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how do i choose wich facebook acount i'l conect to my oculus acount

Level 2
I have 2 Facebook accounts 1e first one I made for personal use  and the second one I specifically  made when I was setting up my Oculus account to use that one so I have my personal stuff separate,

GOAL: 2e aka preferd facebook account connect to oculus account 

oculus only gives me the option to connect to my 1e account 

further info 
1e email address was used to make 1e facebook
1e email address was used to make oculus account 
2e email address was used to make 2e  facebook account 
but I try to connect my 2e facebook with my oculus and it only gives me the option of connecting to my main 1e facebook account help 

Level 13
Using your phone:
force close the oculus app
Log out and force close the facebook app
open the facebook app and login using the app you want
open the occulus app
login then try to merge

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Yeah, if you're logged into Facebook in any capacity on your device (Facebook app, browser, etc.) then you will only be given the option of using that account.

That said, Facebook really doesn't want you to use a different Facebook account for VR stuff. It's against the terms of service, and you might be risking your Oculus account--if the Facebook account gets suspended after merging it with your Oculus account, you can end up locked out of all your Oculus purchases.

You can still keep things separate while using your main Facebook account--you will use your Oculus username in VR, as well as your Oculus friends list, separate from your Facebook friends list. You can set your privacy settings so that nobody you interact with in VR can see your Facebook name, and you can keep your VR activity from being posted to your Facebook page.

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