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Best laptops for VR

I am looking into having a laptop built but I deff want it able to do VR for when I travel and sometimes for work. So, my question is is there anyone that regularly plays their Oculus on a VR laptop and if so how well is it compared to desktop PCs? A...

VR Noob, having problems with the fit

New to VR and Oculust Quest. I'm having problems adjusting physically. The headset leave some gaps where the bridge of my nose is and light comes through and also the straps sit to high on the back of my head and starts to slip upward and eventually ...

World of Warcraft in VR, is that possible?

Anyone doing WoW in VR (Oculus Rift)? Will blizzard support VR in the future? What’s it like to look at the open world? Farming WoW Gold will be less exhausted in-game then (though I have SSEgold when I want more gold, but still)? I think it would be...


Oculus Rift Refurbished Order Time

I'm stuck in the middle of deciding whether to buy PSVR vs A refurbished Rift, The only reason I'm not immediately buying the Rift is because I'm worried about how long it will take to arrive, I've read some posts and no clear answers have come up, h...

Alx4sho by Honored Guest
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VR + Mind Reading (So it begins?)

A new device, Looxid Link, that measures our brain waves has been released. And it seems that when attached to a VR Headset, like the Rift-S, that we can start controlling objects with our minds! video by MRTV wi...

Invitation to test a student's game on Quest and Rift S

Hello everyone, we will share our final student project with you. If you are interested, share your email adress with me and I'll send you the game with documents to complete for testing. It's a narrative game in a very dark atmosphere. Please try it...

Diovige by Honored Guest
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ORDER Status??

I placed an order for an Oculus Rift + Touch on April 15th. I keep getting emails with the subject "Your Oculus Order" that simply says:Hi Stacy,You can use this link to access your order information.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to conta...

StacyWV by Honored Guest
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Oculus for Android

I bought a new phone and the jack is no longer compatible with my headset. Are there new headsets that are comparable with the Samsung S10? I'm out from work so can't afford the stand-alone. I've searched on here, but couldn't find one. Thanks for an...

Leak Reveals New OculusVR Standalone Prototype!

Facebook Leaks Codename For ‘Del Mar’ Standalone Headset With ‘Jedi Controller’ there be a CV2 for the Rift also in the works? Or is Link the solution?

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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eye tracking idea

the idea is simple, have a camera measure when the eye passes a line, then change the picture accordingly.if the user doesn't like the line you chose for the box their eye sits in, then the enlarge the box.inner box surrounds eye, it moves to cover t...


Horizons Beta countries. Spain not in the list. WTF?

Hi.I don't know if this is just a form error, but Spain is not on the list to opt for the Beta of Horizons. Is this correct? We have thousands of headsets here, active developers, active companies, and there are a bunch of communities using VR (oculu...

HP Reverb second impression thread. (Revision 2)

Ok HP have finally started selling the Reverb again after the messy first release. I returned the 1st with issues and received my version 2 model yesterday. Setup is plug and play as you'd expect with a WMR. I did have an issue for an hour or so wher...

How to know when Oculus Quest is back in stock?

What's the best way to find that out? The news letter? Is there an out of stock only email I could join? Will they put it back in stock here before places like Walmart and Best Buy?TL;DR I don't want to miss my chance to get one next time they're ava...

AceBlue_ by Honored Guest
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Current Oculus Stock Availability List

I'll keep this updated every day or so.Latest stock on the Oculus Store as of 2020/04/1 8:20am AESTRift-SQuest 64GBQuest 128GBGo 32GBGo 64GBAustraliaN/AA$649A$799A$239A$319AustriaN/AN/AN/A€159€219BelgiumN/AN/AN/A€159€219CanadaN/AC$549C$699C$199C$259D...

kojack by MVP
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Left Touch controller died? Maybe?

So i have an cv1.Yesterday I played some Beat Saber nothing happened I didn't drop it or anything like this, but today it's just doesn't want to do anythingI can't pair it (The led isn't doing anything too), The Oculus app says it's offI already trie...

Essential Software for Windows 10

Text EditorVisual Studio Code: Fast and equipped with a lot of useful features by default, VS Code is arguably the best text editor-IDE hybrid. Features a live edit.Atom: With a massive library of extensions, Atom is probably the text editor with mos...

Isha963 by Honored Guest
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Oculus link keeps lagging and freezing.

Hi, I have this problem with the oculus link. I plug it into my pc, open the oculus software, and start the link. I choose a game, and suddenly, my PC and quest just freezes. When I plug the link out, its still frozen until it eventually crashes. Som...

Caysson by Sightseer
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a few problems with vr

vr needs vergence accommodation, meaning you see different distances needs a good refresh rate and fps of the source to use that refresh needs to be light weightit needs foveated rendering to emulate the way the eye sees, and this...

Commercial use

I am trying to make a game with Unity. And I have imported "Oculus Integration" from "Unity Asset Store" to my project.Are these source codes of this asset provided by Oculus available for commercial use? Is it partially allowed ?I feel that the Samp...

vis_saito by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Average Temps

I was wondering what was the average temperatures of others CPU and GPU while using Oculus Rift. What is your average temp while using OR?

Blaqk1 by Explorer
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A VR Game I'd love to see!

So it's probably quite a simple and easy concept for a "game" as such, but I know how hard it would be to develop and how it would be implemented into an actual story. I'm not sure if it would be a Google Earth type scenario or a whole experience bas...

Payment issues

I have a Quest headset in my cart (currently waiting for a restock)I tried purchasing one the other day, but the Oculus website has since been giving errors whenever I try to add my card info or PayPal. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Crazy8_YT by Honored Guest
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Where does Oculus Rift S ship from?

Hi im from sweden and i was wondering where the Rift S ships from. If it ships from US it might cost me an extra 100 euros, but from the EU no extra money. // Ludde

Lutzzu by Honored Guest
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Terrible shipping

Ordered a part that says shipped for the past two days and all they did was create a label. Another lie from Occulus. They can't even promise to ship something but they sure take the payment quickly. Maybe by Christmas

videos not showing in Youtube VR - compatability tags ?

got my oculus delivered yesterday, i'm amazed so far!i had already uploaded some 360 videos to youtube, but before yesterday i'd only been looking at them on my phone.if i search by youtube channel name, youtube VR says "no compatible videos" under t...