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'chrome' browser based work

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Hey guys, I'm looking at joining the meta quest community, I think with the 3. 

My main use would be for a web based clinical application we use for patient consultation and record keeping. Chrome is the preferred browser and ideally all of your Google chrome extensions and bookmarks would be available.  

Keyboard and mouse support are really important. 

Is the quest 3 upto the job or are there proprietary limitations that mean it's not the best for web based 'office' work.


Keen to hear back experiences,




Hi @Azledazle  why are you wanting to use a VR headset in the first place?  Is it so you can have lots of screens?  Larger screens?

I can't answer the questions about extensions but I can give my opinion on using the Quest 3 for "office" work - it isn't perfect and I'd rather not do office work in a headset.  Of course, if there are specific tasks you believe you can do in there which you can't do outside of VR then great.

Take a look at the Immersed app which is quite good - they do also now sell their own glasses.  I've no idea if they're any good, not sure if there are any reviews out yet.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3