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meta quest 2 support after quest 3 launch

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im concerned about quest 2 support im scared please dont end support please meta 😭



The Quest 2 is the best selling Meta headset, over 20 million of them out there. So I'd say they will keep supporting it for a bit.

But it's a fact that Meta doesn't have a good reputation (especially compared to HTC with its Vive) for long term hardware support. They've discontinued spare parts for every previous headset.

So far they tend to discontinue headsets 2-3 years after release. Some like Rift CV1 still run fine today, 4 years after being discontinued and still get new games. Others like the Go were treated rougher (Meta banned new games on the Go store, banned updates to existing games and pulled Go support from the Oculus SDK).

The Quest 1 (released 2019) will stop getting patches at the end of this year, and has already lost social features and games are coming out that don't work on it (like Meta's own Horizon World).


I'd say the Quest 2 should be safe for a while. However the first thing to be an issue is always replacement controllers. Stock of Quest 2 controllers will run out eventually, and Quest 3 controllers don't work on it. At least Quest Pro controllers can be used on a Quest 2, but that's expensive.

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It’s worth noting that unlike the Quest 1 to Quest 2 situation, the Quest 2 is remaining on sale alongside the Quest 3, as the entry-level model of the Quest line-up. When Quest 2 was released, the Quest 1 was removed from sale, as was the Rift CV1 when it was replaced by the Rift S.

The Quest 1 enjoyed a year of full support on the store after being discontinued, with no Quest 2 exclusive games during that time. With the Quest 2 still being available (and, as kojack mentioned, with such a large user base), I think we can expect it to be fully supported for the foreseeable future (albeit with lower graphical fidelity than the Quest 3 versions of some games).

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