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Oculus Quest In-Home Rental Launched

BREAKING The Park Playground are one of the first to deploy their hashtag#In-Home hashtag#VR rental model. Difficult times require a flexibility of business approach - how many will follow?

Assisted Access to VR

Hi, can anyone tell me whether the parent/carer of a child with limited mobility who is using a VR headset such as Rift is able to assist in the launching of games and videos and/or help with the playing of games by using the Oculus PC software on th...

Steam VR

Just starting Oculus link but i can't press anything in-game so I can't play anything. HELP!!!!

Oculus Sellinf Rift S Cables?

Do they sell them anyplace other than Amazon for $100+ and eBay for roughly the same price?I thought Oculus sold them.

McNutts by Level 5
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Oculus For Business is now available

Great, and well laid out report on the #OculusForBusiness final launch, and its implications for B2B, (including the situation on commercial-usage and Colocation). Thanks @AntonyVitillo.

Store refund suggestion.

Please add a function to the oculus store to enable us to cancel a refund request, as you can on steam.Once I requested a refund for the wrong game and couldn't cancel my request. And again I requested a refund only to find out 5 minutes later that t...

Are Oculus store sales somehow country restricted?

I was wondering is the store restricting sales if you are trying to connect from different country that you have registered on? I've had Quest for 2 months and since the beginning I've had everyday something on sale on the store. But now when working...

VR "is like" 3DTV? No no no

A recent interview featuring Oculus' Jason Rubin has been released. It talks about the future of VR Gaming, and also addresses an ongoing misconception that likens VR to 3DTV. Personally, I think that there are 2 camps for this train of thought:Users...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Selling speed

Look when I realized the headsets were out of stock I knew they're selling faster then being producted, but didn't think they will be out of stock again 2 days later. That is faster than I was thinking it would be.:wink: :smiley:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Happy Anniversary to Rift-S and Quest! Major updates incoming

I am incredibly excited about this news! Finally, after 4 years of mainstream VR... Facebook and Oculus are doubling down on VR at the Workplace. It's about damn time. Love it!And to make this even stronger, Oculus' hand-tracking is launching in to G...

Zenbane by Level 15
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[Solved] Games will not launch

Hi all,My games will not launch, and sometimes my library is empty. I am running win10, GTX 1080TI (rolled backed drivers to 388.59). My windows is updated and I doubt my anti-virus is causing any problems(as I have ran oculus for several months with...

HH_BF1 by Level 3
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Breaking issues

I watched a review of a Valve Index and there was said that when something breaks Valve replace it. Like when the thumb stick starts drifting the controller is replaced. If the base station breaks they replace it Do Oculus do that?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest $100m Birthday & SuperHotVR's $2m contribution!

More than $100m has been spent on Oculus Quest content.....With its first anniversary May 21, Oculus revealed that more than $100 million has been spent on Quest software in that first year.As a follow up to last week's news that more than 20 Quest g...

Unreal Engine 5 Could Be HUUUUGE For VR Developers!!!

Am surprised that nobody has posted about this here yet. Epic released a Demo of UE5 played on a PS5.'s a real MAJOR game changer is that the engine DOESN'T use Normal maps but high resolution models instead, so scenes...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Silicon Rising Free Locomotion Video

You might have dismissed the on-rails teleporting Silicon Rising when it first launched, but since then the devs have added free-locomotion, smooth or snap turning and manual reloading (coming in the next update). From what I've played this totally c...

How bind 180 snap-turn in oculus API game?

I need to bind "look back" button in HOTAS, keyboard or touch in War Thunder game. I can do it (using touch) with OpenVR advanced settings, but it only works with SteamVR games. Game i need (War Thunder) launching without SteamVR overlays even if lau...

Zejch by Level 4
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Oculus Quest to Get ‘Playspace Scan’

Gosh, the Quest is just getting better and better as a smart device. Not only can it detect and track your hands and fingers without the need for a controller, but soon it will also be able to detect when someone has entered your Playspace!In honor o...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Quest or Rift S

This is quite a common question I believe but after hours of research I still can't decide. I currently have a Lenovo Explorer and am looking to upgrade. I'd like to be able to try out the extra features and to experiment with the wireless the Quest ...

Meaning of order status

I've run into this a lot with online shops that give you information about your order.They use terms that explain the current status of your order, but never actually explain what they mean, and it's not always intuitive.I'm getting the same feeling ...

Phone VR like Oculus Quest

Phones have been evolving a lot in the past few years since the gear VR release and I feel like phone vr needs an upgrade now. New devices are out and are being released that in some ways pass the oculus quest specs, an example is a One plus 7 pro. T...

tezyrx by Level 2
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