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error with how vr changes size of image with new lens: distorts 2d images

Level 8
look at the gadget for gamers to put onto their TV and it helps them aim:

what you do with the gadget, is you go into the game, and look at where the gun shoots, on the crosshairs, on the TV, and you put the glowing light from the gadget onto this point on the TV and it helps you see the crosshairs to be able to shoot with better aim when playing the game.

I use a red cardboard paper held to the TV with scotch tape, where my crosshairs are in the overwatch pc game. it actually helps.

and I left the cardboard onto the tv and watched some kpop girl music videos and saw the camera puts the singers body and face logically where the cardboard is on the TV, same spot as the crosshairs in the game.

so I thought wouldn't it be cool if I took a felt pen and dotted my rift prescription lenses where my crosshairs go in the game so when I watch the kpop music videos I will see the same thing I see on my TV that's on my wall. and here it occurred to me there is a logical error here.

the eyes are looking at the size of the screen, and the size of the video screen inside the screen. where the crosshairs go stays the same regardless of the size of the screen the video is playing on.
what part of the picture the eyes see when looking at the crosshairs changes depending on the size of the screen the video is playing on.

what the eyes see affects how the brain interprets emotionally the video.

what the VR shows as the spot on the video the eyes line up as the crosshairs may be wildly different than what the person would see on a TV outside of VR.

you need to see the eyes looking forward on the VR monitor and straight ahead = the crosshairs, this spot the crosshairs are on has to agree with the video so the video shows the same image on the VR at the crosshairs as seen on the TV in real life so the emotions move similar to the TV in real life.

by changing the size of the lenses you change the size of the screen the video plays on and the eyes still look at the same spot the crosshairs were on in the previous smaller screen version, meaning the eyes see a different part of the picture when looking at the crosshairs in VR which can garble up what the image is showing in the crosshairs, messing up the brains emotional state as a result, so it makes no sense, is muted.

Level 8
i went ahead and marked the point on my corrective lenses my rift uses thats the crosshairs in the pc game overwatch. see attached pictures.
 i also attached a test picture the center of the circle and a slight bump up, or center it doesnt matter.

i then looked at the tv and matched that up with the rift virtual desktop mpc hc video screen on full screen and aligned both the tv and vr to point at the same thing in the crosshairs spot. the vr was a bit off but not much, it didnt matter i found if it was a bit off.

then i kept my head still so the crosshairs kept pointing at that spot in the mpc hc full screen in virtual desktop and i found the experience to be more vr-ish, more engrossing and very enjoyable compared to the tv.

when i move my head in vr in virtual desktop the screen moves, and at fullscreen this makes tracking the center of the screen without marking the corrective lenses impossible.

how i marked the corrective lenses is i took a small piece of scotch tape and put it on one lens and looked at the virtual desktop screen centered and incrementally found the spot on the lenses that was the part of the lens my eye saw the crosshairs at. i did this for both eyes one eye at a time.

but since you dont have crosshairs just use the circle picture from the gugudan kpop video chococo, the center of the circle matches the spot the crosshairs are at in the overwatch game.

then with the lenses marked i used a small piece of weather resistant duct tape and made them the same shape so when i look through the lenses in vr i see the tape doesnt look too ugly because the tape sizes match and are about the same shape and spot for each eye.

maybe vr sickness is in small part a result of the eye and brain not having a center of the picture to refer to for emotionally understanding the picture. which is why flying games and cockpit games dont cause much vr sickness, they give a reference to the center of the screen.

view the test pattern in full screen in virtual desktop and the center of the circle a small bit up.