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Oculus Rift running out of stock as some components ceased

Oculus VR can't construct additional Oculus Rift dev kits because some components are no longer being manufactured, an Oculus community manager posted on Reddit. The company is now relying on on existing stock, but that's "quickly running out," the p...

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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New Video Review ( Deep Sea Dive )

Hi AllNew review for today. Please let us know your thoughts below. Also if you have any suggestions for our next review please let us know.

WhelanWeb by Honored Guest
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John Carmack FPS release title?

I was just wondering what the chances of seeing a FPS shooter as a release for the consumer version was. I'd like to imagine John developing another Quake type shooter only this time utilising a camera tracked peripheral gun to release in conjunction...

Falan by Honored Guest
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Do we have any VR cinemas that can mirror off Netflix?

I'm aware of VR Cinema (but I have to rip movies from my DVD or download them in itunes in order to watch them."which can get extremely annoying because I don't have a 1TB external hard drive yet (to store the movies on) and most of the movies I own ...

I think I experienced presence

" Presence is an incredibly powerfulsensation, and it’s unique to VR; there’s no way tocreate it in any other medium. Most people find ittobe kind of magical, and we think that once people have experienced presence, they’ll want it badly"That is a qu...

Unique learning affordances of immersive virtual reality

Can immersive virtual reality, such as the Oculus Rift, help students learn educational concepts better than a standard desktop, and if so, in what ways? I am a grad student doing my thesis on the potential educational benefits of immersive virtual r...

Good Virtual Reality anime?

I'm wanting to watch some more VR anime (hopefully entertaining and dramatic)Seen so far : - Sword Art Online- Sword Art Online Extra Edition - Accel World - Summer Wars(Would love to see some more VR anime) "nothing like Accel world though" I person...

VR and mental health

Hey Guys, A bit of background first, I've been playing computer games since 1980 (ZX81), and have moved through Spectrum's, to Amiga's, until finally settling on the PC as my gaming rig, I don't play consoles. My work background was initially the mil...

StuPer by Honored Guest
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Any news about development?

hi  i am just wondering if anyone has anyone news how the development is going? im not the best to look around at the forums. but boy i am really anticipated for the release of oculus rift consumer version 

Qosmius by Honored Guest
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Simulation Idea

Hey all, Can someone make the Bifrost Track from Ready Player one? I would love to hookup my omni (when it gets here), throw on the rift and take a jog through space.

netwired by Honored Guest
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Final specs for CV1?

I just stumbled about this Twitter post. is 10 days old, but with the announcement of the discontinuation of DK1 and all other evidences about their rapid progress, I get more and more excited....

Far515 by Honored Guest
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Bioshock Infinite (Oculus Rift) Gameplay

Hey guys, a lot of you have been DMing me on twitter to make a BioShock Infinite video (so I finally got it up!)I'm personally really enjoying this game, (I had to look into if I had to play Bioshock 1 and 2 in order before infinite "and since I didn...

Oculus-experienced developer for hire?

Sorry for making this my first post, but a moderate search returned nothing for me.I'd like to investigate the possibility of bringing Rift support into my company's architectural viz workflow, using 3D engine other than Unity or UDK for the final pr...

racerx3 by Honored Guest
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110° field of view

Are we stuck at 110° field of view. I see Crystal Cove has 110° field of view as well.Is it realistic to expect the consumer version to have a full field of view support?What is problematic about having a greater field of view than 110°?

EarlGrey by Expert Protege
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Buy Oculus Dev Kit Now Or Wait?

Hello everyone!I am having difficulties deciding whether or not to purchase the Oculus dev kit now or wait until a new dev kit comes out or until the consumer version does. I am not sure I can wait really long because for me this looks like something...

eco5000 by Honored Guest
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Any Rift owners in Idaho?

I just ordered the DK1 and can't wait to start developing on it.I haven't seen the Rift in person and was wondering if there was anyone from Idaho with it. (I'm in the Boise valley).I've seen the map of places to tryout the Rift, but the closest ones...

What will be the best Oculus Rift space combat game?

What do you think has the potential to be the best Oculus Rift space combat game.There are a few in the works on here, and some big name kickstarters due out about the time the consumer rift arrives, but which one do you like the look of and why?Pers...

Arowx by Explorer
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Oculus Rift and movies. Excellent Joystiq article.

Clicking on the link helps you lose weight! highlights for the lazy:A new startup called Condition One thinks movies have a shot, too. The film an...

PC Horror game Daylight gets Oculus Rift support on PC will also be able to use Oculus Rift headsets with the title if they're feeling particularly brave. A pretty cool feature that was announced as part of today...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I need a new capture card (What's the best one out there?)

Well, my Extreme Cap u3 is causing me a lot of trouble lately (having constant pixel issues (which is extremely frustrating)if anyone knows how to fix the pixel issues (much would be obliged if you could email/PM me)Now as I said (I currently own a E...

How can we attract more console fans to pc gaming

The thing is about the oculus rift is that inspite of the massive tech inside these bad boys, theyare still essentially peripheral device, that , requires a pc. And one thing we cant delny is that pc sales are on the slide with the popularity of lapt...

wazzoz99 by Honored Guest
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WTF is an Oculu?

Heard this over on reddit. oculus is getting sued because it's name is too similar to a streaming video hosting company their add I can see how the 2 might be confused......not. Nuisance law suits have begun. Oculus is going ...

best wire setup?

So my graphics card currently has a hdmi and a minidisplay port free.I usually would stick to dvi, but the only dvi port i have free is through my motherboard, not gpu.So im wondering what would be the best option for latencey and quality?Hdmi via gp...

MrKaru by Adventurer
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Official Shipping Update Thread

Everyone's been asking for an official shipping update thread, so here it is.We mentioned last week that we ran into a few, simultaneous snags in different parts of the world that are keeping kits from being imported smoothly. We sorted out the EU is...

Oculus Rift Simulator

Hi Guys, any of you saw this? have no OR, so I'm not sure it is accurate...What is the opinion of the experienced?

Oculus owners in Columbus Ohio?

The "Tech Night Columbus" group puts on events for the local tech crowd. Most recently they put on a very well received 3D printing night. Now they're interested in doing an event around the Oculus Rift, and since I'm the only Oculus owner they know ...

jdonavan by Honored Guest
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Awesome Free To Play Games that support VorpX/Tridef3D!!!

!NOTE : TF2 Doesn't count because it wasn't always free to play (it use to be pay to play)Tridef 3D : Combat arms : (Tridef 3D will work on Crossfire but the hack dector thinks you're inserting a ha...

Engadget commentary on high PPI screens

Do you really need a 4K smartphone screen?The above article mentions several manufacturers who are expected to bring 2k or even 4k screens to the Mobile World Congress next week. I found it odd that the author made no mention of VR in his discussion ...

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