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VR Trick: Eliminate controller rotation

As many of us are finding out, motion sickness is not an insignificant problem with the current state of VR. When I do demos for people, I generally just have them sit in the chair and look around as I control them because it's very easy for them to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can you create an option to ship today for a fee?

I would gladly pay an extra 50 dollars to have the rift shipped now instead of in June. Surely, an extra 50 would make it economically viable to produce them fast enough to be able to ship to everyone already promised to ship by now, and to those tha...

Herolord by Level 4
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The "Holy Mackerel" Thread

With all the discussions about shipping times, international waits and general "where is my rift" threads, I wanted to add some positivity.I got my Rift hooked up last night and fired up the Sixense Tuscany demo and my mind is blown. I surfaced about...

Best software to rip 3D movies for the Rift?

Hey all - In prep for the arrival of my Rift I upgraded my 5" drive to a Blu-Ray drive. Now I am wondering how to best (and cheapest) rip 3D movies for playback in the rift.Currently I use Handbrake and DVDFab Passkey Lite (read: Free) to rip DVDs an...

TF2 Help

hello all,i just got my dev kit and wanted to test in TF2, i followed the wiki guide by making sure the launch options has -vr... then calibrate in the main menu with the dev console, however when i type "vr_calibration" i always get 'Unkown Command'...

Could SLI allow extremely high resolution dual screens?

Just out of curiosity, wondering if Oculus plans to realease a dual-screen oculus in the future (two independent screens at full resolution per each eye), and if so... could there be any possibility of making each screen rendered by a single GPU? One...

"RR" ("real reality")

I have discovered two very exciting demos for different applications of the oculus rift, which use real stereoscopic images instead of rendered images. I call it "RR" because it's a way of immersing into a real but distant place and/or bygone moment....

hobel by Level 2
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New Zealand Shipping Costs

Hello,I'm new here (obviously) and have read some horror stories about people being stung by hidden brokerage fees etc when having their rift delivered to them.I'm calling on any Australians / New Zealander's that have purchased, please share your ex...

michealv by Level 3
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[HELP] Custom clearance in Korea

First of all, I receive a message about a parcel is detained in custom, waiting for clearance.I am NOT SURE whether it is from Oculus or not, but since I didnt order anything international recently, I guess it is.EA176348102HK (It is from Hongkong he...

tcboy88 by Level 3
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Diffuser recommendations?

I'm in the market for a diffuser screen to reduce the screen door effect of the Oculus panel, can anyone recommend a particular screen? Here's essentially what I'm talking about, but I don't really know how to evaluate specs for quality: http://www.k...

Thank you Palmer and the Oculus Team!

I just had my first Oculus Rift experience and WOW am I impressed! First up was the Razer Hydra Tuscany demo and despite watching EVERY Rift video and review that I could find, I was still totally blown away with the experience. Like many have said, ...

Motion tracking headphones

I found this on kickstarter a motion tracking device for headphones only for iOS but says it will be available for gaming ect. Would this effect help with sound immersion for the rift?


The Oculus Rift doesn't record any positional tracking only the axis tracking. So how does the Oculus know where my center is? Meaning how does it know when I'm facing forward?Is "forward" always in the direction that I look?What if I wanted to look ...

Watching Threads

I figured General Discussion was the best place to ask this. Is there a way to "watch" threads on this forum?

My great idea for a new game...please steal it

There are many incredible ideas floating through this forum. I'm sure many of you, like myself, have seen a great idea pop up that you had already thought of. I think it's because we're all on the same page and realize the potential of this device. A...

Rift kit was sold to forum member

Thank you guys for the overwhelming responses ....Kit was sold to fellow forum member on first come first serve basis....Have fun John There was some enquiry to why i sold the rift away...* Nothing wrong with the Rift...The VR experience was top not...

Non-First person Games

Everyone is only talking about first person games, but I think it would be fun to play all kinds of games with the Rift. I'd anyone working on a way to give NES and SNES emulators 3D support? It shouldnt be that difficult since its basic layers. You ...

Herolord by Level 4
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How close.

How close does it get to your eyes?I understand that this must be different depending on how you are setup.I'm definitely planning on wearing my contacts with my rift. I think that it would have to be closer to my eyes then my glasses are currently, ...

EVE dog fight game! check it! please CCP Games let us play it!

enzo by Level 2
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FPS Increase or Decrease?

So my question is whether our fps would be improved if games are set to the recommended 1280x800 (I believe that's the correct resolution for the current rift?) or would it be more tasking on our systems since the rift is cloning the monitor? If so t...

Games that would work well with the Rift + motion controler

The idea of this thread is to highlight games that you believe would work really well with a rift and motion controller.My picks:ReceiverThe lack of UI and interesting gun mechanics would make this game Ideal for VR. It was made in unity and a Rift c...

mdk by Level 2
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What magnifying glass do I need to use iPad screen for 3D?

I'm trying to make a bootleg 3D setup using my iPad and 2 magnifying glasses to hold me up until my Rift shows up in June. I'm thinking I can just send the splitscreen video from my comouter to my iPad with some low-lag streaming app, using the rift ...

Real Oculus Delivery expectations - please assist

Hello:I jsut want help in setting my delivery expectations in a reasonabl manner. My order number is about 51000. S I know I am pretty much at the bottom of the barrel. The order page has an expected delivery estimate of June.. which is nto to bad. Y...

Wow.. the Dev Kits are already on eBay. For 1000 euros

I have just looked through eBay and stumbled over this sucks having to wait for the DevKits to ship and it sucks even more see...