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New Sony HMD is "750in Virtual Screen" with Headtracking little announcement here. Pretty much what I expected. Limited FOV, portable. It seems Oculus still has no competitors, unles...

cegli by Level 2
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Alien Islolation (PS4) - perfect for the Rift?

Hello.Creative Assembly has shown their newest game "Alien Isolation".Please watch this video:And after watching this video,I can't help but feeling that this game would be perfect for the rift.Somebody should really give those developers some free d...

Adding Crystal Cove compatible optical tracking to the DK1

The cat is out of the bag - OculusVR will very likely go for an optical tracking system for their consumer version. Iribe quote: "We still may change how it’s done, but we feel great about the positional tracking system. It’s been a year in the works...

sven by Level 4
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How to monitor and maximize performance, e.g. FPS?

I got my developer kit last week. No issues downloading and playing demos so far on my laptop running Windows. Couple questions coming from a non-technical user, though...1) How do folks go about measuring and monitoring performance? For example, I s...

arose10 by Level 2
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Devkit 2 4k confirmed? curious... if that's confirmation enough for everyone else? (at the end of the video the lady talking mentions that they can send it all arou...

New UHD curved screen with an epic fail

Interesting new tech from Samsung at CES 2014, a curved UHD tv.This could lead to a minuture curved UHD for VR in the future perhaps?The announcement is coupled with an epic fail from Michael Bay who trips over his tele prompter, chokes and then walk...

RiftXdev by Level 3
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Where can we watch CES 2014 live?

I got to check out intel at CES 2014 last night via Livestream. How ever it was on intel's website.I missed out on the car show though  (I was somewhat interested on it)I tried looking for some type of link on the CES 2014 official website, and on t...


... I know you're probably busy. But it's getting late here in Thailand. So can you pm me a link to pre order the dev kit 2 now? I'd hate to wake up to news that preorders have begun and I simply can't wait. I will happily give you an arm and a leg f...

How to use Oculus Rift with Black MESA?

I know that its possible to play Black MESA with the Oculus Rift. But I really would like to know how to get it fully running.I tried adding -vr in the launch box. But how ever, when I launched the game (it didn't go into Virtual Reality mode)Anythin...

System Requirements Feedback

Before ordering the developer kit, I want to get feedback from the community on whether my system specs pose any issues or if there's anything else I should be aware of...MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.7.5Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M8 GB DDR3 ...

arose10 by Level 2
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Does Oculus know about this?

If not someone might be in trouble... Sorry if this was posted about already. I didn't see anything when I searched.

Regarding Rift Sale

Hey guys,I'm looking to sell my rift as I have probably reaped as much fun as I can considering the fact its a dev kit and in respects to the demos out there. I'm not gonna post it on ebay or anything as there's no point to have to put a high price j...

VR Cinema 3D for video games (external display)

I've been browsing for a day or two but can't find any related threads, apologies if this is a dead horse.But has anyone tried to turn the VR Cinema screen into a computer screen for playing games? Would it be too much for a computer to render the tw...

AlphaRay by Level 4
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VorpX - Announcement of an Announcement to numerous requests in the the last few weeks and especially in the last few days, I’d like to announce that an announcement about a beta release date will be made within this mon...

Slybo by Level 2
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Oculus Needs returning :(

I recently purchased an Oculus rift off here only to find out my girlfriend has already bought me one for my birthday, I was wondering if there would be any chance of being able to return the item? I'm in a financial state at the moment and it would ...

3D operating system

Somebody needs to revive this project, and make it work for the Rift:

"Screen door" effect - a solvable problem?

Anybody who's used the Rift even a little bit has noticed the "screen door" effect, where there's a somewhat noticeable space between the pixels. Granted, your eyes adapt to it fairly quickly and it becomes a fairly minor issue, but it's still very m...

Up & Down you think it will be possible to dance with the OR someday?

Can't Get DayZ To Work With Vireio

Hey!I have followed two guides on how to get the Oculus Rift to work with DayZ using Vireio and every time I launch the game it crashes.I used this guide: also looked at the guide in the video...

Vorpx vs Tridef: One month

With the announcement of the release of vorpx coming at the end of September, Tridef is given one month to beat Vorpx to the punch (again). So far, they have each acted as though they don't want our 50 dollars, but that will all change by the end of ...

Herolord by Level 4
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Top 20 VR Experiences of 2013

Hey Devs!Cymatic Bruce here! I know I don't post here as often as I used to, but I certainly still lurk to keep up with the goings on. I would like to share a new video that just went up today: Top 20 VR Experiences of 2013!The results are based on a...

Cymatic by Level 2
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Win a FREE Oculus Rift! From the VR Brotherhood

Hey guys, while most of you have an Oculus RIFT, I know some of you don't. The VR Brotherhood has decided to give away an Oculus RIFT to celebrate the launch of our website. A little gift from us to you over the holidays!I love VR, and I'd love to sh...

Thodder7 by Level 2
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Funding Ideas

I've been thinking that this technology can be used in space or under the ocean with cameras and a robotic arms. I suggest trying to get government funding through NASA and or the US Navy. It never hurts to get more money and give jobs to people like...

Best demo for CES and friends demonstration!

What is the best demo you will show for the first time to person to convince VR is great?  My personal choice it Flyingin dreams. And that is the reason why it is:- I have shown it to people, who tell me that they will never try again Oculus after T...

Nekto2 by Level 9
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First Rev VR Podcast of 2014. Interview with Proton Studio

In this first episode for 2014 of the Rev VR Podcast, Jackie and Doug from Proton Studio come to chat about their wonderful Oculus Rift game, Time Rifters. We discuss their Steam Greenlight campaign, their future plans, and we try to figure out their...

The VR Brotherhood Website

Hey guys, Tyler here. The VR Brotherhood community has been growing, and we are launching a website that will have forums, with tutorials on game, a store, some behind the scenes videos on things like Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation, along with a ton...

Thodder7 by Level 2
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The Year of VR

Hi all,Hopefully 2014 will finally be the year VR takes off. It might come towards the end of the year, but I have a feeling 2014 is going to be the start of a revolution in entertainment and media. Already got my money waiting for a Rift, a playseat...

ZaineUK by Level 3
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Virtual Forums/chat?

I had this idea for a virtual chat room and forums, that would allow everyone here to join it and chat. Even a very simple chat room that was connected to the forums would allow people to experience VR with others. While reading the forums and discus...