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Sensor Mount for Monitors? 3d printed?

Good morning... I am trying to see if anyone has created a 3d print mount for sensors that would sit on top of a monitor?... I have a 43" super ultra wide, and I could put a sensor on each side and it be perfect... Just curious if there is one made.I...

Apps in Portuguese or French?

Hello.I am illiterate in virtual reality and in English, and I evaluate thepurchase of a device (Go) to start.I ask:Are there any apps spoken or subtitled in Portuguese or French? How toidentify them?Thanks

Your kids VR accidents

Just experienced the first one in this household, and I'm curious if you fellow parents have similar stories to share! I don't have a video, and I doubt her mum would allow me to post it anyway.Anywho, my youngest daughter (8y) has always been a scar...

Wildt by Consultant
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can't upload things to my pc

when i connect the usb from my oculus go to my laptop the message does not come up to allow my laptop to get files on the go please can i get some help

dfxupt by Honored Guest
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So I had the chance to borrow a Oculus Rift with a powerful laptop.. wich I almost destroyed.. but atleast I got this video to show for it No but all things but to the side.. this was bloody fantastic!! I need to get my own Rift and a proper laptop ...

HDTanel by Honored Guest
  • 13 replies
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Rift 2?? Question 2?? New Oculus HMD Leaked

This seems to be more than just a rumor. Some dev's are being given access:, I'm loving the name of this new Controller Enum:ovrControllerCaps_ModeOculusJedi

Help With Upgrading a PC

Just recently, after buying an Oculus Rift S, I found out two things: 1: my laptop was running on my integrated graphics card for the past two years, and more importantly, 2: that my computer doesn't have a DisplayPort. Before, I thought I could have...

SpokyRok by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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The Troubles with Darkness in VR

Just saw this interesting short movie (Vimeo) using Oculus Video - and came to think that the problems shown are very close to problems with darkness when designing a VR game or app that needs to look great using both oled and lcd hmds:https://youtu....

RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Sony to unveil PSVR 2 for PS5 (leak)

Sony had a big surprise in store for its PS5 event, but a huge leak might’ve just spoiled itApparently, the new PlayStation VR 2 headset will be unveiled this year, and it could be announced alongside the highly anticipated PS5. We’ve always suspecte...

MowTin by Expert Trustee
  • 34 replies
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What types of games would you like

Greetings This discussion is for developers to have a basis for creating the games we are looking for. For example:I would like a Mortal Combat style using XBOX control or Zelda first person style or with XBOX control.Have your say. Saludos Esta disc...

Where is the SketchUp VR for the Quest..?

Quest has been out for almost a year and we still haven't seen a SketchUp viewer for the Quest. There have been some work-arounds, but unlike the Oculus Go; there is not an app available in the Quest App catalog. I am a professional designer and woul...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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There is a Developer section for developer questions

I've been seeing a lot of developer questions in the community section of the forum lately.Yay for more developers!However, if you want answers, it would be best to post in the developer section of the forum. It has different oculus staff and 20 deve...

kojack by MVP
  • 8 replies
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Black Screen on Virtual Desktop

Hello. So I just downloaded Virtual Desktop and did all the downloads on my PC too. I have an Oculus Quest. Whenever I connect to my PC there is a black screen with a mouse in the middle. If I move my controller, multiple mouses have started to appea...

Ability to post YouTube links

Hi. I'm new to the forums and am trying to post some new project VR video links in the Showcase section and it says I need to be around a bit more to be able to do this. What do I need to do to get this ability. Thanks.

dannparks by Honored Guest
  • 5 replies
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Cannot find the app that asked for my Google password?

While recently browsing through the og apps I came across an app that I wanted to explore, but I was asked for my Google password which was residing in Lastpass on my laptop. After finding the password and and putting the og on my head, I could no lo...

tillly by Explorer
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Haven't received refund

I recently requested a refund, and on the oculus app it says the refund has been approved, but I have not received any refund.

panda3045 by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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Playing games with both rift cv1 and quest

Hello, i have a question. I currently have a rift cv1 hooked to my 1st computer. I just ordered a quest. I plan to use quest for movie etc, and also play games using link on my 2nd computer. My question is, if i want to play with a friend, how can we...

Any news on the new Oculus home?

Title says it all, Is the new oculus home anywhere in sight for a near future?A bit tired of logging in in that vast empty void with squares

kobs57 by Heroic Explorer
  • 10 replies
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