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devs, please stop to screw motion simulation users. cv1 betrayed us.

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Hello, Devs you must support sim racing users too.

we chose rift cv1 than htc vive because it supported motion cancellation by mounting sensor

to rig directly. but now, we are totally screwed with recent updates. and ironically, vive users

can do motion cancellation. it is very sad situation because we chose rift cv1 for motion cancellation 

but CV1 BETRAYED US. please stop to ignore our request and help us. we are now using REVIVE for motion

cancellation because only steam vr can support external app. kindly give us solution or just tell us

about you plan. just tell us "there is no support plan for it" if you have no plan.

please tell us something positive or negative. even negative answer will be way better than no answer.

so we can find our own way.


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Anyone actually understand this?

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He's complaining about trying to use a motion rig for racing sims. It's a motorized frame that moves your seat around to simulate G-forces (it tilts back when you're accelerating, etc). The problem is that you don't want the motion of the rig tracked as if it was your own movement (otherwise you end up looking at the ceiling of the car whenever you accelerate).

With DK2, you could mount the camera to the rig, so only your body movements relative to the rig were tracked. I take it that the CV1 camera doesn't like being attached to a moving rig (perhaps because it has it's own sensor to determine which direction is down).

I think it's a little over-dramatic to say that Oculus BETRAYED a small niche group by not catering to their wants, but I guess if it was an issue that affected me, I might actually care.

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hey thanks for all your answers.

I or WE, just want devs to give us answer. negative answer can be ok. we can accept.

but just let us know about future plan. even if there is no plan. they have to give us answer.

because this is not only me who wait for the answer.

I just want them to ANSWER. about expression of "BETRAYED" could be exaggerated but, we actually

feel screwed by recent update because THE MAIN REASON WHY WE CHOSE RIFT CV1 is blown away

by recent update. and NO SINGLE COMMENT about this even though there ARE QUESTIONS about the

issues. so I am telling about now JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION ABOUT FUTURE PLAN about this

issues. and we can sell off rift cv1 and buy htc vive or else headsets.

we know that we are small part of whole rift users, but we are still part of rift users and we have rights

to request just ANSWER about this issue, not to support us to overcome the issue.



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If you've already opened a support ticket and they refuse to answer, I think you got your answer.   If you haven't opened a support ticket, do it, they will most likely give you the answer you need there. 

You'll probably want to run your message by someone that speaks native english because your posts are nearly impossible to understand in english.  Another poster had to step in to explain that you were complaining about sudden incompatibility with a motion rig.  Based on your original post, I had no idea what the hell you were going on about.  If your communications are as indecipherable as your original post, it's no wonder you got no response, support probably thought it was spam.

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Maybe a mod could move this to support rather than general in order to increase the chances of someone at Oculus seeing it and replying.  This is definitely a problem affecting only a very small niche of users (I'll admit I wish I had a motion rig) but it's game-breaking for them.

@THEFROZENCITY It's a valid question but be patient with them.  Oculus employees do read the forums and usually have good answers, but don't expect a quick reply or a quick fix.  Be patient and professional and you'll probably see this fixed.  
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Actually this does concern me also so hopefully a setting or a mod will be added to bring this back.

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Holy shit, talking about narcissism. 90% of people on this board don't even know what the point of OP is and yet he is acting like he is speaking for a large amount of users. While there are some people that only have a VR headset for sim racing those are just a minority of users. And within this minority only a really tiny minority have a motion simulator, devices that costs often multiple 10K Dollar / Euro. I am a sim racer my self and I never read OP's complain in for example the VR section of the iRacing board or similar.

None of this doesn't mean that there isn't an issue that Oculus should fix, but the tone of OP is really, really dumb.

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True it was a very strong pst rather then saying hey what gives!
In case you are interested in an affordable motion rig look here.
Granted you will still want buttkickers, amps, possibly a wind simulator , and a seat of your choice so your still looking at about 3-3.5k 


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I have a playseat SV and a Logitech GT wheel.  To be honest that's about all I really need once the Rift is on. Still, a man can dream.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C Clarke