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OR + Novint Falcon....

I'm curious here if anyone has tried using the Novint Falcon controller in combination with the Rift. For those of you who don't know what the Novint Falcon is, follow the link below. My son broke my pistol grip for it, so I have already placed an or...

Solution for motion sickness !

Hi rifter.Like a lot of you, when i use my rift more 5 minutes, i have the nausea.Impossible to use my rift 5 minutes but now, it's finish !I have bought this product : acupressure Wrist Bands and it's very incredible ! With that, no nausea !Seriousl...

hypothetical question about motion sickness in vr

hey everyone,i'm a pre-orderer and am waiting patiently for my rift to arrive. in the meantime i've been having a great time reading about and viewing peoples reactions when they get their rift i have a hypothetical question to ask - in vr would you...

VRMS by Level 2
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People never cease to amaze me.

I feel bad for the guys at Oculus. They are busting their ass to assemble and ship Dev kits so that we can make content and give feedback. Of course you know have greedy people selling their units on eBay to people who have no patience, I at least ho...

Why do use the oculus rift?

I use the oculus rift for multiple reasons ^_^1. I'm a developer and enjoy making games for the oculus (even thought I haven't publicly released any of my games for the rift or not.2. I use to play community made games for fun when I'm not making the...

Black Ops 2 : Zombies Town Gameplay

Hey guys, Archeaon here. Bringing you guys another special Oculus Rift video.You can check it out here : am the very first person on YouTube to upload Zombies gameplay, and if you guys like this. I do plan ...

DK2 or Consumer pre Xmas?

I'm telling my wife not to buy me anything for xmas, and preorder the DK2/Consumer when it's announced, but I don't think it will work.If they have figured out pricing yet... How about a pre-announce the pre-announce pre-purchase? While getting in li...

lilwolf by Level 5
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75 millions dollars! Grats Oculus!

If what the Verge says is true I wish I had 75 millions bucks so I could see the newest Rift! Grats to Palmer and his team!!!EDIT: Oops, should probably put a link with this eh!

Is it possible to use a site like sketchfab in OR?

Is it possible to use a site like sketchfab ( in OR with something like a Vireo/Vorpx driver? I'm not a programmer so I don't know if it even possible WITHOUT sketchfab turning some OR button ON.

ALK by Level 2
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Oculus share not working

Oculus share is not working on chrome/mac. Tried to hit the download button, but that only refreshes the page. Any suggestions? If I am doing something stupid, don't yell at me or say derogatory terms, just tell me how to fix the problem please. 

One problem remains for a perfect Skyrim experience. Help!

K guys, as per my other thread, I figured out how to get rid of all my notion sickness, and I have all the settings right in tridef for Skyrim. The depth of 3D is perfect, the scale of everything is perfect etc, but on,y one critical issue remains. I...

Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay.

Hey guys, wanted to share this. I posted it on reddit and it spreaded like a wildfire. So I'd thought I'd share the video with you guys here on the Oculus Rift forums.Now, now. I have many more Oculus Rift videos (more to come) because everyone is lo...

Staking Unity Pro trials?

I have ordered 2 oculus rifts, one is here at home and the other one is shipping. Can I stack the 3 month Unity Pro trial and the two 4 month ones for a total of 11 months?

Oculight - Peripheral vision hack for the Rift

Check out Caleb Kraft's peripheral vision Rift hack from Hackaday: neat. Any additional immersion is a good thing in my books.-nsb

nsb by Level 2
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Tuscany Framerate

I thought It would be fun to do a quick survey of how the Tuscany runs on your systemI get an average of 130fps @ 1280x800q6600 2.4ghz 8gb RAM, ATI 5770.

bretspot by Level 2
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Caine, Flake, & Emart talk $75 Million with Rev. Kyle

In this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by Caine, Flake, and Emart to discuss the recent 75 million dollar investment dump made to Oculus and what it might mean for the VR community. We talk about possible new features for the Rift, CES 20...

VR Question

so is this gonna be only for vision and rotation or will this actually work as a transmitter of brain waves so it will actually do what I want it to do (shoot, move etc) or do I have to control the game normally, and only vision will change depending...

senergy by Level 2
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please no april fooling us ok Oculus?

whatever you do not make any April Fools for us ok? thatd be just mean :-p.lets all create aprils fools instead in this thread so they would not be tempted too ok?Ill go.The Oculus Rift really has been released 150 years ago and its now advanced to t...

OVR without USB connected

Please is it possible to use Oculus without USB connected? I don't care about head tracking, have much more powerful system for that, however would love to use it as the HMD in the studio with up to 10 meters from the PC rendering the image. USB cabl...

stepanK by Level 2
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Reddit Ask Me Anaything about Rift Development

Heya Rift Peeps.I've just posted an AMA to the Oculus subreddit and will be answering questions about working with the C++ SDK and the preview version of the Rift from 1pm EDT until 4pm EDT. You may find it here: ...

Heat output of the breakout box

Hi guys -Having lots of fun getting this up and running! One thing I did notice though was that due to the layout of the area i'm working, if I place the breakout box on the table, I often end up accidentally yanking the headset, and the breakout box...

NEW VR BRotherhood Youtube Channel!

Hey Bros, The VR Brotherhood has launched a new channel, lots of new material coming! Comments/ likes/ sharing is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

Thodder7 by Level 2
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Neck model in SDK as a placeholder for positional tracking

I was wondering whether there are plans to implement a neck model in the SDK, which could serve as a placeholder for positional tracking. It would make sense to make this neck model somewhat configurable via the configuration utility; maybe with a fe...

The Witness adds Oculus Rift support!

The Witness. Jonathan Blow's (Braid) next game is adding Oculus Rift support! This is excellent news folks:

Are you still trying to convice people about the Rift???

I thought I'd come and chime in and ask you all if you find it hard to convince other's of the Rift potential?Aside from people trying it, because of course they love it, but for the masses and masses of people who HAVEN'T tried it at all, there's a ...

OnyXVR by Level 2
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