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Some reasonable reactions today's news

I thought I'd compile some links to some good coverage about the facebook acquisition, since the forums have become so cluttered.Reverend Kyle's Road to VR podcast from today:

"The Future of VR " by Palmer. xpost from Reddit’ve always loved games. They’re windows into worlds that let us travel somewhere fantastic. My foray into virtual reality was driven by a desire to enhance my gaming experience; to make...

Frito by Explorer
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Mixed emotions about Facebook purchase

On the one hand I'm glad Oculus is now well funded enough to compete with the big boys. On the other hand, I hate Facebook and wish almost any other company would have bought them including Google, Microsoft or Sony. Down the road, am I going to have...

r2umam by Honored Guest
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New FaceRift prototype

Sorry for poor photoshop/bad joke... i was bored...In all honesty, not too worried about the acquisition.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Why Oculus VR couldn't refuse such offer?

It's easy to see.LOTS of competition is arriving.MS will make their own headsets for PC, they won't stop on Xbox.If Oculus didn't sell, they could have been eaten by the big guys with unlimited resources.They could have been slaughtered because there...

zdaniel by Honored Guest
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Now that FB owns Oculus, DK1 may be worth a lot?

I was thinking now that that FB owns Oculus, I believe there is a chance the DK1 could be worth a lot more than people originally thought. What you do you guys think? I'm definitely holding mine. Could be the last Rift we see where you don't need to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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It's Day 1 For VR - Facebook on Board

I am sure many of you have heard the news that Facebook has acquired Oculus. If not then wake up because the news has shot across the planet and little kids in African Villages have heard already.So here is my spin on the recent turn of events.This i...

360FOV by Honored Guest
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The real problem with Facebook buying Oculus

VR is a part of the future. We are a community that believes this, but outside of this relatively small community the average person needs more convincing. It is of course something of a relief to see a company the size of Facebook willing to bet a d...

FDP by Explorer
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Okay. So Facebook is bad... but

I was quite upset when I was awoken from my nap this afternoon by a text informing me that Facebook had purchased Oculus.While initially upset, I ended up reading a lot of Palmer's replies on Reddit, and I have to admit that I still trust him quite a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Will we have to?

Use facebook to use the oculus rift? Will we have to deal with facebook to deal with Oculus Rift?

I hope Oculus Rift succeds under Facebook.

I hope Palmer delivers a device which actually works BETTER than the Crystal Cove model. I hope EVR and Star Citizen have great Rift support and offer a great VR experience to the masses. I really can't think of any reason why this wouldn't happen, r...

Ashok by Explorer
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[POLL] Is Oculus VR dead to you after Facebook acquisition?

Most of you did already stumbled upon this very hot poll about Oculus acquisition by Facebook.Probably for the most part there are disappointed enthusiasts like me and just some indie developer, and that may not be even close to what consumers think ...

Crespo80 by Explorer
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People! Think about it, THIS IS GREAT NEWS

I can't believe that anyone can be mad at this deal. Are you kidding ? Think about it , this ensures that Oculus will be better then we could have ever imagined. Think about how much R&D now they can put into VR. What do people think will happen once...

Negchampa by Honored Guest
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WTF Oculus!?!? WTF?!?!!! Thoughts on Facebook aquisition.

This is a sad day. A sad day for VR, developers, gamers, and the world.Mostly, It's a sad day for a fan of Palmer Luckey. Down the drain goes the image of a young enthusiast doing a thing for the love of it. It's not that I don't compreehend. 2billio...

The Verge: Planet Facebook

Really nice writeup: are right, I too do believe Facebook is convinced VR is the next big thing. I however do not like the idea of Facebook being the one to build the software s...

NYTimes: Rift will be Redesigned

"According to a person involved in the deal who was not allowed to speak publicly because he was not authorized by either company, Facebook eventually plans to redesign the Oculus hardware and rebrand it with a Facebook interface and logo."http://www...

Hopeful best-case scenario

Zuckerberg knows about the stigma of his company and like the rest of our generation he is jaded enough to accept it.All information about eye-tracking gets artfully dressed up as mindless technobabble before it reaches Facebook's middle-management /...

ganzuul by Honored Guest
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Facebook vs Microsoft

Facebook buying Oculus Rift is a great news....VR and the Rift futur is now garantied. I always knew that a big powerful player would buy Oculus VR BUT i was convinced that Microsoft would have been the one that buy the Rift.Microsoft is in the PC an...

Steve3D by Honored Guest
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Relax! Facebook will help bring VR to the global masses

At first I was skeptical of the acquisition but if you believe in the Oculus team and you can sense their passion for VR as I am sure you have, then you should all relax and know that they made the best decision in joining forces with Facebook. You s...

Facebook Sound Off at Riftmax Theater TONIGHT. Live Streamed

Ok, so we all know Facebook bought Oculus. How does everyone feel about that? It's time for an AA meeting for VR.Let's have a live discussion on the topic, streamed on TONIGHT! 45 people max capacity. This will help us st...

The outrage is because of who you chose to sell out to!

Edit: i apologize for my negative comments and bashing it adds nothing to the discussion and the real measure of if this is a good move or not is time. Time will tell and i think we should just wait and see what Oculus has in store the next few month...

Evenios by Honored Guest
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To All Nay Sayers Regarding Facebook

This deal specifically lets us greatly lower the price of the Rift. -Palmer Luckey Reddit Comment good parts of the deal starting to show - enough said!

360FOV by Honored Guest
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Lets keep calm I think we might have missed something...

I'm pretty sure Facebook accidentally got caught up in a common error...they meant to purchase Oculu !!!jokes aside, congrats Oculus you now have the power behind the punch to knock VR into the Mainstream's Faces..Oculus: bookface

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Facebook: Oculus is about services, not hardware

Ok, just trying to get everyone to notice this single fact:Zuckerberg: ”We’re not a hardware company and we’re not looking to make a profit from Oculus hardware, we see this as more a software and services thing.” .. “Gaming is a start” (there are ot...

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