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my old facebook id deleted i want return

Honored Guest

the new update requires you to log into facebook to voice chat / party invite, this is in my opinion a prejudice requirement for non facebook users. i set up a facebook account for 20 minutes then deleted it as i felt sick, it was suggesting friends to me that made me feel physically ill. This requirement is not fair for people who do not wish to use facebook. Or is facebook / oculus becoming a dictatorship? It also took me the 20 minutes to set security for everything after that i was just fed up with it. Whom the **** is facebook to suggest friends to me when it knows nothing about me. why would facebook recommend friends of criminal convictions, drug users, liars and so on, how does facebook scan my phone number or email so these people are even recommended. this is why i dont use facebook and never will. OCULUS i dont care for your adds and dont care for facebook, ill go without vr chat / party... UNFAIR are you also going to disclose to buyers of your product they need facebook to sign in?