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Compatibility with Asus Rog G771JW

HelloI need to find out if my daughters Oculus Rift is compatible with her laptop, an Asus Rog G771JW. When we connect the HDMI nothing appears on the screen. Now, I know the topic of compatibility with laptops has been dealt with in several discussi...

Computer does not meet minimum specifications?!

Received my Rift S today. Set everything up. When I arrived in my room I noticed a message advising that my computer does not meet minimum specifications. The same message shows up in the Oculus App. My system specifications are shown in the image be...

Facebook now has its own DLSS like even Facebook now has its own DLSS another step into working with all hardware and one step closer to allowing everyone to get into VR A new pap...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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when i plug my phone in samsung vr glasses oculus begins

Hello everyone. I am new in Brooklyn world, an I have a little trouble with some things .One of those is that some games, I run them on my phone but when I plug my phone in the Samsung vr headset, oculus startsand the game stops.Can someone help plea...

SDE is leaving an after-effect on retina?

Five-hour play sessions with an Oculus Rift are giving me “grid eyes” he's saying the SDE effect is leaving a grid "burned" into his retin...

EarlGrey by Level 5
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One headset one user account is unacceptable.

Our Oculus Quest headset came yesterday. The more I try to use it, the angrier I get with Oculus and parent company Facebook. My oldest son opened up the Headset and asked if he could play with it. "Sure; why not," I said. So he fired it up, created ...

Is this forum's Community Dead now? - Probable Causes?

Serious question. This forum used to be buzzing during the Cybereality days, now it just seems to be an empty-shell of support questions and issues with a minute selection of worthy threads. Only a few posters now keeping the flame burning. I guess w...

is VR worth it with my specs or should I wait?

Hello.I'm thinking about buying a VR Headset I'm between buying a used Oculus CV1 from ebay or an Oculus Quest from Amazon.I'm wondering if I could run games alright with my specs that I have right now or if I should spend my saved money better on a ...

There is no such thing as a comfortable headset.

Reviewers always talk about the most comfortable headset. But in reality there is no such thing. There are headsets that are more comfortable that will make them tolerable for longer periods of time. It would take a headset about a third the size of ...

inovator by Level 12
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Android OS?

I would love for Oculus to take more advantage of the Android OS and have access to Google apps. Can we get notifications from Google Mail/Calendar ect... popup on our Oculus? Facebook notifications/messages popup? Why can we not make calls VoiP? We ...

Error Downloading *Any* Title

Hey guys, so I'm trying to get the Oculus software up and running on my Razer Blade but whenever I try and 'install' any of the games in my library, I get the following message after a few MBs have downloaded: ''X' couldn't download. Please check you...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Using Real Flight with Oculus link

I have Oculus Link working with my Quest. The free gave seems to work properly. I recently purchased Real Flight v9 and it works well on my PC. The documentation indicates the it is compatible wit Oculus Riff. When I start the link i can find the Rea...

TOGamer by Level 2
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Oculus Home items in left handed have a tilt

When I pick an item with the left touch, the item and the panel that appears above the item have a tilt. With the right touch appears correct. Can it be corrected?both touch appear well when you have no itemsSorry for my poor english.

Biggest AR Project ever?

In AR news,Hit AR Game Company Niantic Partners With Hit Mixed Reality Sleep No More Play ProducersPokémon Go creator Niantic Labs is partnering with Punchdrunk, the UK-based production company behind seminal immersive theater piece Sleep No More. Th...

Zenbane by Level 15
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What happens when one of your oculus devices has had enough?

My left controller's thumbstick seems to have become defective, when you push forward it intermittently starts and stops movement, making most games unplayable as you obviously use it for walkingEverything else works fine with it, even pushing down o...

Nij by Level 7
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Dance Central Gold Star rating

I understand that as you get better at a song, you gain more white stars. And after you get 5 white stars, you can get them to turn gold. But, one of my song ratings turned from 5 gold stars back to white gold stars. does anyone know why this happene...

VR + Background Projection compatibility

I'm doing some research here. Maybe someone can redirect me to other links or articles. Anyone know how or what program is used, to integrate VR content or make a third party VR headset plugin for edge blending projection software? like coolux or dis...

cyan152 by Level 2
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Beat Saber pulled from VR Arcades: Who is to blame?

I see this making some waves:Facebook-owned Beat Saber is getting cut from VR arcades.The commercial licensing page for Beat Saber is gone as of this writing and we’ve heard multiple reports from arcades that one of their most popular games is being ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Is my Oculus taking too long to be delivered?

Howdy! You see, 24 hours ago I ordered an Oculus Rift S on guest mode. For some reason, seems like I purchased 2 instead and I cancelled one of them. The thing is that I haven't been charged yet and the Oculus I am supposed to get delivered is on "op...

Neluco by Level 2
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Oculus accessory suggestion for pet owners

Having a smaller house and a dog, there runs the potential issue of my dog moving in front of me when playing. With how the technology in the controllers allow for them to show up in the virtual space I believe it should be possible to create a dog t...