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Oculus Team Updates. (Updated daily)

This was created for the oculus team so that they can updated us on there shipping details,problems,delays,missing wires,new hd dev kits,gaming controllers,DIY screen changes and positional tracking updates...trying anything possible at this stage  ...

List of business oculus should not go into :)

Since i am frustrated of waiting for my rift, and since 90 percent of people here cant tolerate anyone who criticizes oculus, i decided to compile a list of business oculus should not not go into if the vr gig ever fails :). Just trying to relax and ...

Minimum IPD for children using the rift.

I know you cannot put a specific age as to who Oculus would generally work for, but I was building some fun little places for my sisters kids birthday a Alice in wonderland thing, they are 13 and 14 but now that I have heard it is not recommended for...

Any news for US orders trapped in customs? (UPDATED DAILY)

WHAT ARE CUSTOMS YOU ASK?!This article pretty much explains how customs work; for those of us uninformed. THREADThis a thread for those of us discussing any news, thoughts, or grievances about...

Question about the DevKit

I have started developing games on the side as a project of mine and some friends. I want to be able to support the Oculus but I was wanting to know something.I know the current Dev Kit is not up to the full specs of the unreleased Consumer model. I ...

Marketing Ideas

I haven't seen much discussion specific to marketing. Given the demonstrable appeal of the Rift and the relatively small marketing budget available to Oculus VR, I think it would be interesting to hear some marketing ideas from the community.Here is ...

Shipped Email

I don't really have too much of a problem with this, but I got my "Your Oculus Has Shipped" email about an hour after it was already delivered.Either the mailman was the future Doc Brown feeling really generous or the emails go out a bit late.Regardl...

Solving positional tracking

Alright fellow speculators. I think I've come up with a solution for solving head-tracking.So, I've read about webcams pointing at the user wearing the headset, but that has several problems. It's limiting as to what the webcam can see, you have to s...

Oculus Rift game Console

Just asking if you guy's think this would be awesome. I know technically this would be impossible right now but just to bring up some discussion but would this be nice? If some of you have seen SAO (Sword Art online) then you would probably get at wh...

khailz by Level 2
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Ok so who...

Is going to make a nice winter wonderland rift experience for xmas being able to walk through a snow covered village while the lights twinkle and the snow falls lightly..soft xmas music playing in the background fa lalalala

Orthographic scale?

So I've been using the Oculus to develop VR visualization for interior design purposes lately.And I noticed that using 1:1 scale in Unity will yield less than 1:1 results.To give you an idea of my work flow path;I work in Sketchup in mm scale. Then e...

Creating Avatars from Photos

This struck me as a quick and simple method to create realistic avatars from multiple photos.It's a program from Autocad also available as an app on phones etc that allows you to quicly create a 3D image from photos which you can later edit.http://ww...

Medium by Level 2
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To Release The Rift Now Or Later

We could get to the consumer market very quickly if we released something very like the high-res version of the dev kit (the second wave of dev kits, shown at E3, have 1080p resolution), or we could take a little bit longer and solve a few more probl...

Madaras by Level 5
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New US orders sent signature required?

I've been following these threads a lot and the typical happy delivery story is "A box just showed up at my door!".When I tracked my package sent yesterday I noticed that it was signature required. Is this the new standard?I logged into UPS My Choice...

New Rift Enabled Video posted on The Gallery backer forum

The guys over at posted an opening sequence to the forthcoming game "The Gallery" in thier kickstarter backer forum. Its in the split screen bubble vision format, so if you have your rift already I hear it looks pretty nifty.

Made it into New Scientist magazine

Just in case you're interested. Was surprised when I picked up the New Scientist magazine yesterday to discover an article in there about VR and how the Rift is bringing about its resurgence:"DON'T think, just feel. Games-makers are embracing the Ocu...

medrift by Level 2
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The First Oculus Tattoo

Sorry, no pictures here, nor do I have an Oculus Tattoo.I was thinking about the guy who got the Microsoft Zune logo tattooed on his arm, and wonder how long it will take for someone to get an Oculus Tattoo?I think intelligent programmers are less li...

Will trade Cintiq 12WX for a Oculus Rift

I have a near mint Cintiq 12WX and willing to trade for a like new Oculus Rift. More info here:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Go Oculus!

Things might look tough on the Customs front right now Oculus, with the Customs Departments of both the US and Europe regulating and contemplating. But worry not! You can do this, Oculus. This is but one step on your road to Consumer VR Greatness. Yo...

Reading with Rift

Hello, I have not had the option to try Rift anywhere but most projects I see are dedicated to games.My question is if it is possible to have a comfortable reading screen as well. The advantage I see in Rift is that I could lay down in any position a...

Waiting eagerly

Hey all,I'm just a casual gamer. I wanted to thank those of you who are going beyond FPSs and RPGs and creating learning experiences and tourist experiences and just plain beauty.An I wanted to say thanks to all the actual developers out there doing ...

bobdole by Level 2
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At the risk of annoying some people or contributing more to an already cacophonous outcry, I have a genuine question. Here is what I would like to know:Why, with the unplanned hold up in customs in the US, would you not create a thread, one that is a...

Developing for Rift

I only know basic coding skills. I'm going through a tutorial now with C++ and I'm learning a lot. My questions is, how long will it take me to actually start developing a basic program for the Rift? I just pre-ordered my Rift last night, so I have t...

lshall24 by Level 2
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Buy oculus rift for demostation

Hi guys, i want to put some demostation in my stores with the Oculus Rift, can i buy it? Because in this page it seems to be that i can but only the kits without visor. I would want something like this announcment ht...