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Oculus RIFT International Delivery

Hello!I'm really eager to get my hands on a Oculus, but i was surprised when i saw that more than a third of the product's price is only the shipping cost ($110). I was wondering is there an alternative way of delivery? As with the shipping and custo...

ivreally by Honored Guest
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Mac Support

I know i'm definitely in the minority here, but all my development software is on my Mac. I've put a lot of money into software that I'd love not to got to waste. I've herd Mac support might be in the works, does anyone know if this is true and if so...

Mr_Night by Honored Guest
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Order #1997 arrived today (San Jose, CA)

It's finally here!! I got the shipping notice this morning and it arrived before I got home from work.In all of my excitement, I completely forgot that I don't have any windows boxes to use with this. oops. Anyone have any idea when the Mac version o...

bfoz by Honored Guest
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There are 3 Dev Kits on Ebay

There are 3 dev kits on ebay I see. I see a lot of people that dont want to wait in these forums. I guess if you got the cash you dont have too.

Rift around Atlanta, GA, USA ?

Does anyone have got the rift development kit around Atlanta area?. Maybe there should be a separate section based on local area - so that people who have already gotten the rift can share and also to discuss potential collaboration. I saw a similar ...

Omni by Virtuix to be supported by Oculus

Hey Oculus fans!My name is Jonathan and I am fascinated by virtual reality. I work with a company who has ordered a couple of units but I think there is a long waiting list.You might be interested to know that I recently interviewed Jan Goetgeluk the...

3dfocus by Honored Guest
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Customs Charges to the UK

I was just wondering if there were any customs charges to the UK, or whether or not they were included in the shipping. I purchased my rift about 3 weeks ago, so I'm not expecting it for a while, but I would appreciate knowing if I'm going to be sudd...

Jademalo by Honored Guest
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We really need an update on how shipping is going

I was a bit overly pushy about commication a few weeks back but i laid off because some of the info i got turned out i was wrong, however its been over two weeks since they first started shpping, and the 2nd week in April i would have figured by now ...

Rift + Leap Motion?

I don't know if anyone has suggested this before, but how cool would it be to combine the Rift with the Leap Motion gadget? ( I've ordered one. The biggest downside? Now instead of just waiting for my Rift to arrive, I al...

vaspoul by Honored Guest
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Low latency video cards

Hey, folks! We know latency is as critical as frame rate for VR, but I'm having a really hard time finding latency benchmarks for consumer video cards. So...Doesn't anyone have any suggestions for cards or card features that we should keep an eye out...

Older VR content

Is anyone planning to move the old VR content like VRML content to the Rift?I cant imagine that it would be any use beyond a curiosity and with all the strange peripherals I used to see on tech shows probably impractical but it would be great to see ...

Yam by Honored Guest
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Post Your Order Number Here If You Have Your Rift Please

I know everyone is trying to find out how things are going, so instead of spamming Oculus to find out how shipping is going how about if you already received your rift and your order number is following the last order number in this discussion then p...

Text in virtual worlds

Just got my dev kit today. I am very excited about the technology and possibilities, but I must confess that it doesn't appear quite ready yet for some of the things I was hoping to use it for.Specifically, I am personally less interested in gaming a...

VR, Sickness, 3rd Person Perspectives

I could be wrong, but I believe VR sickness will be a major problem that will force developers to build applications that minimize user movement. While a READY PLAYER ONE vision of VR is tantalizing, I don't see the sickness problem being solved anyt...

Blogged on my dev kit

Arrived yesterday, tried it out last night, blogged this am.

Horizontal vision

Hi Oculus,as there is no "Feature requests" board I gotta have to post it here (please move if it doesn't fit in here).Please implement this "hotfix" to the consumer version for the horizontal vision: ... 8FSuxA...

xsign by Honored Guest
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Alternative to Redirected Walking

An interesting technique to create the illusion of infinite virtual spaces in a finite physical space.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Some photos of Rift screen in action

Somebody asked for a closeup photo of the Rift screen in another thread. I can't find the exact post anymore, so I will post it in a new thread.The photo below shows reasonably accurate how the pixels look on the Rift screen (left side of the photo i...

marcel by Explorer
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Full Oculus Rift Teardown

My friend and I did a full teardown of the rift. We made a video of it, and then put it on youtube. Here is a link to the youtube video. ... _teardown/

multiple hydras

It seems like it could be possible to connect multiple hydras for additional tracking. With additional hydra(s) you could track head position, both hands, and possibly even feet. Has anyone tried this yet to see if it works in any of the engines?

The size of the Rift with 1920!

It seems that if the consumer version is 1080p, it will be pretty darn big.I made a picture ( see link below ) I don't know if that is accurate but im pretty sure it is.So won't having higher resolution make the Rift bigger and probably slightly heav...

RedWorm by Honored Guest
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Why no headphone jack?

Hi there,I wonder if the next DevKit (or at least the consumer version) will have a headphone jack on the HMD itself? As the device is connected per HDMI anyway, this should not be a real problem, doesn't cost much but will make the setup much easier...

spyro by Expert Protege
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Word of caution for international users and other...

Hello,First of all, I'm currently living in Mexico. Normally when ordering from US-based stores, I NEVER choose the option to ship internationally because from experience, I have received opened stuff, broken stuff, and paid stupidly high import fees...

Andrewe1 by Protege
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Roller coaster simulator with a big fan. like this with oculus rift and a big fan right in front of you so you think it's the wind. It would probably be awesome 

RedWorm by Honored Guest
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The wait is depressing. T_T

So... pretty much, T_T I am frustrated at the wait. I know it's coming, and I'm not complaining... just putting my frustration out there. I know that they are being shipped, and that I'll get mine eventually... T_T I just want it now.Anything you guy...

Order # scheme

Greetings, does anybody have any knowledge pertaining to the numbering system for Rift orders? I have #49xxx, surely there weren't that many devkits ordered? Thanks.

bellch87 by Honored Guest
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