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we cannot find your controllers NAG screen

yes you can its exactly where I left it and where you put it to sleep.pretty sure the message block interferes with all other games with it being in the way. how to stop this stupid behaviour??????

Game keeps on crashing

I recently bought the walking dead Saint and sinners retribution everything was going fine at 1st The game randomly started to This crash Only happened on this game specifically Try to everything I restarted my headset I factory reset it and nothing ...

VR is causing me Insomnia.

As far as I know there's nothing to back this upscientifically.However In my own personal circumstances lately I've beenusing the Rift for a 2-3 hours before I sleep, I'm normally in bed by 1am andasleep within 15 mins.I've noticed recently after usi...

edguy1 by Level 4
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Black Friday Pricing Question

Want to buy as a Christmas Gift ……….. So, Meta Quest 2 with Beat Saber £399.99 and Meta Quest 2 with Beat Saber and Resident Evil £349.99Seems like a no brainer or am I missing something?


In the first time, I can't connect the Ocolus quest 2 at the PC for the GPU compatibility [my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce MX350) isn't in the schedule]. anyway I've tried to re-install the problem and now it's give me an error during the final part, someone ...

ERMATT by Level 2
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Anker charging dock

My dock recently stopped charging! I’ve checked all the cables and those are ok. It’s no longer charging the head set. Please advise

Meta Avatars Support for webGL

Hi Team,We are developing a multiplayer game using Playcanvas platform. We have a requirement to implement avatars with animations(lip-sync , facial expressions , etc...) along with players voice chat. We implemented voice chat with webRTC but still ...

I ordered 2013-04-01. Will I get a TF2 Hat?

I would really appreciate if I could get a hat.It really looks awesome in TF2, I really would want people to know that I own them when playing with Oculus Rift Please if you see this one of the Oculus Team, please tell me if I am getting a hat or no...

RedWorm by Level 2
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Beat Saber

Heyo So i was thinking about buying the quest what are the benefits and cons you guys think about it

dwqdqwd by Level 2
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Anneau anti lumière du quest pro

Je voudrais informer la communauté d'un problème lié à l'anneau anti-lumière du quest pro. L'anneau anti-lumière du quest pro est très efficace et fait vraiment ce pourquoi il a été fait. Mais il y a un gros souci si vous laissez l'anneau sur le casq...

jakos21 by Level 3
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Quest 2 has horrible download speeds

I just purchased Walkabout Mini Golf, which was heavily discounted for Black Friday. And the game is only 3GB and it's been downloading the game for 3 days straight now. And the worst part is it's not even halfway done. I know my internet is crappy, ...

Resolved! Pimax developer ecosystem

Dear VR developers,Pimax is a VR brand which shares the best VR headset with everyone who wants to live in a digital oasis. To assist developers achieving their goals we are offering numerous assistance programs to facilitate a strong flow of new sof...

Resolved! Stand like in Vr center

Hey, does anyone know what the machine people are standing on, at the VR centers are called? Where you can play and stay in the same position, turn around.And if you can buy them as a private person to a reasonable price. just really wanna be able to...

AllelJ by Level 2
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This game is as real as anything I’ve seen. Lots of fun

Feels like I'm in VR even though I am not

I got my VR Headset about 2 days ago and after playing yesterday for a few hours I noticed this feeling with my hands where they don't feel like mine and it just looks and feels very weird. I especially notice it when I am typing on my keyboard I act...

SlimeVR now has full body tracking working on the Quest natively (Video at the twitter link) SlimeVR is a full body motion capture system using inertial trackers (so like Perception Neuron). They've now got the software running natively on the Quest with V...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Home (decor): Bathroom Challenge?

So... I'm trying to make a Toilet area in my Oculus Home. Round 1 of renovations is complete, but I have more ideas. Feel free to visit my home and give feedback.Anyone else wanna take on this challenge? If so post here and let me know when you have ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Quest Pro

Not really a master of anything but a jack of many, and the best VR headset I've owned. Thanks, VR with mixed reality makes it more interesting. Hope to see more AR apps.

Molokan by Level 4
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transferring games'

I am buying the quest 2 but am giving my quest to my grandkids. Would like them to have access to the existing games but would like to have them for my quest 2 also. How do i make this happen?

A possible solution to FPS Locomotion (Demo Included)

This post is in reference to the recent discussion on Reddit here: ... ion_in_vr/The camera is scaled 20 times its normal size making the world seem miniature. Now when the player moves, it feels like your movi...


Can anyone point me to an app similar to Home and Garden software that you can build 3d houses?Looking to create floor plans and make virtual houses.I have been unable to find anything with the same or similar commands/drawings.Thanks for the help.

Oculus help

When I turn on my oculus and open the apps tab on the home display and all of he games I have purchased are not showing and everything on the oculus shows as if it had been wiped to restart everything