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Oculus Software Download issue fix

are you having problems downloading Oculus software? Welcome to the club, after nearly 2 days I was able to download the Oculus software, 800 MB of hell!! but I did not just download the software, I found a way to skip the whole download thing in the...

wiss83 by Explorer
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Are the Shipping times accurate?

I placed my order for the original Rift, and it says I'm going to have to wait at least 2 months before it ships. Is this accurate? Im really hoping not. I do understand because of the pandemic, but just hope I cant get it before lockdown ends ;-;. T...

JushT by Honored Guest
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Did Stormland and Asgard's Wrath sell poorly?

I just returned to playing Stormland. I was surprised to find that it hadn't been updated to address issues and bugs. I went on the reddit and very little activity. Did it sell well? Did Asgard's Wrath sell well? Boneworks, Saints & Sinners, HL: Alyx...

MowTin by Expert Trustee
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Why No Hand Tracking on the Rift S?

Sorry if this has been asked, i'm sure it has but i can't find it.The Rift S has multiple cameras and plenty of power - why doesn't it have the hand tracking that the Quest has?Will the next gen of Quest and Rift both have it from the outset - what's...

Verification process

Has anyone experienced a similar issue of needing to provide their ID so you could process with your order? If so, i was wondering how long did it take for the support team to fix that.:^)

xHoder by Explorer
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Oculus stuck on update loop

Hi guysGot my gear working. But then I couldn't install any of my purchased apps. Uninstalled then reinstalled and now it needs to do an oculus update with the man with the gear VR on his head. Stuck in that update loop.I've made sure that the Facebo...

Which the best

I would like to know if I can play games with only one arm? which virtual glasses do you recommend? Are there many applications to use or play with only one arm? if I buy the $ 750- $ 800 one with 2 levers, can I use the same with one arm?

Which do I upgrade?

Hi. I have the Oculus Rift headset and I’m wondering whether I should upgrade to the Rift S or upgrade my graphics card in order to improve my vr experience? My pc is i7 5960X with 64gb ram and nvidia gtx 980 TI graphics card. Current games I’m enjoy...

Quest link lag

Hi I have a quest on link my laptop is 16g rtx2060 more than enough I have connected to laptop but I get extreme lag in the headset on the home page I have the latest drivers could it be the cable

Jaba69 by Explorer
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Anker Link cable

I order the recommended link cable, but it's a bit short. Which extension cable should I buy?

hhammer57 by Honored Guest
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Question about using Prescription Lens (with Oculus Rift CV1)

Hi guys,my eyes are still good enough, but, like usually happens if you are over 50, I'm far-sighted and need glasses for reading.Using Oculus, I can't say that my view is blurry, but I'm wondering if it could be better using lens.So I'm going to pri...

Gico by Protege
  • 6 replies
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Not recognizing USB 3.1 Type C Cable Oculus Link

What title said, I need help with Oculus Link, I tried all the options to do such as Cleaning out the USB C port, Reinstalling Oculus Driver, Turning on PTC, Turning off everything that some forum have problem with, and Logging off and On Oculus Soft...

7ev_en by Honored Guest
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Anyone here tried pimax 4k headset?

It's 4k vr headset and only $300. I am thinking about getting one for purely watching movies on virtual desktop. Has anyone tried this headset? I am just wondering if screendoor effect and god ray are gone in 4k headset. I don't feel comfortable watc...

shin777 by Protege
  • 21 replies
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COVID-19 destroyed Magic Leap?

In the news,Magic Leap Starts Lay Off Process Due To Slow Sales & COVID-19"To better prepare Magic Leap for the future, we have taken a close look at our business ...

Hands on with MSI VR One - Backpack PC for VR

Today I had the privilege to try a prototype of the MSI VR One, the backpack PC that makes untethered VR possible. The PC weights around 3.5kg (about 7.7 pounds), but it feels quite light once it's on your back. The technical specs are a CPU Intel Co...

Mr_Wilde by Heroic Explorer
  • 23 replies
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Pictures Not Clear

New to Gear VR..Got everything working, but picture quality is poor.. seem pixalated (??) See very small squares making up the pictures.. manual says there are lens protectors on and to remove them, but I cannot see or find anything on them to remove...

VRLK by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can I use Oculus Touch With DK1 On SteamVR?

My DK1 still works on SteamVR and runs at 60 fps and above, it works perfectly fine with no problems. I want to know if the oculus touch works on SteamVR on its own like how the DK1 works its own at the same time you could use PSMove controllers. To ...

Best laptops for VR

I am looking into having a laptop built but I deff want it able to do VR for when I travel and sometimes for work. So, my question is is there anyone that regularly plays their Oculus on a VR laptop and if so how well is it compared to desktop PCs? A...

VR Noob, having problems with the fit

New to VR and Oculust Quest. I'm having problems adjusting physically. The headset leave some gaps where the bridge of my nose is and light comes through and also the straps sit to high on the back of my head and starts to slip upward and eventually ...

World of Warcraft in VR, is that possible?

Anyone doing WoW in VR (Oculus Rift)? Will blizzard support VR in the future? What’s it like to look at the open world? Farming WoW Gold will be less exhausted in-game then (though I have SSEgold when I want more gold, but still)? I think it would be...


Oculus Rift Refurbished Order Time

I'm stuck in the middle of deciding whether to buy PSVR vs A refurbished Rift, The only reason I'm not immediately buying the Rift is because I'm worried about how long it will take to arrive, I've read some posts and no clear answers have come up, h...

Alx4sho by Honored Guest
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