weren't sure if VR was going to take off.. Well, it has just grown wings. The world is watching.And for those of you who...

Cancellation of DK2 order

Hello!So ... how does cancellation of the DK2 preorder work?Do we get refund of the paid money?How much time do we have?(Maybe I can sell it for profit. :twisted: )Yours,Amylion.

Amylion by Level 2
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Venture Capital talks..

So when you take $ 75 million from investors and $35 million before.. when Mark Zuckerberg comes to your door and offers billions.. you sell. Plain and simple. That is why they are there--for the quick return on investment.Is it bad for us Oculus fol...

MarkM by Level 2
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Palmer Luckey: "I'm obsessed with VR"...

Obsession is never a good companion when you are trying to make wise decisions.VR can be a very powerful and magical experience for an active and open mind, but it can also become a vicious addictive drug for the weak and lacy ones. Society needs to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Realistic viewable pixels?

Does anyone know what the actual viewing area in pixels is?You have a 1080p panel halved, and then you only get to see a portion of that with your eyes centred, how big of a useable resolution are we talking about with the DK2? 700x800 per eye?

wickfut by Level 5
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Switching to Sony as of today

Just wanted to register my disgust and contempt at the cynical buyout. Wonder what Carmack thinks now?I just wash my hands clean of the stench of farsebook. One giant leap backwards for mankind, or VR at least.You know what? From what I've seen I thi...

Did Facebook really buy Oculus?

I keep reading threads on here about facebook already buying them but all the articles i've read say facebook is LOOKING to buy them. I think we need to figure out which one it is and if they're still looking to buy then I think we need to open a par...

barath by Level 2
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Why I decided to pass on the DK2.

Hey all,So, I *think* I'm going to pass on the DK2 for a few reasons. I still really want one, and this is an incredibly tough decision, but I feel like if I write it out I'll be more okay with it. First, as all reports indicate, C1 *should* closely...

Oculus bought by facebook?

Facebook bought oculus?Such a pitty.We lose another free, fresh and independent entrepreneur.Bye oculus...

Tuur by Level 2
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Oculus rift CK2 speculation thread

So now basically we know what the spec of the first consumer rift model will be as Oculus has even said Dk2 is close to ck1 aside from some adjustment, what do you guys think the 2nd gen Oculus rift will encompass. According to tech trends, a second ...

wazzoz99 by Level 2
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Dark edge? DK2?

Read a review on ubergizmo regarding DK2. Says: "Although the overall experience was much better, I felt that the field of view had been reduced and I hope that it will go back to a border-less one when the product comes out. With the first Oculus Ri...

BG07 by Level 2
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Video Review RIFTMAX

Hi AllPlease let me know what you think of the below reviewOur full written review and other reviews can be found here share this video around as much as possible as we are trying to build ...

Wireless Rift setup, lag with USB on battery?

Hi All,I have recently created a wireless Rift setup using a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver and a battery placed into a backpack. Everything works fine, and the wireless HDMI is surprisingly low latency, however when attempting to connect the Rif...

Oculus Order Problem

I ordered Oculus DK2 through your site and was charged $468 instantly. I've been promptly waiting for a "shipped" email but nothing has arrived. Instead, i checked my bank account today to see that my money was refunded (the $468) but at the same tim...

1337d3v by Level 2
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Stero vision reduces jaggies

When I play games with 3D vision or the DK1 jaggies don't seem to be such a problem. I think it is part of how our minds process the image. With traditional 2D play both eyes see the same jagged edges. While in stereo vision the mind meshes two image...

Mass Storage Device with the Developer Kit 2

Image from we known, the recent Dev Kit 2 has come with a usb interface. Would it be possible to insert a Flash drive for the purpose of holding music/videos/etc? For reference, loo...

Algamin by Level 2
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