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Order Cancellation.

Hi guys, I am thinking of cancelling my order and I'd like to hear from others who have cancelled, or know the process.I'm not cancelling because of wait times or anything remotely related, so lets not turn this into a thread full of tears..I'd just ...

Dwayne by Level 2
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Can the Oculus be used just to watch 3d movies?

I do not have an Oculus yet but was just wondering if its possible just to hook it up for a display of your computer moniter to watch a movie?or possible just hook it up with an hdmi/dvi to a xbox/ps3 and play games just not in 3d like the sony hmz?

jd123 by Level 2
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Should I get a Rift devkit?

Good day, Oculus VR community. I have been heavily considering ordering a Rift development kit, but I have some reservations in that regard. While I have plans to develop for the Rift, should I decide to purchase one, it is my understanding that they...

Considering buying the Oculus...Non developer...

So ive been watching videos and what not and I am considering buying an Oculus but have a few questions..although I am decent with computer I am not a developer cannot code or do much with programing so...How hard is it to set up? do i just plug all ...

jd123 by Level 2
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I do not think I've seen anybody discuss the obvious implications of a game like this if it was made for VR: Antichamber means forgetting...

Motion Blur in Rift

Hey Guys,does anyone else notice significant motion blur in the rift? it seems most noticable in Tuscany and any of the UDK maps (not so much in First Law , maybe just because there is so much black).I have a pretty strong pc (8 core AMD, 8gb RAM, SS...

Adding to Immersion

Late backer due to funds but eagerly awaiting my rift!In the meantime I'm thinking of ideas to help aid immersion.One thing that strikes me that one ones done yet is have their avatar presented with a headset that has to be put on.This would easily w...

RoyMi6 by Level 2
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Oculus Rift + Leap Motion?

Has anyone considered mixing the Oculus Rift with the Leap Motion? I know, hard to get ahold of either at this point, but as a future interface, this could be quite unique. Consider for a moment the first thing you would associate with VR Goggles; th...

pre-ordered !!!

SO i pre-ordered this on Fri i've had no word or e-mail confirming my purchase, i was out at the club the othernight and seen the charge on my card, so they've charged me but when i click They have no record of my e-mail address ...

Initial Reaction Comparisons/Ratings

Hi everyone,After following the Oculus Rift for a few weeks now, I finally ordered one yesterday after finally deciding that waiting for the consumer version to come out just wasn't possible and that I had to get my hands on one sooner.Everyday, I've...

Tyler by Level 2
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Will oculus reach their vision of 40k units sold in 2013

Anyone have any guesses on whether oculus will meet their goal?Anyone have any ideas on what has been sold from January until now? As well If a second devkit is released I could easily see a large crowd of repeat customers as well as more of a consum...

What really does means "Rift has low FOV"?

I understood this correctly?I heard several people who complained about the low FOV of rift and I think I understood what they meant. Maybe its not about FOV of Rift itself, but low fov set in game settings. When you set low FOV, you get view like lo...

Lens Distortion and Future Products

What is the possibility (and accuracy) of doing lens correction within the Oculus Rift control box?My main concern is defining a working standard for compatibility with future products. If a new model is introduced which includes modified optics, wou...

erick by Level 2
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Wii Fit Balance Board + Glovepie Script = Good Idea?

So I was trying to think of different gaming controllers for foot presses and the first thing that came to mind is the wii fit balance board... You could hook it up to your pc via Bluetooth and use the program glove pie to write scripts that would si...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Bunch of people experience RIFT + KINECT for the first time.

There was an event called Openlab on the weekend in Melbourne Australia. Ethno Tekh was there showing their first experiment with the Rift and Kinect, in Unity. It was my first experience of the rift and any VR. Seeing your body represented in transp...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Pimp my Rift

Borrowed 2 "eye stickers" from my son. This was the missing piece for the Rift... 

Rifted or Occluded?

Surgeon Simulator 2013!Now imagine it with at least the razor hydra controller, preferably some VR glove system and the Rift!So should this game be Rifted or Occluded?What games would you like to see being Rifted?

Arowx by Level 3
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Star Wars with rift

As some of you heard and we heard some gossips about implementing oculus with frostbite That got me thinking++++= be most epic game ever just imagine blasting back laser shots like pro jedi where you ha...

reaktor by Level 2
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oculus dvk1 positional or not? (ever)

This is my main hurdle for our company to invest more. Obviously we need positional tracking. Should we wait before ordering more? Or is it reasonoble to expect we can use dk1 with this feature at some point?Kickstarter was 6dof right?"Head tracking:...

ThomasH by Level 3
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Somebody _Please_ Port This Game

Please, someone port this to the Oculus Rift before it's too late for me. :mrgreen: I am quite serious. Hundreds of thousands of devices would be purchased for this purpose a...

Would downgrading my order to a kit version help?

Simply put if the manufacturing of the Rift is the main bottleneck in delivery*, would a self assembly kit version alleviate this bottleneck and speed up overall production/delivery.*This of course assumes that all the subcomponents are being manufac...

Arowx by Level 3
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How will the Rift run on my Mac Mini?

Hi there.I was just wondering if there are any other out there with Mac Mini 2013 using the Rift?I have the highest modell with 16gb ram - know there is a Intel HD 4000 card in my Mac mi...

What are the first things to grab the day you receive it?

Well, one of my rift's is out for delivery right now... and I've spent so much time anticipating this day, I forgot to pay much attention to exactly what I should install on day 1 with the rift, lol.I know the Tuscany demo, though I've heard there ar...

The Pavlov's dog effect. (Training level ideas please)

Ok, here is what I am noticing.I get sea sick but not car sick nor air sick, I can read while in the car or air on the boat in rough sea I just want to die. (I am told that after 7 or so odd days at sea I would get my sea legs but that is a prospect ...

Wookiee by Level 2
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Oculus Rift and tablets/smartphones

Hi to all I have a question about Oculus Rift and the integration with tablets/smartphones. Is it possible to connect it to those hardwares? I know that there is no integration with Androids and iOS but maybe someone managed to make it work? And what...

Lukas by Level 2
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Oculus Rift + Kinect

Check out what these guys are doing..Ethno Tekh test Oculus Rift + Kinect

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I set up a temporary mirror...

To try and offset some of the slowdown on the servers here, I've set up the downloadable files on my own server as a mirror. The Unity library files are large, so they are still being uploaded, but here are the other two I was able to download:Window...

Arrival : Rift + T-shirt and Poster anyone ?

Hello everyone,As the shipment number seems pretty much strange, It look like :No one that ordered a rift+poster+t-shirt arrived ?T-shirt and poster too ?Right ?(posted on MTBS forum also)

"Focusing" or "Dialing In" Rift for me (glasses, etc.)

Everyone,What is the best way for me to figure out what setup I need to use with the Rift? I don't know how to best ask this question, so let me describe what I'm looking for...How do I know which lens cups to use, A B or C, is there a good program t...